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Communicate with sacred stones in a reiki way! You’ll learn how to speak directly with crystals, practice five stone cleansing techniques, program your stones with reiki, receive a shamanic stone attunement, make your own stone healing mat, create your first, intuitive, full-body layout that combines reiki and crystal healing, and take home the 44 stone people and pendulum you work with in class. Sacred Stone workbook is included.  Stonework produces incredible results and happy miracles – this class is FUN!

Welcome To Class

This class is one of my favorites – when we accept the aliveness of all things, we can blend the loving vibrations of reiki and the unique crystalline structures of stones to achieve intense results in our healing sessions far beyond what we see with core reiki techniques. Working with stone nations can change every aspect of your life, as you build wild and wonderful stone healing grids. You’ll LOVE this work!

What Do We Learn?

Each stone acts as an additional healing practitioner in your sessions, each with it’s own unique gifts and skills. This class is not so much about ‘this stone does x thing’ but instead teaches you how to respectfully communicate with crystals so that you can ask directly how they would like to work with you, the basic color families of stones, how color shapes their role in healings, and practice clearing stones with 5 techniques.  We’ll learn how to divine with pendulums, both for daily questions and also for ways to orchestrate powerful healing sessions.

We’ll enjoy shamanic stone attunements, where a permanent link is forged between you and the stone people, and then create full-body healing crystal grids. We’ll talk with stones, create stone healing layouts, and learn how to clear and program your stones (materials provided).

About The Stones

Part of your class tuition includes your stone healing kits. Your stones are lovingly, joyfully, gracefully supplied by the magical beings at Ahhhmuse. The lovelies at Ahhhmuse only ship stones to California that want to participate in these classes, and they exceed the caliber, vibration, and sentience of any other stone people I have met. Truly, these stone beings are amazing, hand picked, and beautiful to work with. I have seen miraculous shift in myself and others, working with these crystals, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

By the end of class, you’ll take home 44 sacred stones and a pendulum from magical Ahhhmuse, create a full body sacred stone layout for yourself and others, receive a shamanic stone attunement, speak directly with the stone nations, learn & practice 5 cleansing techniques, program your stones with reiki, learn 3 ways to use pendulums, create a distance stone grid, make your own stone healing mat, take home your Sacred Stones certificate and teaching booklet, and be prepared to offer sacred stone & reiki treatments by the end of our time together. Your reiki medicine basket is growing!

What Do We Bring?
  1. your class payment in an envelope, cash or check to vibrant reiki
  2. comfortable clothes that make you feel good, for a day of play
  3. we’ll be sitting on the floor for a good while – please bring a pillow if you like
  4. water bottle – a hallmark of energy work is the need to drink lots of water
  5. healthy, happy-making snacks to keep you going through the day (sharing is fun!)
  6. lunch if you’d like to eat in the studio, or lunch money for a nearby restaurant
  7. a journal to record your impressions from the attunement
  8. a brand-new black sharpie (oh, the mystery!)
  9. any stone beings who want to come with you…the more the merrier!

We’ll enjoy a delicious day of laughter, sharing stories, energy work, and a healing space full of love and light. Always, reiki engineers the perfect experience for us, so that we feel held up and supported. I look forward to being in circle with you and the stones – sacred stones and reiki are a magical combo, and incredibly sweet.

Anna & The Stone Nations

ps….prepare to laugh a lot, and fall in love with your class pod! xoxo

“Anna’s warmth and playful loving energy welcomed me immediately, and I learned not only beautiful knowledge in regards to Sacred Stones but also how to follow my intuition while working with them. Anna is an amazing teacher and guide!”  ~ J. Casassa, 2015

“Anna brought beyond heartfelt energy and enthusiasm into a very well organized, content-rich class which inspired my practice and activated an entirely new toolset. I am so very grateful for this experience!” ~ S.Diamond, 2015

“Thank you Anna for facilitating such an unforgettable, amazing experience and connection to our stone nations. Thank you for enriching our experience as healers and lightworkers!” ~R. Ho, 2015

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