Welcome to the Equine Encounter!  Above, meet Anna Mott and Violet, two of our guides and teachers at this magical weekend retreat.

The magic of horses is undeniable…everyone who has spent time with these gentle giants knows their power, wisdom, and mystery.  Join us for a special weekend retreat to explore what healing and teaching horses have for you, far away from your daily life.  We’ll be in the wide open hills on a horse ranch, and open up spaces for powerful personal reflection and healing.  We’ll have direct experiences with the horses using equine coaching methods, and engage in shamanic ceremonies with the spirit of horse for healing and a powerful return to love.  No experience with horses or shamanic healing is required – just an open heart.  Welcome!

WHO:  Anna Mott (Alo Horses) & Anna Dorian (Vibrant Reiki)

WHAT:  Two days of magic and healing with horses

WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday, June 17 & 18

WHERE:  Chaparral Horse Ranch, Milpitas

WHY:  Receive healing from horses

HOW MUCH: $650 for the weekend

SPECIAL: Everyone takes home a journal and power object we create together.


Anna Mott: I’m an Equine Gestalt Coach from Alo Horses, and I’ll lead interested folks in one-on-one, hands-on encounters in the ring with a horse, while the group holds the space of sacred witness.   Everyone will have a personal horse encounter, whether they choose to enter the ring or not.  Horses have an astounding way of helping us understand the core issue we’re working on, and it’s an incredible grace to see how they help us love ourselves and heal.  This work is truly powerful.






Anna Dorian:  I’ll be leading us in shamanic ceremonies to live drumming with both the Spirit of the Horse, the horses of the 4 directions, and also to receive direct messages from the physical horses we’ll be working with.  I can’t say much about the actual ceremonies we’re performing (twinkle), but they’re very beautiful and powerful.  The equine spirit has so much love and healing for each of us – I’m really excited to welcome you for a magical weekend in the rolling hills with a group of like-minded lovelies to learn and grow.  Many thanks to horse for sharing wisdom and healing with us!





My deep-rooted connection with horses traces back to my first riding experience, and that powerful sense of connection and excitement have stayed with me for life.  After meeting reiki, I began a journey of self-discovery and healing which ultimately allowed me to achieve inner harmony…and led me back to horses.  Today, I use my training as a certified Equine Gestalt Coach to help clients connect with their inner spirit and start living their life’s true purpose.  I’m deeply committed to and grateful for this work, and look forward to helping you find harmony with animals and nature.

I’ve been teaching shamanism and reiki for 13 years, and love both modalities with all my heart as keys to joyful and luminous living.  For me, being able to work directly with healing energy and compassionate helping spirits is a true delight, and these are the technologies with which I’ve created a magical life I love.  I’ve been in love with horses all my life, rode as a little girl, and have worked in recent years with horses and reiki (awesome!).  I’m beyond delighted to open a space for deep personal healing with horses, who I see as great wisdom keepers and powerful healers.  Ho!