All is Well

Shamanic Healing

$222 for 2 hours, via phone

what has brought you here, loved one?  you might be feeling the need for an energetic ‘tune-up,’ wanting to release old energy you’re complete with, lighting a beacon for a new dream to realize itself into form, walking through the places that scare you most, or feeling a powerful call to level up in your soul’s evolution.

whatever has brought you here, it can get better and hold more light.  generally, I see healing as one of two things – releasing what doesn’t belong, or welcoming home what’s ready to return.  both of these flows are just expressions of one thing – the way yin and yang are expressions of the tao – and with healing arts, our tao is love.

healing modalities we might incorporate include speaking with helping spirits on your behalf, power restoration, extraction, reiki, soul retrieval, medicine keys, harmonization, light codes, dowsing, oracles, healing songs, psychpomp, meditation, power animal retrieval, sacred stone grids, ritual recipes, transmutation, divination, blessingwork or ceremony…with some playful river otter medicine sprinkled lovingly throughout.  I love this work!

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How it Works

happy magics have called you here, and if I feel like a helpful creature for you, you can book a session via this page.  once you book, alchemy is set in motion…you may notice that your helping spirits begin accelerating or rearranging things for you in preparation for your session.  it’s an act of power to allow yourself to receive, and tend your health and happiness.  well done, you!

at the time of your session, I’ll give you a ring, and we’ll say howdy and chat for a half hour or so, to learn what’s alive for you.  once everything has been spoken and you feel ready to begin, I’ll call power into the space with healing songs, while you relax and receive.  depending on what we’ve chatted about, we dive right in to the work with your full understanding and permission…and then, the magic really begins.

whatever we get up to, I’ll make a recording for you of what spirit offers, as we hold you in your trajectory of joy.  we’ll check in to see what kind of followup is right for you and close with gratitudes.  from here, there is ‘life after healing,’ as you integrate and honor the work.  spirit homework is super fun, and your showing up has the capacity to bring deep and lasting change.  blessings!

Distant Reiki

$88 for one hour treatment, via phone

I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about how reiki calls to us, and have many beautiful stories of my own.  just as we can receive hands-on reiki in person on a healing table, we can also receive distant reiki snuggled up at home in our healing nests.  distant reiki is like an oasis in your day, and so much fun!

everyone is super different in terms of what we perceive and receive with distant reiki.  while receiving, some folks feel that they receive intuitive information, feel energy moving, release emotions, see colors, connect with their concept of the divine, have a deep nap, or have a subtle experience that then ripples out in days following treatment.

like many other healing modalities, reiki continues working with us for several days after a treatment, as we integrate the energies we received.  this is when life is like a treasure hunt, to discern what is being revealed and healed.  the most beautiful aspect of reiki is how powerfully it can support anything and everything we bring to it…welcome to your own private haven of peace and healing with reiki!

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How it Works

reiki has led you here…welcome!  if you feel that I’m a good fit to support you, you can book a session via this page.  I’ll ring you at the time you choose, and we’ll say howdy for ten or so minutes to see what needs support, as this can change a lot from the time you book the session.

once you book your distant reiki session, you’ll receive a confirmation with some suggestions for preparation for your treatment, like lighting a candle or having music you love at hand in a safe and quiet space to receive.  usually, the mind chatters quite a bit in the first five minutes of receiving, and after that, a big warm wave of reiki comes to greet you, and everything settles and calms.  while I send reiki, some folks like to stay on the phone and some like to hang up and I call back after sending for 30-40 minutes.  either way, I’ll make little notes of any impressions that come through, and make a recording of sharing them with you.

after session, I’ll send you some aftercare invitations with your reiki recording, and you are on the reiki adventure for the next several days!  these distant sessions are a joy, and I’m super happy to show up to support you.  happy healing!

Blessings to You

I believe that healing is the art of holding more light
whatever is unfolding for you, I see you in your strength
I honor you

love, anna