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Messages from the Spirit of 2014, shared at the January Shaman Circle

Messages From The Spirit Of 2014, Shared At The January Shaman Circle

Messages from the Spirit of 2014, Horse Year

Every January at the monthly meeting of the community Shaman Circle, we speak to the consciousness and energy of the upcoming year.  At the end of our 3 hour ceremony, we all share one potent phrase from the messages that we brought back.  For 2014, here they are:

A year of abundance, joy, and love
Just as my guides care for me, I have the ability to care for me as well
Discipline: don’t want to work on it – need to
If you want joy, swim with the current
A year to grow as playful warrior, and release preconceptions
Continue to trust in your intuition – you’re on the right path
Observe, stay still, be present
Do not go gently into the amazing path ahead
A year of mystery, miracles, and infinite possibilities
With strength and power dance with the beautiful, violet blue grace
Prepare for monsoons of abundance – the inside is plush, the outside is a desert
If not prepared, you’ll miss what comes with the rain
This is a swift moving horse that will clear all obstacles
Joyous dance empowers the authentic self lovingly
Everything is in alignment – how it should be. Light is there to help us if we need it
Listen and trust what your body and heart tell you – don’t be scared to be strong
2014 is a verb – take action and initiate things
Just breathe and live in the now
Collectively and with heart we move out of darkness and into light
Right now is like this
I ask myself – am I becoming who I am? I answer yes
Horse power and horse potency walking in quiet humility
Trust and jump into the unknown – the great mystery will guide you
Get on the horse, ride – you’ll be safe – we’ll guide you…trust
Lots of change…fun, exciting, love-filled
You’re on the right path, just keep learning
Don’t worry, child – your truth will find you
Humans will awaken to their humanity
Time for calm and deep reflection, so we can bring about joyous change
Examine the shells you’ve built around yourself, and what they are for
Faith is the antidote to fear – the green grass is just ahead
Be present – everything is working out perfectly
Release all constraints – be loved and loving…but fierce and fearsome
Big change is upon you – don’t worry, you’re supported – it all goes smoothly
Live fully. Risk everything!

The Shaman Circle is an amazing, powerful place to come play every month.  Come join us!



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