lighthouse large


the quiet movement of lightworkers to bring about peace:


I had the privilege to chat with someone who is thinking about birthing an underground movement that is a living, breathing web of connection and kindness.  this loved one was noodling on how to accomplish that, and I’ve been noodling on it, too.  because, that’s happening.  if you’re feeling weary or tattered at the edges these days as a lightworker quietly bringing about peace, this lovenote is for you.


if you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the notion of lightworkers, souls whose mission here planetside is to accept ‘earth amnesia’ on arrival, and anchor the frequency of light in service to a truly courageous undertaking…the healing of our beautiful planet earth, and her amazing children.  you’ve probably heard about starseeds, wayshowers, and lightbearers – there are a lot of names for souls who came here to help and support specifically at this time, on missions to hold light and intentionally raise the frequency of this lovely little blue and green planet.


most of us who align with these names or ideas can, on some level, remember where we came from.  we remember what it is to be in our own origin-place utopia, where kindness and cooperation and love are as inherent as breathing is to us here planetside.  we remember the harmony of high-vibration collectives, and the pure joy of beingness with our spirit and soul families.  we remember being of light, in spaces where everyone else does, too.  we remember home.


to say that being on a planet in such flux – with breathtaking beauty and unimaginable cruelty both – can be exhausting is an enormous understatement.  if you’re reading this, you’re most likely a sensitive creature, sometimes baffled by the behaviors of humans, and all the time longing for the peace we remember deep in our spiritual dna.  if you can relate, big hug, loved one.  big hug.


I can only speak to my own little square on the big collective quilt of what lightworkers took on, coming here in such a brave fashion.  (and even if our knees were shaking, we knew it had to be done, bravo)  my small part here seems to be helping folks who took hurts here planetside, or those longing for the frequencies we remember from kindly stars.  to this end, I teach folks how to play with healing energies like reiki, and talk to compassionate helping spirits for wise council and information.  I help folks connect with the feminine divine, with mystery schools, with circles based in childlike joy and wonder and play, and by building cohort communities who not only heal themselves, but the collective through simply and deeply loving each other.


this work raises the vibration of love.


and you have your version of the work, your own quilt square bringing beauty and purpose to the whole.


I believe, deep down in my starfluff, that each moment of healing, of kindness, of revelation, of self-discovery, of connection, of generosity, of coming home to ourselves matters.  and there is a revolutionary aspect to this work – however it looks for each of us – to have the courage to step nimbly out of the trance that might have been whispering that you aren’t enough, that there is no hope, or that unkindness is an okay way to be.  when someone finds inner peace and practices the noble art of receiving, they are raising their own personal light, and also service the collective.  when someone is able to heal what hurts or water a tender dream seed that’s just beginning, there is this amazing capacity to become unbound, and step more fully into freedom and self expression, for self and for collective.


I can keep going, and you get the idea.  every single one of the ways we serve and love and support – every single one – brightens the energy of light here on earth.  we raise planetary frequency by doing the work we’re called to.




thanks for being part of the mission here…to hold and serve light.  to release with compassion what is less than light.  to fully and deeply love yourself and living.  to make your life a living prayer for peace, for love, for kindness.


you are making the planet a more beautiful place by being, and by actively engaging in healing through love and wonder.  whether or not it seems or feels this way, you are part of a very (!) large collective of souls who came here to help and heal…and it’s working.


thanks for being brave enough to be here…you’re doing a great job.


I love and honor you,