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2 day intensive, offered 3 times annually, noon-8pm
16 hours instruction is $555, or $444 with a friend
*Prerequisite: Reiki I Class

This class is a beautiful deepening of reiki, and introduces distant healing, and sacred reiki symbols. We learn to send reiki forward and backward in time, and over long distances, using the first three magical reiki symbols (pictured above). We’ll play with crayons, work on the table with our new symbols, and practice sending distant reiki 6 different ways, including a reiki crystal grid that you take home with you. Includes 3 reiki shirushi (symbols), reiki attunement, reiki crystal grid, several distant reiki techniques, practice time distantly and on the table, reiki teaching materials, and your reiki certificate.

Welcome To Class

I’m very honored to play in the reiki river with you! Reiki brings us together in exactly the right way at exactly the right time – each class is unique, and amazing. Before class, I’ll email confirmation of date, time, and location to enrolled students. We gather 15 minutes before class starts, and allow time to be gentle and loving with ourselves after – expect that you might want rest time after our class meetings.

What Do We Learn?

We’ll explore our reiki experiences so far, practice our three new reiki symbols, and float blissfully through group attunements. On day two, we’ll dive into the magic of sending distant reiki via:

  1. the fishbowl technique
  2. lazy person reiki
  3. working with a surrogate
  4. a reiki crystal grid (included)
  5. the reiki butterfly
  6. a cuppa reiki

We’ll practice on the table with the symbols as well, learning to work with them as our teachers and guides.

By the end of class, you have received 3 reiki symbols, your reiki teaching scroll, an okuden level (reiki II) attunement, given and received reiki treatments working with the symbols, sent distant reiki through space and time 6 different ways, frolicked with crayons and stuffed animals and crystals (oh my!), have a reiki crystal grid to take home, received your reiki certificate, and are a reiki II practitioner for life.  Woohoo!

Each class organizes a reiki circle after graduation to practice in an ongoing way (we have one reiki graduate group that’s been meeting for almost 10 years, awesome), and students are encouraged to come practice reiki and deepen in community at our regular community events.  Congratulations on embarking on the reiki journey, friends!

What Do We Bring?
  1. flowers for our living altar (both days)
  2. color-printed reiki II scroll (emailed to enrolled students)
  3. folder for your reiki scroll & reiki certificate…your magical reiki binder!
  4. your class payment in an envelope, cash or check to Vibrant Reiki
  5. comfortable clothes that make you feel good, for a day of play, and a pillow
  6. water bottle – a hallmark of energy work is the need to drink lots of water
  7. a plan for our hour lunch break both days (bring food, find a restaurant)
  8. healthy, happy-making snacks to keep you going through the day (sharing is fun!)
  9. a journal to record your impressions from the attunement
  10. a stuffed animal to use as a surrogate (at least one foot tall)
  11. a photo of someone to practice sending distant reiki to (with their permission only)

We’ll enjoy days of laughter, sharing stories, energy work, and a healing space full of love and light. Always, reiki engineers the perfect experience for us, so that we feel held up and supported. I look forward to being in circle with you – deepening with reiki is magical, wondrous, and one of the most beautiful gifts we can experience.



“I really enjoyed reiki 2, it was like a door opening to many possibilities of playing with reiki. I love how the symbols add extra dimensions, and just deepening this beautiful practice with Anna and the group was so sweet. Anna makes learning reiki light, playful and accessible.”  ~ Sophie L, 2015

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