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Shamanic & reiki teacher, founder of Vibrant Reiki

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In my world view, we all came here to fulfill three goals: to be happy, to feel love, and to know our purpose. The practices that have helped me achieve these things, in the midst of a path marked heavily with peak experiences and intense challenge, are reiki and shamanism. I love both modalities with all my heart.

My intro to reiki arrived on four feet, when my beloved cat Mufasa took on a life-threatening condition. While exploring every healing modality I could find to help him, I discovered reiki, which saved his life. For the first time, I witnessed the awesome power of healing energy. I was present for Mufasa’s first breath, his amazing recovery through reiki, and offered him reiki while he died in my arms 17 years later, in the middle of teaching a reiki class. I honor him with all my heart, and offer him infinite gratitude.

Anna Dorian PortraitAfter Mufasa opened the reiki door for me, I’d meet reiki again during formal study of cultural anthropology in 2004, this time in a case study with Joann Pun, who would become my original reiki teacher. From the incredible moment Joann laid her reiki hands on me in my very first reiki session, I knew I was home for the first time ever. Reiki filled in many of the pieces I had been looking for, and has been my constant friend and teacher ever since. Thank you Joann, for the greatest gift in my life!

Since meeting reiki, I have received 20 different levels of reiki attunements, including master levels in: Western-style Usui reiki (via the Takata lineage), Komyo or Japanese reiki (via the Yamaguchi lineage), Lightarian Reiki® and Karuna Reiki®.

annaI’ve taught reiki to homeless youth in SF, offered reiki in disaster relief centers, provided ongoing student reiki volunteers for Bay Area clinics serving veterans and cancer patients, lectured at CIIS, City College, and UCSF on healing arts, shared reiki with young women in recovery as a clinical practitioner, provided reiki for corporations like Wix and nonprofits like the Rainforest Action Network, founded a low-cost reiki clinic for 9 years, volunteered hands-on reiki for horses in Marin, created the annual Bay Area Reiki Retreat for 7 years, cofounded the first ever collaborative Bay Area Reiki Share with 5 reiki schools, worked with reiki and hospice, and have held reiki space in a few thousand sessions and several hundred classes. Every time I connect with reiki is magic – this healing practice is warm, supportive, and kind, and the most beautiful thing I know.

Reiki and shamanism appeared in my life in the same month, 16 years ago, and I’ve since pursued both paths with enthusiasm, reverence, and dedication. After an initial shamanic journey with Sandra Ingerman in 2004 that would light a fire in me for more than a decade of shamanic practice, I lived at Esalen for a month-long intensive in 2007, where I completed the Way of the Shaman course through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Nan Moss and David Corbin.  In 2016, I graduated Sandra Ingerman’s 2-year Shamanic Teacher Training, one of the most luminous experiences of my life. Joyful thanks, Sandy!  I can regularly be found toddling about the country at various trainings and gatherings (most recently with the lovely Kahuna Serge King in Hawaii) and journeying is honestly what I would rather be doing most of the time. (grin)

Anna DorianIn addition to hosting monthly shamanic circles for the last 10+ years, I’m honored to be a mesa carrier, am blessed to have received many karpays from the Q’ero, and help host them on their US tours.  I teach a full-immersion, 16-month healing intensive based in a blending of Q’ero ideas and shamanic ways of knowing, which are great keys to joyful and luminous living. My education is always continuing, and I’m currently strengthening my understanding of ancestor work.  I’m honored to offer illumination, soul retrieval, extraction, power restoration, psychopomp,  power animal retrieval, general shamanic healing, sacred stone grids, ritual recipes, medicine keys, transmutation, divination, blessingwork, and ceremony for our community with a probable smattering of playful river otter medicine sprinkled lovingly throughout. I love this work!

beachI’m really thankful to be on the healing path, and look forward to supporting you. We can weave magic together, whether you’re working with an energetic tune-up, calling in a dream, or walking peacefully into what scares you most. Whatever it is, it can get better and hold more light, and I look forward to being of service. Until then…

Great love to you,

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