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Reiki is miraculous, magical mojo – and everyone can learn it. When a student is ready to learn reiki, they receive a sacred initiation called an ‘attunement.’  This transfers the ability to act like ‘hollow bamboo’ for reiki energy to flow through – after your reiki class, you’re a reiki practitioner for life.

We’ll spend time in class getting to know each other, with lots of exercises to play with and explore reiki energies and techniques. We share reiki ideas, history, techniques, and practice flowing reiki together. You’ll meet new healing tools that will last for the rest of your life… and we’ll laugh a lot. We can have fun in struggle and complexity – and we do!

A few days before your class, I’ll email your group with all the nuts and bolts details. In class, we discuss reiki, float happily through reiki attunements, and enjoy the magic of laying on of hands. All classes include teaching materials, attunement, practice time, certificate, and are held in a safe, nurturing setting.

Shoden Reiki (Reiki 1 Class)

2 day intensive, offered quarterly, noon-8pm
16 hour course is
Please click here for class dates


This playful, powerful and thorough introductory reiki class connects you to reiki and teaches the fundamentals of reiki ideas, history, and techniques. You’ll experience reiki energy, and be able to treat yourself and others for the rest of your life. Includes discussion of five main ideas, reiki attunement, lots of experiential practice time, teaching materials, reiki certificate, and is held in a safe and nurturing space. Feeling reiki flowing through your hands for the first time is magic – and we laugh a lot!

Okuden Reiki* (Reiki 2 Class)

2 day intensive, offered 3 times annually, noon-8pm
16 hour course is $555
Please click here for class dates


This class is a beautiful deepening of reiki, and introduces distant healing, and sacred reiki symbols. We learn to send reiki forward and backward in time, and over long distances, using the first three magical reiki symbols. We’ll play with crayons (practicing the symbols) and stuffed animals (surrogates for distant work), work on the table with our new symbols, and practice sending distant reiki in several ways, including building a reiki crystal grid that you take home with you. Includes 3 reiki shirushi (symbols), reiki attunement, reiki crystal grid, practice with 6 distant techniques, hands-on sessions, reiki teaching materials, and your reiki certificate.

Sacred Stone Healing & Reiki*

Full day workshop, taught once annually, noon-8pm, $555
(includes 44 healing crystals for you to take home)
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Communicate with sacred stones in a reiki way! You’ll learn how to speak directly with crystals, practice five stone cleansing techniques, program your stones with reiki, receive a shamanic stone attunement, make your own stone healing mat, create your first, intuitive, full-body layout that combines reiki and crystal healing, and take home the stone people you work with in class. Stonework produces incredible results – this class is FUN!

Shinpiden Level: Reiki Master Class*

2 day intensive, offered once annually
16 hour course is $888
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At this level, reiki masters YOU! It’s magical, intense, and sublime. In class, we practice 25 core reiki techniques together, learn the final reiki shirushi (symbol), discuss how to run a healing practice, explore and bring healing to places of resistance to our healing paths, and practice giving and receiving attunements. I share my teaching materials, marketing materials, class syllabi, intake forms, and class resource list as a template to create your own teaching materials from. Each level of reiki builds vibrationally – so shinpiden mojo is some seriously awesome stuff. Shinpiden rearranges our lives completely to be in alignment with the light we learn to carry – so that we call in our dreams, our community, our right livelihood, and our purpose here on earth. You literally won’t recognize your life in 6 months – I attribute my happily ever after to shinpiden, and am humbled and grateful beyond believing to live such grace and wonder every day.


Karuna reiki is an expression of the evolving nature of reiki, is incredibly gentle and powerful, and represents contemporary vibrations of reiki energy for our times. Karuna means compassionate action, adds 8 amazing new reiki symbols to your reiki medicine basket, and powerfully deepens your intuition and connection to spirit. You will be ready to teach karuna I&II master levels by the end of the 3 month course, and will have explored the shadow self, practiced chanting, toning, and attuning, and be registered by ICRT. Karuna is the extraordinary grace, and is, in my mind, one of the main goals of learning the reiki system.

Lightarian Reiki® Classes 1-6*

Series of 4 accelerated reiki workshops over 2 months, $555
Advanced class by request


Lightarian reiki is about intentionally accelerating your spiritual growth, with strong connection to healing masters. Lightarian Reiki®, based on the teachings of Ascended Master Buddha, deepens reiki practice beyond the vibration of Usui and Karuna Reiki®. No new symbols are introduced in this reiki modality, which instead focuses on working directly with healing masters and the higher self, and broadens the spectrum of healing abilities. At each level, you gain a new healing ‘gift,’ which form a healing ‘tool’ at the end of lightarian training. It’ll knock your socks off, in the best way!



Lightarian Reiki® is a registered trademark of the LIGHT
Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of the ICRT

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