Shamanism is a beautiful love story – we learn to fall wildly in love with ourselves, and living.  To do this, we work with compassionate helping spirits who offer us unconditional love, information, and deep healing.


Vibrant Reiki is a community-based healing practice that offers reiki classes and shamanic training in the Bay Area.  We offer an affordable healing clinic, special events, and anchor magic and joyful living.  Come play!


Reiki heals our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  We hold space for San Francisco through reiki training and sessions.  Reiki guides us in unexpected ways, and feels…amazing!  Quite literally, reiki is love.

Ancient portal dolmen, megalithic tomb, The Burren, Country Clare, Republic of Ireland.

Dr. Daniel Foor visits the Bay Area, and joins us to offer a really beautiful day-long workshop about ritual skills.  At this time, we need powerful practices to anchor love and light, and we’ll learn about the role of our ancestors in cultural healing, tools for… (more)

Nestled in the open rolling hills, we’ll receive individual and group healing from horses on a beautiful ranch.  We’ll engage in shamanic ceremonies with horse spirit, have direct experiences with the horses, and… (more)


The Sacred Wingnut is a series of ongoing monthly self-paced courses designed to help you live a magical life…at your own pace.  Hop into your pajamas, pour a cup of hot tea, and join us for… (more)


Wanna sling reiki through space and time?  Let’s DO this!  At reiki II, we learn the first 3 reiki symbols, and how to send reiki to people or situations distantly, and also back and forth in time.  Full of crayons, stuffed animals, and crystals, this (more)…

Lower Antelope Canyon view near Page, Arizona at noon

Everyone can learn reiki, a sentient and loving healing energy.  In this playful weekend introductory course, we’ll learn how to give and receive reiki treatments, and form a strong reiki community for you to deepen with as you (more)…

ahhhmuse banner

Ahhhmuse joins us for a 4th year in the Bay Area, this time at Sacred Stream in Berkeley!  We’ll have evolutionary workshops, individual readings, a trunk show, and a few thousand crystals to meet and frolic with.  Every time (more)…