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Shamanism is a beautiful love story – we learn to fall wildly in love with ourselves, and living.  To do this, we work with compassionate helping spirits who offer us unconditional love, information, and deep healing.


Vibrant Reiki is a community-based healing practice that offers reiki classes and shamanic training in the Bay Area.  We offer special events to help folks learn to live a magical life, and anchor joyful living.  Come play!


Reiki heals our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  We hold space for San Francisco through reiki training, sessions, and events.  Reiki guides us in unexpected ways, and feels amazing!  Quite literally, reiki is love.

mentoring & the moon banner 72dpi

Welcome, reiki practitioners of all lineages!  Mentoring & The Moon is a twice-monthly online container for you to deepen in your reiki practice, informed by the lunar mysteries and moon cycles.  Every…(more)

Finger touches surface of mountain lake. The sun and the landscape is reflecting on the water.

New in 2020, healing arts practitioners are invited to birth and build teaching and healing practices in “Teaching Teachers, Healing Healers.”  In our 9 months together, we build from the ground up…(more)

New Year 2020 is coming concept - inscription 2019 and 2020 a beach sand, the wave is almost covering the digits 2019.

Come speak to the spirit of 2020 in a shamanic way, and bless an entire new decade!  This is our most popular circle of the year, and we’ll hold a special ceremony to anchor peace…(more)

Lower Antelope Canyon view near Page, Arizona at noon

Send reiki to a friend in Tokyo?  Send healing back to your childhood?  Send reiki forward in time to manifest a dream?  Enter the first 3 reiki symbols, and distant reiki…no problemo!  (more)


At this circle for advanced shamanic practitioners (you know how to journey), we’ll speak with the sentience of crystals, and recieve ‘recipes’ for crystal grids in our neighborhoods, homes, communities…(more)

Moss Covered Tree Roots

Everyone can learn reiki, and once you’ve received training you’re able to act like a ‘hollow bamboo’ for reiki for yourself and others…for life.  This playful two-day class teaches the fundamentals of…(more)

Earth Sunrise and Milky Way Illustration. First Sun Lights. Space Illustrations Collection.

By the end of reiki III class, you’re ready to attune others to reiki, begin teaching healing arts, and running a reiki practice…woohoo!  This reiki level is so mysterious and amazing, and…(more)

Beautiful wild african lioness portrait, Savanna, game drive, wildlife safari, animals in natural habitat, beauty of nature, Kenya travel, Masai Mara

Power animals are WONDROUS!   Power animals are wisdom beings who anchor particular medicines, know everything about us, and love us without condition.  As you meet your power…(more)

Panorama of a scenic forest of fresh green deciduous trees with the sun casting its rays of light through the foliage

A shamanic soul retrieval is a special celebration and ceremony to return you home to yourself after trauma or long hardship.  Our ‘soul parts’ can hold gifts and dreams, and your power animal…(more)

Shaman rock near Burkhan mull. Baikal

Compassionate helping spirits provide healing through the ‘hollow bone’ of a shamanic practitioner.  For folks interested in shamanic healing, but not sure what they need, the Shaman’s Choice offers…(more)

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