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Messages from the February Shaman Circle: The Rainbow Mystery

Messages From The February Shaman Circle:  The Rainbow Mystery

Our February 2014 circle was about the Rainbow Mystery…here are the ‘Shaman Slam’ messages that came back from our group.  We had lots of new folks, doing their first journeys and bringing back great medicines.  Great job, everybody!

There’s a rainbow grid over planets, bodies, and the cosmos alerting beings where to incarnate in order to bring help and healing
In order to bring more color…create
If you want something, go get it
There’s a connection between one ending, and many new beginnings
Unicorns, devas, and celestial beings…we are all one
Allow joy in the journey, and the process of creation
Be the person you admire, and would follow
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is love
All the rainbow colors you see are actually inside you
Take the rainbow bridge to explore other worlds
Rainbows are full of betwixt and between spaces
Let the rainbow guide you back to yourself
Do not take a sedative soon before you know you’re going to be journeying…it doesn’t work! (we laughed a lot at this one)
Rainbows are fleeting, and it’s all about perception
DNA and the importance of emotional cleansing
Simply allow the greatest mystery, which is that of the heart
On the abundant path of the beloved, to your purpose and your soul
You can be melted into a rainbow
Open your mind, and believe in yourself
There is great beauty and value in darkness
We’re not guaranteed coherence
Go explore, and have fun along the way
You are the prism – let the light in, into the spectrum of infinite lights
Serve mankind wholeheartedly
When confronted with obstacles and problems, dive in and swim in it
At the end, less disconnected from other
You’ll be fine no matter where you travel
When you move through life, you often leave little pieces of your soul and energy around, and it’s really important to gather them up and bring them back to you
The most important thing in the whole universe is each person’s individual growth

See you next month in circle, muffins!


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