Join a magical quest

and rediscover whimsy, play, and joy

Feel magic again

live playtime circles: last sunday via zoom, 10am-11am
‘deep dive’ exchange: $222 monthly for 12 months
‘playful splashing’ exchange: $277 monthly for 6 months
‘dip a paw in’ exchange: $333 for one month

if you’re an empath, a sensitive, a starseed, a shy creature, a tender being sometimes mystified by humans, or feel a wistful tug to bring magic, wonder, and play into your grown-up world…welcome!

‘otter’s magical adventure’ is for adults who, well, might rather not be adults.  for those of us who love whimsical fairytales, stargazing, enchanted adventures, sitting quietly drawing, talking with animals, and the sheer marvel and wonder of being alive…it’s possible to bring the awe and wonder of our early years into our current-day lives in a safe, loving space.

this is less of a ‘deep community’ experience, and more of a delightful romp through the cosmos to remember joy and play.  think: kindly guided ‘build a better human’ experience, with opportunities to connect with other like-minded souls.  our goal?  to be living and relishing a magical life incorporating otter’s adventures, that invite us out of ‘daily living’ and into…fairytale wonder.

in otter’s magical adventures for grown-ups, we look forward to comforting oases where magic guides us as a respite from ordinary reality – we reconnect with childlike wonder and joy in gentle and nourishing ways.

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Getting started

materials: stuffed animal friend + sense of adventure!
included (year): 24 video lessons, 12 live circles for play
included (6 mos): 12 video lessons, 6 live circles for play
included (1 mo): 2 video lessons, 1 live circle for play

setting sail on otter’s magical adventure is easy!  once the program begins, we receive a happy welcome email, and the first of otter’s teaching videos, about how to talk with our spirit friends and helpers.  this is a fundamental skill that we’ll use again and again throughout our twice-monthly adventures, and also live in circle together once a month.

before first circle, we’ll all be sure to get a stuffed animal of the animal wisdom being who we meet in our first video course.  stuffed animals have a magic all of their own – plushy giraffe, puffin, aardvark, hummingbird, or panther might be in your future!  we’ll bring our stuffed critters to circle with us, and they’ll accompany us on our adventures as kind friends and anchors.  you might be surprised by how fun this is!

once we’ve entered the circle, completed our first journeys, and found our plush friends, we’re ready to complete the intro module by embarking on a guided journey to the heart of creation to receive a special gift that will serve and support throughout the adventure.  climb aboard your unicorn, and choose a star to steer by…here we go!

Otter’s Video Lessons

no matter when you join, you can leap right on in to the flow of things!  here are the 24 short video lessons (one arrives every 2 weeks) to add fun tools to your toolkit in your year of ‘otter’s magical adventure:’


  • Reconnecting with Fairytales
  • Fun with Pendulums
  • Creating a Magical Quest
  • The Bard Within
  • Goddess Day Home Retreat
  • Talking with Celestial Beings
  • Labyrinths A-Go-Go
  • The Art of Creation
  • Talking with Animals
  • Oracle Cards, 6 Ways
  • Pilgrimage & Rebirth
  • Living Joyful Service
  • Moon Mother
  • Sacred Geometries
  • Starseeds
  • Spiffing up a Space
  • Forgiveness & Love
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Talismans of Power
  • Ceremony Creation
  • Sacred Day Of Nothing
  • Altars to Inspire & Delight
  • Languages of Love
  • Walking the Houses
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Live Circles: Let’s Play!

when was the last time you played like a little kid?  in ‘Otter’s Magical Adventures,’ we get together for an hour once a month via zoom on a sunday morning to play!  there are always new folks joining, so there are lots of chances to connect with new friends.

these play hours are short and sweet – we’ll say hello in small pods, and then dive into these rotating activities together:

  • coloring
  • oracle cards
  • crafternoon
  • tea party
  • pocket critters
  • pet rocks
  • mask making
  • time capsule
  • build a fort
  • card games
  • scavenger hunt
  • origami day

‘Otter’s Magical Adventures’ is designed so you can jump in at any time, and hop, skip, and jump into magical playtime.  (hint: play is healing….) think simple, sweet, and sublime!

grab your stuffed animal, the paintbrush of your imagination, your sense of adventure, and away we go!

Otter’s Blessing

‘may your whiskers wriggle in delight, friends!
long I have waited for you to come and play
together, we will remember kindness
and frolic through all the realms

my eyes are shining thinking of you,
with my paws clasped at my heart
I bestow to you my blessings
of love, laughter, and play!’

love, otter

‘Otter’s Adventures’ details:

short video lessons arrive every 2 weeks
live zoom playtime circles (one sunday morning a month)

‘deep dive’ exchange: $222 monthly for 12 months

‘playful splashing’ exchange: $277 monthly for 6 months

‘dip a paw in’ exchange: $333 for one month

2021 live online circle dates @ 10amPST, last sundays:
jun 27, jul 25, aug 29, sept 26, oct 24*, nov 28, dec 26

‘Otter’s Magical Adventures for Grown-Ups’ begins on jun 27.  to join the interest list and be receive updates, please click below.

childlike play and wonder are some of the most powerful healing magics in creation…welcome, friends!