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Back in 2003, when I was completing formal study of Cultural Anthropology in San Diego, I was invited to do a case study on a healer.  As luck and reiki would have it, I connected with…Joann Pun.  We shared lots of sweet stories and time together, and when she put her magical reiki paws on me, I felt home for the first time in my life.  Magical!

It’s been a lovefest ever since, all the way around!

Joann is flying up to visit San Francisco, and she and I will be holding a special ‘come meet your reiki grandma’ for Vibrant Reiki students who have completed honorably in the last 13 years.  She’s super excited (and so am I!) for us to circle together. At our reiki-family day together, we’ll:

  • circle together and learn where we’re all at on our reiki journey
  • learn about Joann and her reiki origin (reiki stories!)
  • we’ll offer refresher reiki I attunements (yippee!)
  • post-attunements, we’ll leap on the tables for a family reiki share (yaaay!)

One of my favorite things about Joann (besides I love her so darn much) is how down to earth she is, and how simple and magical she makes reiki, at the same time.  We’re both super excited about this connection in our reiki lineage…and it’ll be glorious!


“We have been called together by the Universe on November 5th , in San Francisco, to affirm physically our common Reiki Lineage. We will learn from each other and we will be transformed as our energies flow together, healing us physically, mentally and spiritually. We will discern at the highest level possible in the physical world by immersing in the Sacred Space we will create together. Our gathering in Reiki will send waves of powerful, positive and healing energy into our world, beyond what we can see or imagine.  Namaste!”  ~Joann Pun (your reiki grandma)

Sending you lots of love!
Joann & Anna

PS – We’ll need all the reiki tables we can get our paws on for the reiki share…if you have a table and can bring it with you, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

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