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Our class offerings and calendar at Vibrant Reiki change and evolve over time, and there may be a class you’re hankering for that isn’t currently scheduled.  Enter…classes by request!

The classes listed below aren’t currently on our calendar, but they’re still available for you if you can wrangle up:

  • a group of 8 students
  • class deposits for each student
  • 3 proposed dates that work for your entire group

If arranging a group of 8 doesn’t flow for you, please email us to be added to the wait list for your class of choice, and we’ll let you know when there’s a regular calendar date scheduled.  Simplicity itself!

Each of these advanced classes is a labor of love, designed to offer you powerful tools for living a magical life.  We look forward to hearing from you – thanks for showing up so beautifully on the healing path!



This course teaches you the fourth and final reiki symbol in the Usui lineage, 25 contemporary and traditional reiki techniques, how to run a reiki practice, and how to attune people to all three reiki levels.  Often called ‘reiki master’ level in the Western world, this beautiful and mysterious level of reiki masters you.  At shinpiden, we transcend ‘doing reiki,’ and instead ‘become reiki,’ where reiki is sentient love.  Meet shinpiden…



“Karuna” means “compassionate action.”  This beautiful 3-month reiki class meets once a month, and teaches 8 reiki symbols that anesthetize pain, remove blockages, introduce love, ground us, integrate the higher self, work with nature spirits, bring peace, and manifest, in that order.  Immersion over 3 months is a beautiful way to train, and we are held in Karuna by the beloved goddess of compassion, Lady Quan Yin.  Meet Karuna…


Lightarian Reiki® is about intentionally accelerating your spiritual path, and is based in the vibration of Ascended Master Buddha.  No new symbols are introduced in this reiki modality, which instead focuses on working directly with healing masters and the higher self, and broadens our spectrum of healing abilities. At each level, we gain a new healing ‘gift,’ which form a healing ‘chamber’ at the end of Lightarian training.  Meet Lightarian…


Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)
Lightarian Reiki® is a registered trademark of the LIGHT

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