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3 month intensive, offered by request, $999
One day a month for 3 months
*Pre-requisite: Reiki III Class

Karuna reiki is an expression of the evolving nature of reiki, is incredibly gentle and powerful, and represents contemporary vibrations of reiki energy for our times. Karuna means compassionate action, adds 8 amazing new reiki symbols to your reiki medicine basket, and powerfully deepens your intuition and connection to spirit. You will be ready to teach karuna I&II master levels by the end of the 3 month course, and will have explored the shadow self, practiced chanting, toning, and attuning, and be registered by ICRT and supplied with ICRT teaching manuals. Karuna is extraordinary grace, and is, in my mind, one of the main goals of learning the reiki system.

Welcome To Class

Karuna is phenomenal – this is a beautiful alchemy, and a birthing that unfolds over 3 months as we learn 8 new reiki shirushi (symbols), and experience miracles. We work with goddess energies like Avalokiteshvara, Lady Quan Yin, and Lady Kanon, and form a really magical community circle, doing deep work over 3 months. We’ll enjoy days of laughter, sharing stories, energy work, and a healing space full of love and light – please leave time for yourself to relax and metabolize the new information after each class day. Always, reiki engineers the perfect experience for us, so that we feel held up and supported. I look forward to walking Karuna with you…it’s a really transformative, amazing journey together. I honor you!

What Do We Learn? Day One

We’ll open, ground, and introduce ourselves to the 3 month mystery together. We discuss the history and origin of Karuna Reiki®, and learn and practice the 4 Karuna level I symbols: zonar, halu, harth and rama. The Karuna level I symbols include a really beautiful flow:  anesthetize pain, remove pain, introduce love in it’s place, and ground the entire sequence.  After a luxurious lunch break, we move into the extraordinary grace of Karuna level I attunements, and practice with our 4 new symbols on the table.  We set intention about the medicine walk of the month until we come into circle again for our second class, and close basking in the sweetness and unconditional love of Karuna itself.

What Do We Learn? Day Two

Welcome back! It’s been a month since our first class meeting, and you’ve had time to integrate and practice with the symbols and energies of Karuna I… time to dive into Karuna II. We’ll open, ground, and check in on our experiences since our first class meeting. We discuss the shadow self, and undertake a guided shadow self trance meditation. We learn and practice the 4 new Karuna level II symbols: gnosa, iava, shanti and kriya. The Karuna II symbols work with integration of higher/human selves, the natural world, peace, and manifestation.  After lunch, we dive into the sweet celebration of Karuna II attunements, and practice with our new symbols on the table. We set intention for our upcoming month, preparing to move into our final meeting together as we deepen with the magic and mystery of Karuna Reiki®.

What Do We Learn? Day Three

Congratulations! We open, ground, and check in about our experiences in the first two months in the river of Karuna Reiki®, and leap right on in. We discuss the Karuna Reiki® program and ethics, and practice with the 8 master symbols we’ve spent two months learning. After lunch, we enjoy a live demonstration of a Karuna Reiki® attunement, and practice giving and receiving Karuna Reiki® I and II attunements. Our 3 month journey closes with chanting and toning with Karuna symbols (this is sooo much fun!), a review of everything we learned, and closing ceremony.  Certificates are included and registered with the ICRT, and students are presented with a final gift from Anna (surprise!).

The 3 month immersion course includes 3 full days of instruction over 3 months (24 hours of teaching), Karuna Reiki® manual for both Karuna Reiki® master levels, Karuna I and Karuna II master attunement, exploration of the shadow self, chanting, and toning, practice with 8 symbols and giving attunements, reiki certificate, and registration with the international center for reiki training (ICRT). We’ll enjoy three days of laughter, sharing stories, energy work, and a healing space full of love and light – please allow time after class to integrate and rest. Always, reiki engineers the perfect experience for us, so that we feel held up and supported in our interactions together. Of the flavors of reiki I’ve met, Karuna (compassionate action) is the most gentle, loving and kind, with the most capacity for creative use on the table. It’s absolute magic – I’m so excited to walk Karuna with you!

Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).

Karuna Reiki® Testimonial

“I had a completely profound experience in exploring reiki – both with regard to the topic at hand (Karuna), and reiki in general. This is a life-altering journey that has thoroughly deepened my connection with reiki – I was comfortable and felt nurtured, respected, and loved. The physical space is super for healing, and Anna is articulate, supremely knowledgeable and funny. I couldn’t have asked for a more thorough or richer experience.”
– Jim Cadena, Karuna Reiki® Master and Vibrant Reiki graduate 2009


Karuna training is one of our ‘Advanced Classes By Request’ series – to set a course up, or join one, please learn more here.  See you in circle, friends!

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