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Thanks ever so to the lovelies who joined us at Terra’s Temple for our 2019 visit…what wonder and JOY!  We’re cooking up something delightful for 2020, and if you’d like to join us for some evolutionary adventures, please send us a lovenote to join the interest list.  Yippee!

Meet Ahhhmuse…Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess are magical, unusual, delightful beings who really LIVE the message of spirit, and their life purpose is to share their gifts and teachings…lucky for us!  They travel the world offering thousands of sentient, living crystals and all manner of beautiful evolutionary tools, and we’re extremely lucky to have welcomed them to the Bay Area for 6 years in a row.  Wow!  Here’s a happy pic of them in their off-the-grid home on the side of a mountain in the sacred wilds of New Mexico:

Ahhhmuse packs up several thousand glorious crystals, books, elixirs, superfoods, and evolutionary tools to offer workshops, readings, and trunk shows for our beautiful community, and we are so grateful!  Being with them is super special and actually LIFECHANGING – and to have them bring so much magic and beauty to us is divine!   Here’s Ahhhmuse online, and here are a few of the goodies they’re bringing for us, available at every trunk show, reading, and workshop:

  • crystals (like shungite, lightning-struck quartz, lithium & lemurian quartz)
  • stone carvings (skulls, dragons, deities)
  • organic raw cacao treats with nut butters & vibrational stone essences
  • mayan artifacts
  • vibrational jewelry (including custom works from bali)
  • quartz singing bowls, quartz tuning forks, temple bells
  • stone essences (hundreds of combinations)
  • organic shungite soap & ahhhmuse mouth mud
  • crystal water structuring units that fit into your plumbing
  • glass wand sets & chakra sets (hand crafted)
  • bracelets, necklaces, pure quartz superhero rings
  • wearable shungite or lithium ankle/wrist/back bands in organic bamboo
  • advanced GDV (gas discharge visualization) photography of energy/aura
  • stone listening books & divinatory decks
  • and, THOUSANDS of different high-vibrations CRYSTALS!  (of quartz!)

OPENING THE EVOLUTIONARY FIELD with Spiritlisteners Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess
Evolutionary Funsies & Fantastical Trunk Show!
Stay tuned for 2020 details, and join the interest list here

Come jump in, full-hearted loved ones!  Marilyn & Tohmas will walk us through a live journey with the Elementals…creating an Evolutionary Field that stays active for their entire visit….woohoo!

In the presence of thousands of magnificent, high-vibrational crystals, tools and treasures, our Evolutionary Field is designed to spark epiphanies, transformation, and multi-dimensional inspirations.  This is a joyful and jubilant happening, where we can stock up on crystals, tools, and goodies to delight the most sacred, mystical, and playful parts of us! If it’s beautiful and sparkly and helpful, and can support you as you learn and grow, it’s probably getting ready to come to California so you can fall in love together!

After our alignment with the loving elementals (earth/air/fire/water/ethers), we’ll dive into a full-tilt trunk show with more amazing stones & crystals, books, superfoods, singing bowls, jewelry, evolutionary tools, and stone essences than you can shake a stick at.  The trunk show runs for HOURS after our alignment journey together, and everyone attending is an ingredient for the magic to happen…all manner of funsies unfold every year!

SAT WORKSHOP: Learning & Wielding Your Elemental Birth Imprint

WORKSHOP:  Learning & Wielding Your Elemental Birth Imprint (EBI)
Joyful workshop followed by marvelous trunk sales of exuberant crystals & tools
Stay tuned for 2020 details, and join the interest list here

Every human, just before birth (just before entering separation, and forgetting everything else temporarily) receives a special code/combination of the devic spirits of earth, fire, water, air, or ethers elementals…on every single cell in your body…wow!  That special code is chosen by your own soul, for precisely this lifetime’s evolution and service.  Just as the alignment of the stars shows us our ‘astro blueprint,’ Elemental Birth Imprints show us our ‘elemental blueprint.’  Funsies?  You betcha?  Useful as all get out?  YOU BET!

When you learn your EBI (well, after you congratulate yourself on such brilliant choices!), you kinesthetically return to that pre-birth state of perfect union and utter remembering, even if you don’t immediately “understand” your EBI.  From the very moment of learning your EBI onward, you will then have a whole new set of tools and understanding about yourself…and how to find your joy and complete your mission here.  LET’S DO THIS!

We’ll share your EBI with you, and also how to wield it.  This immediately contributes to our Evolutionary Field in Berkeley, for the whole weekend…look at you go!  This is lifetime practice for utilizing your magical EBI in making Evolutionary Fields yourself, in your home, your work and wherever you walk, talk and be!  Please bring your questions and your beautiful open heart…welcome, loved ones!  It’s EBI time!


WORKSHOP:  Elementally Sculpting Our Bodies & Realities
Joyful workshop followed by trunk sales of happily-humming crystals & tools
Stay tuned for 2020 details, and join the interest list here

All weekend, there is this incredible magic afoot…we are changing the fabric of reality by anchoring an Evolutionary Field, full of lovingkindness, magic, respect, and the deep gift of connection with Elemental Beings, those who give us life here planetside.  What a joy and an honor to get to deepen with the Elementals in such profound ways!

Together, we’ll learn how to sculpt our physical/emotional/mental/etheric bodies, cell by golden cell, into the image we select.  This is evolutionary badassery, as we evolve into homo luminous…LET’S DO THIS:

  • BREATH PATTERNS:  learn and practice the special breath patterns for each elemental, so we can balance ourselves…elementally!
  • HEALING ISSUES:  we’ll talk about the healing issues and opportunities available with each elemental.  once we identify challenges, we’ll immediately breathe elementally to shift the issue.  for example, we’ll learn how to breathe with water elementals to balance co-dependence

Please bring your happy questions and your radiant, inquisitive heart for this joyful deep dive together…welcome, loved ones!


READINGS:  One-on-one time with Ahhhmuse
Stay tuned for 2020 details, and join the interest list here

Ahhhmuse will focus their full attention on you, Listen for you, and support you with the perfect tools for your individual healing and evolution.  This might include:   Elemental Birth Imprints, GDV photography of your chakras and energy body, superhero foods, aura reading, specific crystals, body scan, or evolutionary tools.

Whatever it is your heart is looking for, Marilyn & Tohmas will lay all of their tools at your feet, and lavish you in light-speed-evolution and love.  Being in the same space with Ahhhmuse is initiatic in and of itself, and having their full presence centered on you is amazing, and life-changing.  Woohoooo!


In alignment with our movement towards zero waste, we’re inviting folks to BYOP…packaging, that is!  Instead of sending you home with scads of plastic or paper around your treasures, we invite you to bring some towels or clothes, so that we all reduce waste, and gratefully reuse our resources to hand.  Everybody wins!  Woohoo!


Here are some testimonials from our Bay Area community over the years:

‘While Marilyn and Tohmas bring so many wonderful gifts of stones, readings, and workshops with them when they visit SF, I am always blown away with how healing it is to just BE in their presence! Their deep, deep listening to the divine offers us a pathway for tapping into the divine ourselves, and I feel awake, expansive, and sense infinite possibilities for life when I am with them. They teach with joy, playfulness, and compassion, and their wisdom is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before… I so appreciate their ability to see clearly, to listen intently, and to consciously heal the world. What a blessing to know them!’ -Rachel Marie

“Marilyn and Tohmas have been monumental to me in a long and deep personal healing process. Their commitment to spirit and serving humanity is at full blown capacity – they are foundational support every step of the way. Their tools are utterly unique, and have helped me form a much deeper relationship with my body, mind, spirit, food, meditation, the earth and its inhabitants, technology, and much more. I live my life with a constantly increasing level of awareness and gratitude because of Ahhhmuse!”

“Marilyn and Tohmas are pure magic! They live with such compassion, openness and wisdom.  Their joyful and mindful approach to life has allowed me to see things in different ways.  I have received body scans, my Elemental Birth Imprint, and many beautiful stone beings from them.   I have used their insight to help transform and manifest many things in my life.  I feel “lighter” after being with them and more grounded in my body.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ahhhmuse in any capacity – you will experience true transformation in your life!”

“I sleep  every night next to several truly wondrous stone beings (best friends, now) I’ve met and fallen in love with at Ahhhmuse events over the years, and my entire house is filled with blessings and joyful tools from them.  From Marilyn and Tohmas I learn to live fearlessly, and anchor the light of love.  In my human life, they are one of my greatest gifts.  I am a better being for knowing them, and I love them with all my heart.”

Ahhhmuse, we love you!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us in the Bay Area!

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