More Magic than you can shake a stick at
Welcome back, Ahhhmuse!

Ahhhmuse returns to the San Francisco Bay Area in August 2017, details TBA.  To join our interest list, please email us.  Happy thanks!

Meet Ahhhmuse: Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess are magical, unusual, delightful beings who really LIVE the message of spirit, and their life purpose is to share their gifts and teachings…lucky for us!  They travel the world sharing their gifts and teachings, and we’re extremely lucky to welcome them back to San Francisco for a 4th annual visit.  Yay!

Ahhhmuse is packing up a few thousand sentient (and kindly mined) crystals, books, elixirs, superfoods, and evolutionary tools to offer workshops, readings, and trunk shows in SF.  Being with them is super special – and to have it happen in the sweetness of Sacred Stream in Berkeley is a real treat.  (Here’s Ahhhmuse online)


Crystals Galore & Zesty Trunk Show!
Meet Ahhhmuse and stones that WILL make your heart sing
August 2017, email to join the interest list

At the trunk show, we have a chance to chat with Ahhhmuse unscripted  – they’ll share stories and ideas about what they’ve learned from decades of working with their Spirit Grandmother, stone nations, and nature spirits before we dive into a trunk show that can (literally) change your life.

They’re bringing a wild smorgasbord of living crystals, singing bowls, superfoods, stone essences, books, and evolutionary tools for a dazzling, delightful trunk show.   This is a true treat for the Bay Area!

Latest and greatest from Marilyn:  “We’ve been checking in with our Spiritfamily, preparing for this event with you.  Bring your questions.  Mull on it.  Write them down.  Our guides are shouting this to tell you.  There is so, so much going on in your part of the world – San Francisco is a hotbed of evolution!  Tell us what you want to know.  We’ll customize this event for you.  Thanks for sharing with like-hearted folks, so we can all jump into this unique, profound evening together.”  Yippee!


WORKSHOP:  Listening to Crystals & GDV Photography
+ Trunk Show (take home the stone beings that delight you)
August 2017, email to join the interest list

Marilyn and Tohmas have been listening to crystals for decades (wow!), and base their life, business, manifesting, and books on what they’ve learned from stone beings.  They really live what they teach, and it’s amazing to learn from them!

They’re bringing a truckful of the most unique, profound, beloved, energetically listened-to crystals & intentionally made crystal tools to our doorstep.  Come hold these stonebeings.  Feel their hearts.  Learn the language of crystals so that you can plumb their ancient wisdom.

Ahhhmuse will help.  They will offer tips, experiences, rituals, and ways to work with crystals and…GDV photography for each workshop participant.

What’s GDV?  GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) is a hyper neat, cutting edge video machine that will on-the-spot read your fingertips, and show your current chakra alignment, organ energy levels,  yin/yang balance, overall energy, stress levels, and meridian readings.  This is what Kirlian photography evolved into – so cool!

As you hold any of a few thousand different stones at the gallery, Ahhhmuse will GDV you so you can see immediately how you are responding to them. We’ll all learn together as a group – having access to a GDV machine is super rare (these doodads run about $20K) and really wonderful.

Reiki Share & GDV Aura Photography

Community Reiki Share and Sacred Stones
+ Trunk Show (goodies like the quartz dazzlers above)
August 2017, email to join the interest list

Calling all reikifolk!  We’ll get together at beautiful Table Asia Gallery (full of Japanese antiques from the 1920s, when reiki was born), and have a grand old community reiki share, where we all give and receive reiki treatments on the table.  We heart us some reiki!

But wait…there’s more!  We’ll have a few thousand stone beings in the space with us, and each reiki wingnut will mindfully choose a stone being to encounter the reiki share with for the time we’re together.  This is a real treat, and a very cool way to work with a stone being we might not get to touch or play with otherwise.

We’ll enjoy the light of reiki in the presence of a few thousand sentient stones, crystals from all around the globe lovingly curated by wonderbeings Marilyn & Tohmas.  We’ll move smoothly into a trunk show right after our reiki share…it’s a woowoopalooza, and we can’t wait to welcome you!


READINGS:  One-on-one with Ahhhmuse (90 min)
August 2017, email to join the interest list

Ahhhmuse will focus their full attention on you, Listen for you, and support you with the perfect tools for healing and evolution.  This might include:   Elemental Birth Imprints, GDV photography of your chakras and energy body, superhero foods, aura reading, specific crystals, body scan, or evolutionary tools.

Whatever it is your heart is looking for, Marilyn & Tohmas will lay all of their tools at your feet, and lavish you in light-speed-evolution and love.


Here are some testimonials from our Bay Area community:

“Marilyn and Tohmas have been monumental to me in a long and deep personal healing process. Their commitment to spirit and serving humanity is at full blown capacity – they are foundational support every step of the way. Their tools are utterly unique, and have helped me form a much deeper relationship with my body, mind, spirit, food, meditation, the earth and its inhabitants, technology, and much more. I live my life with a constantly increasing level of awareness and gratitude because of Ahhhmuse!”
~Kristin G

“Marilyn and Tohmas are pure magic! They live with such compassion, openness and wisdom.  Their joyful and mindful approach to life has allowed me to see things in different ways.  I have received body scans, my Elemental Birth Imprint, and many beautiful stone beings from them.   I have used their insight to help transform and manifest many things in my life.  I feel “lighter” after being with them and more grounded in my body.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ahhhmuse in any capacity – you will experience true transformation in your life!”
~Chris K

“My first experience meeting the Twintreess was in a dream – they both stood above me blowing roses onto me. This dream was about one year prior to meeting them in person in SF for the first time.  After meeting the Twintreess in person I felt an energy of love and evolution for many days afterwards, and I knew something profound was happening.  When I’m in their presence, my heart opens and love comes through me because their hearts are open in love.”
~Myki P

“I sleep next to the quartz dragon head I got at Ahhhmuse last year, and I’ll readily admit that my entire house is filled with blessings from them.  From Marilyn and Tohmas I learn to live fearlessly, and anchor the light of love.  In my human life, they are one of my greatest gifts.  I am a better being for knowing them, and I love them with all my heart.”
~Anna D

Ahhhmuse, we love you!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us in the Bay Area!