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Shamanism is a beautiful love story – we learn to fall wildly in love with ourselves, and living.  To do this, we work with compassionate helping spirits who offer us unconditional love, information, and deep healing.


Vibrant Reiki is a community-based healing practice that offers reiki classes and shamanic training in the Bay Area.  We offer special events to help folks learn to live a magical life, and anchor joyful living.  Come play!


Reiki heals our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  We hold space for San Francisco through reiki training, sessions, and events.  Reiki guides us in unexpected ways, and feels amazing!  Quite literally, reiki is love.

ahhhmuse general

Zesty crystal trunk shows, individual readings, evolutionary workshops …fancy a joyful leveling up?  Join us for Ahhhmuse’s 5th annual visit to San Francisco, and…(more)

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Visiting shaman and author Jeff Nixa joins us in California for 3 days of fire talks, book signings, and a day quest to awaken your jaguar.  We’ll meet in the stunning Marin Headlands…(more)


Everyone can learn reiki, and once you’ve received training you’re able to act like a ‘hollow bamboo’ for reiki for yourself and others…for life.  This playful tw0-day class teaches the fundamentals of…(more)


Wanna sling reiki through space and time?  Let’s DO this!  At reiki II, we learn the first 3 reiki symbols, and how to send reiki to people or situations distantly, and also back and forth in time.  Full of crayons, stuffed animals, and crystals, this (more)…

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