Shamanism is a beautiful love story – we learn to fall wildly in love with ourselves, and living.  To do this, we work with compassionate helping spirits who offer us unconditional love, information, and deep healing.

Everyone can learn shamanism and reiki – may miracles lay at your feet like roses, and may blessings shower down around you like rain.  Come play!

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that applies divine, intelligent qi for relaxation, transformation, and a return to deep self-love.  Reiki guides us in unexpected ways – and it feels amazing.  Quite literally, reiki is love.


This playful, thorough and potent introductory reiki class connects you to reiki and teaches the fundamentals of reiki ideas, history, and techniques. You’ll experience reiki energy, and be able to treat yourself and others for the rest of your life… (more)

ahhhmuse 2016

Ahhhmuse is arriving in San Francisco with a few thousand sentient stone beings, and buckets of evolutionary tools for a week of adventure, magic, and fun. Bring your SuperHero cape, and come play with crystals, workshops, readings, books, and…(more)


Come deepen your reiki practice, and learn 3 reiki symbols about blessings, mental/emotional peace, and distance healing.  We play with crayons and stuffed animals, take home a reiki crystal grid, and learn 6 different ways to send distant reiki…  (more)


The Reiki Clinic, founded in 2009, offers affordable reiki healing for San Francisco.  Two reiki practitioners will work on you in tandem for a half hour of luxurious table time…a reiki treat!  The Reiki Clinic runs every other Saturday, and… (more)