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Making v ‘The Nothing’

did you ever see the movie ‘the neverending story?’  it’s an oldie and a goodie, and a big part of the story is about the struggle between imagination and ‘the nothing.’  it’s a glorious film, and I know it imprinted me deeply, alongside jim henson’s…

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Living with the Goddess

Sometimes when I think of honoring the goddess, I think of pristine and beautiful temple spaces, with evocative aromas of incense wafting on the air, candles burning sweetly below sacred statuary, and a mystical sense of reverence, respect, peace, and gratitude.  That’s lovely, and does…

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The Quiet Movement of Lightworkers

  the quiet movement of lightworkers to bring about peace:   I had the privilege to chat with someone who is thinking about birthing an underground movement that is a living, breathing web of connection and kindness.  this loved one was noodling on how to…

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I’m sending you a hug today

  hi loved one   today, should you wish to receive it, I'm sending you a hug.   this hug is for folks of color, for every moment past, present, and future where there has been hurt.  I stand with you, I see you, I…

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