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Power animals are spirit wisdom beings who anchor specific teachings and medicines for us on our human earthwalks…think of them like best buddies who want to love and help us as we get up to our good works here planetside.  Some power animals walk with us from our first breath to our last, and some visit us during a particular chapter of our lives.  Always, power animals anchor wisdom, protection, guidance, good luck, friendship, and beauty – they love us without condition, and it’s profound to be able to learn about them, work with them, receive support, and honor them as friends and allies.  Welcome to our beautiful and amazing power animals!

In this cozy autumnal online circle, we’ll gather in our pajamas on a sweet Saturday morning for an hour and a half.  Once we’re curled up in our snuggy blankets with our cups full of tea, and our eyes wide with wonder, we’ll dive into a community of spirit to learn about and deepen with our power animals…woohoo!

Whether or not we ‘believe’ in our power animals (or even know they’re with us), they are always available to us, and building lasting, meaningful relationships with them can be one of the greatest joys in a life lived fully and well.  I call on my power animals all the time, and they’ve offered me guidance that has changed my life in sweet and powerful ways.  It’s a deep joy and otter – er, honor – for me to be able to share some ways we can walk in friendship with our power animals every day.  I think the real beauty of working with power animals is that we learn that we’re ALWAYS supported and cherished…and that’s good medicine, indeed.

In our two hours together (join the circle via video or phone), we’ll learn and receive:

  • What power animals are, and how they show up for us
  • How to connect with power animals in a journey or during everyday life
  • How to honor our power animals, and thank them for their help
  • A guided journey to connect with your own special power animal
  • A gift from your power animal, and a healing

The vibrational medicines and gifts power animals bring are limitless…whether you need a helping spirit to bring you joy, peace, courage, prosperity, passion, acceptance, humor, easy flow, patience, forgiveness, or good luck, there is for sure an animal wisdom being who wants to help you.  Hooray!


You’ll find over time that each of your power animals has a particular emphasis, way of seeing the world, and gifts to bring to each situation.  For example, if I’m working on physical healing, I know to turn to Grandfather Buffalo, as that’s his specialty for me, whereas if I’m having a hard time seeing something clearly, I’ll connect with Lady Owl, to help me better see what’s hidden.  If I’m having a hard go, and need some unconditional love and snuggles and play, you can bet I’ll be snacking on shamanic fish with River Otter, and when I’m ready to be filled with power and light to create a new dream, I’ll call on Lovely Unicorn to bring magic and miracles into my life.  Your helpers will be different, but they’ll each have a unique gift and skill to bring to you.

A super neato thing about power animals is how they show up for us…in dreams, on sides of buses, in podcasts, in ‘random’ conversation, as gifts, or deep in our sacred hearts.  Once we know who our helping spirits are (and we can have lots and lots of helpers, just like we can have lots and lots of human friends), we can ask them for specific help…and that allows them to REALLY show up for us.  Power animals, thank you for loving us!


Part of what we’re up to in the workshop is meeting and connecting with power animals, even if we have no clue who they are…yet.  In our guided journey together, we’ll all have an opportunity to meet the animal wisdom being who speaks for us.  Our circle is about discovery…yay!

There’s no need at all to feel like you ‘know what you’re doing’…just to approach in the spirit of curiosity and with an open heart.  There are so many thousands of power animals just waiting to help us here, planetside…power animals, here we come!

If you feel like it’d be fun to have a Power Animal Retrieval performed for you before the workshop, we can do just that! That’s easy and fun, and you can book that at the very bottom of this page. We’ll spend a sweet hour together on the phone, I’ll sing and rattle, journey and drum on your behalf, and deliver your power animal with an audio recording of it’s medicine and blessings for you.  Woohoo!


You might already know who your main power animal is, and be ready for a refresher on how to navigate in the world with them…and they’re cheerfully reading along with you right now, tickling you with a good-natured wing or a paw.   Hoorah!

You might also be ready to meet and connect with a new spirit helper – this can be really useful when we start a new project, close an old chapter, welcome in a new way of being or dream, or feel ready to welcome in a whole new adventure.  In our circle, we’ll learn together who shows up…the more power animals, the merrier!

Some folks who already know who some of their power animals are might choose to use this workshop time to deepen with their helping animal spirits and ‘level up’ in their connection, commitment, and honoring.  It’s all up to you, and no matter what, we can always grow together in love and appreciation.  I’m so excited for this circle…I can’t wait!


  • Phone, laptop, tablet, etc to connect to the circle (video or phone…all up to you!)
  • Creature comforts as you like (snacks, snuggy blanket, yay!)
  • An open heart and some childlike curiosity…let’s PLAY!
  • Journal you love, and pen to write with


Alrighty, friends!  Whether you’re brand-new to the brilliance and joy of working with power animals, or you walk around aware of an entire power animal posse, I’m so honored and excited to hold this circle, to deepen our connection to support, love, play…and the awesomeness of POWER ANIMALS!


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