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Shamanism is a beautiful love story – we learn to fall wildly in love with ourselves, and living.  To do this, we work with helping spirits who offer us unconditional love, information, and deep healing.  Shamanism is magical, and everyone can learn.

Everyone can learn shamanism and reiki – may miracles lay at your feet like roses, and may blessings shower down around you like rain.  Come play!

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that applies divine, intelligent qi for relaxation, transformation, and a return to deep self-love.  Reiki guides us in unexpected ways – it feels amazing, and changes our lives.  Quite literally, reiki is love.

The Shaman’s Way 16 Month: Feb 2015

The Shamans Way

This 16 month journey will change your life forever in powerful, miraculous ways.  In the medicine wheel, we shed our past with Serpent, move beyond fear with Jaguar, savor the  sweetness of living with Hummingbird, and dream down heaven with Condor.  Oct 2014.

Ahhhmuse visits SF: July 19-21

Vibrant Reiki Curated Community Events

Ahhhmuse is Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees…two magical stone guardians from the wilds of New Mexico.  For the first time, they’ll drive allll the way to SF for a trunk show, day of individual readings, and a workshop on elemental birth imprints with several tables of magical stones.  Join us!

Reiki 1 Class: Aug 16-17


This playful, thorough and potent introductory reiki class connects you to reiki and teaches the fundamentals of reiki ideas, history, and techniques. You’ll experience reiki energy, and be able to treat yourself and others for the rest of your life.

Sacred Stones Class: Oct 2014

The Reiki River

We absolutely love working with stones, gems, and crystals!  For us, the bones of the earth are living, sentient beings – each a friend with a different teaching, vibration, and wisdom to share.  In class, we learn how to talk to the stone nations, build full body reiki crystal healing grids, receive stone attunements, and take home 45 sentient stones.