Welcome, Goddesses!

9 Months of Circling & Ceremony

Many Goddesses

live circle: 3rd sunday mornings via zoom, 10am-1pm(ish)
9 month experience: three sequential 3-month modules
exchange: $333 monthly for 9 months


in our evolutionary times, we are all yearning to connect in a sacred and meaningful way.

‘the goddess & me’ opens pathways to build a strong, living relationship with the goddess and her many faces.  whether you begin in a maiden, mother, or crone 3-month cycle, we spend 9 months together, supported by altar building, community prayer bowl, circling together, performing ceremonies, receiving healings, and working in synch with phases of the moon and the wild feminine divine.

the goddess is alive and thriving – trust that her perfect faces will reveal themselves to you.  there is no ‘set’ path – only the beautiful one you are already on.  welcome!

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One Circle

included: ‘rhythm of the cosmos’ on new & full moons
included: ‘BYOG’ quest seeds, ceremony of activation
goodies: altars, prayer bowl, ceremonies, healings


as seekers have done for millennia, we answer the call of the feminine mysteries, welcoming ourselves home via the magic of circling together, and sacred ceremonial work.  we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll celebrate, and we’ll deepen.

the stars we steer by are lovingkindness, belonging, camaraderie, highest love, and deepest respect. we value vulnerability, generosity, kindness, gentleness, integrity, and also strong empathic boundaries and full presence.

we build deep, personal relationships with the faces of the goddess that call us, holding our lives as living ceremonies.  the goddess is a kind teacher, loving sister, wise elder, and beloved friend.  if you have found your way here, she is calling…


the wheel is ever turning.  our circle opens to newcomers at the beginning of each 3-month maiden, mother, or crone cycle, for a full 9 months in the container regardless of where you enter.  each of us will quest to discover which maiden, mother, or crone aspect is aligned for us to travel with – think ‘bring your own goddess!’

there is real richness here, as we share our experiences and learn from each other about the goddesses we’re walking with.  33 of us in circle might bring 33 different goddess aspects for crone – she may strengthen you as elli and roar to me as sekhmet.   in this way, we deepen with our many chosen goddesses, learning from and connecting with each other while working together in larger circle.

each of us brings to circle our unique backgrounds, heritages, star origins, and lived experiences – a juicy cauldron, indeed!  there is such deep magic in engaging with the goddess with a full and open heart – this ride is wild, deep, and sweet.

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The experience

depending on where we enter the wheel, we’ll each quest for the maiden, mother, or crone goddess who’s aligned for us.  once the goddess reveals herself, we’ll each create an opening ceremony that we perform on our own before attending a first circle.  I’ll provide idea seeds for both quest and opening ceremony.

each 3-month segment moves in a similar pattern, and we tend our living altars throughout.  1st month is opening ceremony, 2nd  month is creating a power object, and 3rd month offers a healing from the goddess herself.

full and new moons bring email lovenotes about how to work with the lunar medicines of the moon mother, with a short introduction to 18 goddesses over our 9 months together.

at every circle, we’ll share what’s going on for us in our lives.  we don’t offer advice – we listen, learn, and love each other with simplicity and kindness.  each of us tends a community prayer bowl, offering support requests from circle to the goddesses we walk with.

Sample first month

on a pilgrimage to a desert goddess temple, I was graced to spend time with the temple priestess.  she embodied dedication in every word, thought, and deed, whether she was tending the labyrinth, feeding the temple cats, picking up laundry soap, tidying offerings left from seekers, answering emails, or leading ceremonies under the stars.  every task was one she performed with love and reverence to the goddess…

…this is the role of priestess.

this circle may activate priestess aspects within you – you are invited to tend your relationship with the goddess as you perceive her.  here are openings for reverence in a first circle month:

  • welcome blessing (emailed on entry)
  • goddess quest (prompts emailed on entry)
  • ceremony of activation (seeds emailed on entry)
  • create and tend your goddess altar
  • first circle: meditation, circle share, ceremony
  • full & new moon ‘rhythm of the cosmos’ emails

the feminine divine isn’t linear – she is cyclical, enigmatic, powerful, and mysterious.  like everything else in life, you get out of this circle what you put in – invite alchemy and miracles from the goddess with kindness, friendship, and respect, and she will open to you.

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In thanks

I’ve felt the kind hands of magic and the goddess my whole life.  many years ago, while living in santa fe, I had a spontaneous and dynamic awakening that sparked a conscious desire to deepen with her.  that’s led to many amazing adventures, and I’ll share one here.

I felt called to engage in a 13-moon dedication to the goddess.  I set aside 3 days every month for personal retreat with her, and stepped completely outside of my daily life in them to commune with and learn from her.  I made pilgrimage to windswept yurts and posh hotels, wandered through labyrinths and into starry wildernesses with my little travel altar, candle, and journal.  it was a tremendous, transformative, magical 13 moons.

in them, beloved sekhmet revealed herself to me in powerful ways.  she appeared to me again and again in dreams, books, magazines, the interwebs, visions, signs, and omens.  as I began to know her through extended study and direct revelation, I came to understand her as a goddess of awesome ferocity, and also love without limit.  I spent 9 initial months in ceremony with her, while quilting her temple an offering, for my first pilgrimage to her desert temple.  this trip changed my life in so many ways – to sekhmet, my chosen family, I offer my love, respect, dedication, reverence, and gratitude.  sa sekhem sahu!

Blessings to you

may the goddess, the divine mother,
the wild one, the shy child,
the fierce warrioress, the grinning crone,
lay blessings at your feet like roses,
and shower miracles down on you, like rain

love, anna

The Goddess & Me details:

9 live monthly circles for ceremony, circling, and healing
3 months each with maiden, mother, crone (BYOG)
18 lunar emails, quest & activation, prayer bowl & goddess altar

join circle as any 3-month cycle begins, on a bolded date below, and stay for 9 months.

2021 live circle dates (third sundays via zoom, 10am-1pm):
maiden: mar 21, apr 18, may 16
mother: jun 20, jul 18, aug 22
crone: sept 19, oct 17, nov 21

your $111 deposit saves your place in circle.  after that, your card is charged $333 starting on your first day of live circle, and every month thereafter for 9 months.

when you join ‘The Goddess & Me,’ you are committed to purchasing the entire 9-month program in full, with no refunds or exceptions.  scholarship available.  bright blessings…see you sooooooooon!