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did you ever see the movie ‘the neverending story?’  it’s an oldie and a goodie, and a big part of the story is about the struggle between imagination and ‘the nothing.’  it’s a glorious film, and I know it imprinted me deeply, alongside jim henson’s other gems like labyrinth and the dark crystal.

back to ‘the nothing.’  this is the energy that wants to unmake, undermine, and undo…and we’re seeing it mightily in our times.  seems like the nothing’ is pretty interested in…undoing, unkindness, unloving.  and there are those of us who, on beholding the frequency of ‘the nothing’ respond with the creation of wild beauty and celebration of wonder and the taking of dreams to tea.

one perspective might say this: it’s easy to destroy, to attack, to undermine.  and it takes a lot, lot, lot more effort to create, to care, to uphold.  when we create, we vest our life force, our time, our vision and our gift.  when we create, we are architects of light.

in my little corner of creation, I love to make and create and vision and dream and bring into being.  thanks for visiting here, in this little hub of light I’ve been building since 2004.  for me, creating groups of folks who remember how to love each other, teaching healing arts, and helping folks create collective art is a deep joy.  I like making quilts and donating them, making songs to sing to trees, and sending little lovenotes to beloveds for no reason other than to express love and care.

you’ll have your magnificent way of making and creating.  that might be raising a kind and powerful child, dedicating yourself to advocacy in a cause you feel devotion to, leaving little guerilla lovenotes on subways, volunteering your time with animals or ecosystems, baking for friends, holding groups that read books together, organizing a community mural, or creating little havens of peace and calm on the meditation cushion every day.

the form doesn’t matter…as much as the doing.  the making.  the creating because creating is worthwhile, and adds the frequency of joy or wonder or delight or presence.  that…that matters. 

and each creation, big or small, balances energies like ‘the nothing’ that feed on hurt and despair.  by making, we raise the vibration of creation, and we bring healing to the whole.

to everyone who creates, who champions kindness, who makes the world better and more beautiful and more playful and more filled with light…

…heartfelt thanks. 

your good works matter, and I appreciate you!