Group Elephant begins Sept 4

Community, Magic, Mystery

meeting elephant: elephants are truly magical beings.  here are some fun elephant facts: elephant herds are led by experienced matriarchs, and a herd can be as large as 25 elephants.  as the world’s largest land mammal, elephants communicate with each other through vocalizations called ‘rumbles,’ and they can also receive information through vibrations they detect with their feet.  elephants are incredibly intelligent, with trunks that can weigh up to 400 pounds…and still be nimble enough to pick up a grain of rice.

part of our 3D work in group elephant is bringing full presence and compassion as we support habitat preservation, efforts to stop poaching, and creative solutions to heal resource tension between human people and elephant people.  my initial donations are going to the superb sheldrick wildlife trust, who rescues and rehabilitates elephant orphans.  our collective service in the spirit realms will involve ceremonies and healings for elephant individuals, herds, and habitat.  all blessings to elephant!

Welcome Home

live circle: second sat & sun, 10am-2pm(ish)
exchange: $342 monthly for 13 months
*scholarship available, or email me to chat

welcome magical sensitives, empaths, intuitives, starseeds, galactic ones, wayshowers, and lightworkers!  here are the three shining stars we’ll steer by for our 13 moons together:

  • connect directly with our spirit helpers
  • perform healing for self and others
  • engage in loving community together

our collective goal?  to level up in being good ‘whatever-we-ares.’  our circle is poetry of the soul…and a hub of light.

there is great magic afoot here, and if you’re reading these words, you’ve received a lightcode invitation.  in our changing times, this circle is a safe space of love and light, structured around lovingkindness, self-exploration, and deep community.  welcome!

sacred geometry brandmark large web

Into the Unknown

included: 3 guest teachers, support pods, community
materials: your drum & oracle deck, pendulum provided
*truly beautiful folks show up, and become family

the 13 moons mystery school was shaped by one powerful divination from the starseed oracle…and what a magical 13 moons it is!

in circle, we practice the path of direct revelation to work in conscious harmony with the divine and unseen realms.  we use lots of tools to help us find our way, like drumming, singing, journeying, and working with pendulums and oracles.  expect lots of listening with the web of life, personal work, creative exercises, helpful technologies, shedding of identity, and discovering our light-based natures in deep community.

this experience is about you moving in union with the divine in our evolutionary times, and living in a spirit-guided way as a result.  no matter what the world brings, the 13 moons are an oasis of healing, adventure, and kindness.

The 13 Moons

on group unicorn’s completion, group elephant begins!  we’ll meet via zoom on the second full weekend of the month, dates below, from 10am-2pm(ish).  plan on end times as fluid, and for rest after circle both days.

meet anna & the container & all the juicy details

  • journey to meet elephant
  • learn all about the program
  • meet other applicants for circle

MOON 1: SEPT 11-12, 2021
oracle teaching: artist, manifestation, creative accountability

  • create your course altar + sacred art with your spirits
  • exploration of manifesting + oracle teaching on form
  • begin to dream what your magical life looks like

MOON 2: OCT 9-10, 2021
oracle teaching: seeing potential, bringing unconsciousness to light

  • where does your unconscious block your evolution?
  • visit ‘mythic’ civilizations (lemuria, mintaka, atlantis)
  • treasure hunt in 3d + pod community dinner

MOON 3: NOV 13-14, 2021
oracle teaching: surrender, holding the opposites, extremes of life

  • skin-shifting between ‘opposites’ + learn compassion
  • choose two ‘distant mentors’ to teach extremes
  • ego dissolution + surrender (and flip a lot of coins!)

MOON 4: DEC 11-12, 2021
oracle teaching: doors are opening, you decide, rewards, wild card

  • learn to create portals for outdated energies/identities
  • create a pilgrimage to receive medicine
  • receive your crystal pendulum + crafternoon

MOON 5: JAN 8-9, 2022
oracle teaching: mars energy, anger, conflict, softening to love

  • our sacred wounds + the great severing
  • changing reality: poison into medicine, pain into peace
  • end of year ceremony to release and welcome love

MOON 6: FEB 12-13, 2022
oracle teaching: embrace your weirdness, face your true north

  • deep dive into your vibrational signature
  • receive a healing from a new (to you) practitioner
  • show & tell, and ‘choose your own adventure’

MOON 7: MAR 12-13, 2021
oracle teaching: deep love, mother’s milk, birth as portal

  • egyptian mysteries + meeting the neteru directly
  • hathor technique: release + homecoming
  • create + tend your own pyramid of joy (astral planes)

MOON 8: APR 9-10, 2022
oracle teaching: isolation, physical connection, community

  • ecology of place + web of life where you live
  • explore ways you isolate, connect, what succors you
  • intentional completions + multidimensional family

MOON 9: MAY 14-15, 2022
oracle teaching: devotion, potency, make your life a moving prayer

  • create and enact deep personal retreat + pilgrimage
  • one moon of daily devotion with your deity of choice
  • moon mother and themes of death + resurrection

MOON 10: JUN 11-12, 2022
oracle teaching: energetic sovereignty, absorbing what’s not yours

  • new empathic guide + letting others have their pain
  • clearing old energy + strengthening your field
  • group ‘movie night’ exploring media as medicine

MOON 11: JUL 9-10, 2022
oracle teaching: you’re part of a team of souls, call in support

  • meet your celestial lineage + mission from the stars
  • deepen with your soul group + magnetize connectors
  • create ‘the magical counsel’ + integration structures

MOON 12: AUG 13-14, 2022
oracle teaching: onion energy, polarity, soul growth, conflict

  • accessing the galactic records + rewriting contracts
  • honoring paths + complexity of ‘spiritual service’
  • sacred grotto of healing: let go of old contracts

MOON 13: SEPT 10-11, 2022
oracle teaching: none of this matters, zoom out, common ground

  • expanded awareness, cosmic plan, releasing ego self
  • forgiveness practices (and learn a lot about potatoes)
  • dissolution + union ceremony to close
sacred geometry brandmark large web

Our Helping Tools

drumbeat: we’ll drum together to enter theta states, as a vehicle to speak with our helping spirits directly.  we’ll learn about the themes we explore together in circle from our helping spirits.

your oracle: we’ll each find a unique oracle deck as a helping tool, and communicate directly with cards as teachers around themes of generosity, shadow, and play.

our pendulums: every elephant will receive a crystal pendulum from ahhhmuse, and we’ll have a ‘crafternoon’ together to make power objects of them, create unique charts, and attune to our new friends.

Your Altar

physical anchors for our zoom circles are super fun to create, and welcome elephant into our daily lives.  we’ll build and share our group elephant altars in circle, and tend them throughout our adventure together.

these altars act like beacons in our living spaces for 13 moons, and are part of living a magical life full of reverence, curiosity, and welcoming.  happy creating!

Circle Elders & Guests

there are 13 moons…and 13 graduates from group unicorn, our original cohort.  they are wonderful folks.

as unicorn graduates are able, they’re invited to pop in on rotating moons to offer support, listening, council, and lend a helping hoof where needed.  this is divinely constructed…these kind elders love you already.  exciting!

three times during the training (surprise!) we’ll welcome a guest teacher to our beautiful circle.  these teachers, who hail from all over the planet and from many different disciplines, have dedicated their lives to teaching and being light here.  we give thanks!

Support Pods

a really big part of the 13 moons is finding tribe, and showing up for each other.  every 4 moons, spirit will choose our pods of 3-4.  these are mini-buddy support groups to learn and grow with.

support pods will meet at least once a month with each other, to share, connect, and practice what spirit is teaching us.  think of pods as hubs of love, a warm bubble bath for the soul.

Elephant Stuffies

just as we each find our own personal oracle deck, we’ll also each have our own…elephant stuffie!  these are ways to remember, in our daily spaces, that we have constant connection to love.

we learned via group hare that having stuffies as surrogates to offer hugs, healing energies, and support when someone in online circle is having a go…is wondrous.  happy stuffie questing!

Right Timing

acceptance into group elephant is ultimately up to spirit.  I’ll perform diagnostic for each applicant with my spirit helpers, who know (generally) what’s coming for us.

if the timing isn’t right, or a clearing is needed before engaging with the circle, I’ll let folks know with love and respect, honoring the process as healing in motion.


energy exchange for the program is $4,444 over 13 moons.  purchasing the program in its entirety is a recurring monthly payment of $342 a month.

we’ll talk about this at the howdy-do…and each elephant who says ‘YES!’ to the program commits and purchases in full, regardless of any life circumstance that may come up.

your presence (or absence) in circle makes a real difference…thanks for your kind integrity, loved ones!

Supplies You’ll Need

as we go, we’ll all create our own ‘healing baskets,’ and they’ll have unified themes with many different expressions.  at the time of this writing, we’ll each need:

  • special, dedicated journal for group elephant circles
  • stuffed animal elephant to bring to every circle
  • group elephant altar to live in your space for 13 moons
  • unique oracle or tarot deck that makes your heart sing
  • drum and mallet (a bag for your drum can be fun, too)
  • pendulum (included, and shipped to each elephant)

You are Perfect!

the thing I really do in creation is help folks remember their own divinity and belonging…we are coming back home to ourselves, in love.

in our human bodies, we’re learning together as we go – but spirit has known our plan all along.   we are loved without condition…welcome home, elephants!

Journey with Elephant Mother

I journeyed to chat with elephant mother about our forming circle, and here is what I received…

as I approach, elephant mother curls her long trunk around my body, and make a sheltering cocoon around me with her large ears.  there is a tremendous sense of stability, love, and support exuding from her, and it brings me to tears with how beautiful and safe it feels.  ‘little one,’ she says, ‘tell them that although my children have struggled to coexist with two-leggeds, a new time is emerging on your planet.  we are called to heal old rifts between two-leggeds and the rest of creation, and part of my healing medicine speaks to this. 

know this:  I love you with out condition, and need your help as advocates and architects of light.  my herd is strong, and I welcome you to it, should the time be right for you.  I love you, I love you, I love you!’  as she spoke she reared on her hind legs and showered a magnificent spray of blessings down on our circle.  we are loved, we are held…to the magnificent elephant mother, we give thanks!

13 Moon Mystery School details:

26 live zoom circles
support pods outside of circle time
3 guest speakers, google group, pendulum gift, ceremonies, community

important dates:
sept 4 & sept 5, 2021 @ 10am: mandatory online howdy-do orientation for all applicants
if accepted, program begins the weekend of sept 11-12 @ 10am, and meets online 2nd weekends thereafter

once you sign up below, you are all set for the howdy-do orientation weekend!  in it, we’ll spend 10am-2pm(ish) on saturday and sunday, to meet applicants for circle, learn alllllll about the program, enjoy journeys and ceremony, and decide if this is a good fit before committing to the program.  all thanks to elephant for holding us so sweetly!