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Series of 4 accelerated online reiki workshops over 2 months
Includes manuals & certificate mailed to you, online course, 4 attunements
$50 nonrefundable & nontransferable deposit secures your space in the series
$666 for lightarian levels I&II, III, IV, V&VI
*Pre-requisite: Karuna levels I&II OR Online Buddhic Boost (included)

This course is part of our Advanced Classes By Request series

What’s Lightarian Reiki?

Why Lightarian?  Why online?  Why, indeed!

Reiki is evolving swiftly.  We see this highlighted in Lightarian Reiki®, both in its delivery (guided meditation) and its form (formless, working with ascended masters and a new healing tool).  As reiki evolves, so does humanity, and we’ve moved into an age where the physical pilgrimage is no longer necessary for the community of the spirit.

Lightarian reiki is about intentionally accelerating your spiritual growth, with strong connection to healing masters.  Lightarian Reiki®, based on the teachings of Ascended Master Buddha, deepens reiki practice beyond the vibration of Usui and Karuna Reiki®.  No new symbols are introduced in this reiki modality, which instead focuses on working directly with healing masters and the higher self, and broadens the spectrum of healing abilities. At each level, you gain a new healing ‘gift,’ which form a healing ‘tool’ at the end of lightarian training.

It’ll knock your socks off, in the best way!

At each online class meeting (via Zoom platform), we’ll meditate, check in as a circle, do self reiki treatments, learn about a new Lightarian level, receive an attunement, and add in a little woowoo surprise here and there for the group (oho!).  Happy spiritual mojo in community…in your pajamas with a cup of hot tea?  Check!

Anna’s Lightarian Story

To give you a sense, I received the Buddhic Boost from Jeanine Jelm (the founder of Lightarian Reiki®) shortly after moving to San Francisco in 2004.  I sat down at my computer after my attunement…and 24 hours later of no sleep, no food, and one or two body breaks, I ‘came to’ after an intense, channeled work session that I’ve never experienced the like of, before or since.

In that 24 hours, the entire original Vibrant Reiki website was created and launched.  In that one sitting, I discovered the name, bought the URL, wrote the copy, coded the site (yes, back in the internet dark ages), edited and uploaded all the images, linked everything…and VR was live online in less than 1 day.  Gives you a sense 0f lightarian mojo, right?  ACCELERATED spiritual growth and service!  Woohoo!

The urge to move into lightarian reiki is…inexplicable.  It catches our attention, we feel compelled, and dive on in. I experienced profound shifts with each lightarian attunement, and am super grateful for the extra spiritual oomph. See you in the ethers, friends!

What Do We Learn?

Lightarian reiki is all about intentionally increasing your personal vibration so that you can be of greater service to the planet. Unlike other modalities of reiki, such as Usui, Komyo, or Karuna Reiki®, there are no new symbols  introduced in the lightarian reiki system (although we do build a complete healing ‘tool’). The attunements are delivered as meditative initiations that establish direct and permanent links to several ascended healing masters.  Literally, the vibrational shift the training catalyzes changes YOU into a vehicle of intensified spiritual light.

Lightarian reiki builds on the vibrational levels of Usui reiki and Karuna reiki®. If you’re an Usui reiki master, you’ll need a ‘Buddhic Boost’ (this is included in your tuition, and is part of the workshop series if needed) to fulfill the Karuna Reiki prerequisite levels. If you’re already a Karuna reiki creature, you’re ready!  Green light go!

Students have described Lightarian Reiki® as incredibly smooth, bubbly like champagne, intense, and loving. All have felt an irresistible urge to LEAP forward on their personal paths of service to the light.

By the end of the training experience, you’re ready to teach Lightarian Reiki®, and are registered with the Lightarian Institute via their system. Training at this level includes a Lightarian Reiki® manual and certificate (mailed to your home), 4 online biweekly class meetings, and 4 attunements.  Oh, and a big ol’ bucket of accelerated spiritual growth to bump you up several notches in your service to creation.  Let’s DO this!

Love and starfluffies,


“This class was incredible!  It feels like it sky rocketed everything in my life to a new level, and propelled me towards creating and manifesting my hearts desires.  Every time we met it was like I was walking into a hug from the universe, surrounded by people who in such a short time became like family.

The healing, joy, peace, connection, and love just kept increasing with every meeting. the attunements were incredibly powerful, each one feeling like I was reconnected to another part of my lineage.  I reunited with ancient guides and teachers, and received powerful healing and wisdom.  In 2 months it feels like my whole system, body, chakras, were rebooted and realigned with my souls intentions.”
~Katie,  Lightarian Master Graduate 2015

“The Lightarian attunement healed me to the core, and is still doing so!  I love knowing enlightenment is inevitable for this planet.  I love how doubt gets redirected into a creative urge for good, and I love this feeling in my bones that this planet is meant to grow into light and health.

I look in people’s eyes differently now, not so much with fear and doubt but with a robust expectation of good.  I believe in myself as well, and all the goodwill power that lives in this body’s cells, its heart, its smarts, its soul. I’m grateful for Anna and the fellow travelers in this Lightarian circle. The companionship of folks on this path is amazingly healing, and I feel the circle of community formed in the class was just a taste of the way human beings are going to be with each other as we all move forward.  Amazing healing, joyful gift.”
~Cameron, Lightarian Master Graduate 2015

I am so grateful for my wonderful, enlightening and healing journey –  Anna’s Lightarian class was the perfect way for me to connect all of the previous attunements, and gain greater understanding and deep healing.

The class community was such a loving group, where the new experience of joy, wisdom, peace, healing and connection to Lightarian energy could blossom into my greater awareness of the love, wisdom and healing that exists for all beings and the planet. I know that our group shares a lasting connection, and we will always be united in wonderful support.

I gained a sense of balance and purpose on my path to promote healing for myself and for others. I know that I am participating in the great healing of the earth. I feel so enriched and empowered to create the most positive life experience that I can offer. And, I use this Reiki daily to manifest the beautiful and purposeful destiny that I envision.

Anna is a perfect teacher, sharing her understanding and methods with such love, openness and empowerment. I know that I was destined to learn from her, and I am so grateful for her gifts that she shares so generously.
~Susan, Lightarian Master Graduate 2015

Lightarian Reiki® is a registered trademark of the LIGHT.
Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of the ICRT.


Lightarian training is one of our ‘Advanced Classes By Request’ series – to set a course up, or join one, please learn more here.  See you in circle, friends!

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