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Welcome, reiki II practitioners!  By now, you’ve completed your first two levels of reiki training, have learned to act as the ‘hollow bamboo’ for reiki, and integrated the first 3 reiki symbols into daily life and practice – congratulations!  If you’re reading these words, you may be contemplating entering a new level of union with reiki, where instead of ‘doing reiki’ you ARE reiki.

shinpiden 2019

At this level, reiki masters YOU! It’s magical, intense, and sublime. In class, we learn and practice 21 reiki techniques together, learn the final reiki shirushi (symbol), discuss how you might begin to run a healing practice, explore and bring healing to places of resistance to our healing paths, and practice giving and receiving reiki attunements. I share teaching materials, marketing samples, class syllabi, intake forms, and a class resource list as a template to create your own materials from.

Each level of reiki builds vibrationally, so shinpiden mojo is some seriously awesome stuff. Shinpiden rearranges our lives completely to be in alignment with the light we learn to carry – so that we call in our dreams, our community, our right livelihood, and our purpose here on earth. You won’t recognize your life in 6 months – I attribute my happily ever after to shinpiden, and am humbled and grateful beyond believing to live such grace and wonder every day.

In our two days together, we’ll plant as many reiki seeds as possible for you…and your beautiful spirit, life-calling, and visionary dreams will choose which seeds are watered by the light and sweetness of reiki.  It’s such a beautiful mystery to see what flourishes and grows after this level of training!  Reiki is, of course, the very best teacher, and at this level of personal and planetary practice, your life will be aligned with the energy of sentient love in miraculous, tender, brilliant ways.  Welcome!

What Do We Learn? Day One

We’ll take a unique and powerful guided shinpiden reiki journey together through the 4 shirushi (symbols) to begin the adventure together, which is a potent healing in and of itself. With that magic working powerfully on us, we begin our adventure through 21 different reiki techniques, and learn the fourth and final reiki shirushi (symbol) – your reiki medicine basket is growing beautifully! After lunch, we dive into the magic and mystery of shinpiden attunements… and you’re changed forever.

Each shinpiden class is vibrant, different, and uniquely alive. Some seriously wonderful miracles align to call together the perfect group. I love, love, love holding space for this class – it’s life changing, luminous, and amazing!

What Do We Learn? Day Two

We’ll practice some of our reiki techniques using the master symbol, talk about teaching reiki and running a reiki practice, review the materials for starting and running a reiki practice, and discuss some of the themes that come up for folks at shinpiden based on your answers to the shinpiden deepening questions (emailed to enrolled folks before class).  We complete with the loving practice of giving and receiving reiki attunements – wondrous strange, and exhilarating!

By the end of class, you are a reiki teacher in the Usui lineage, and are able to give reiki attunements using the master symbol. You will receive a teaching scroll via email, a teaching packet (includes sample syllabi and forms for teaching and running a practice) at class, the master shirushi (symbol), 21 reiki techniques,  reiki attunement, your reiki certificate, and support from your beautiful reiki community.

Each class is invited to organize a reiki circle after graduation, to practice in an ongoing way (we have one reiki graduate group that’s been meeting for more than 10 years!), and students are encouraged to practice reiki and deepen in the Vibrant Reiki container.  Congratulations on your ascension process in the magic and mystery of reiki, friends!

What Do We Bring?
  1. flowers for our living altar (both days)
  2. color-printed reiki III scroll (emailed to enrolled students)
  3. folder for your reiki scroll, class handouts, and certificate…your magical reiki binder!
  4. comfy clothes that make you feel good, for days of play
  5. snuggy blanket or yoga mat or camping mat for floor practice sessions
  6. lots of water and snacks (make new friends by bringing awesome organic snacks!)
  7. hearty meal for both days – this is super important!  resource yourself!
  8. a journal to practice the fourth symbol, and record your attunement impressions
  9. a sacred object, if you feel called to have one with you for your attunement (optional)
  10. anything else you need for comfort and joy!

Always, reiki engineers the most beautiful experience for each group, with cozy days of sharing, practice, and play – this level of practice is sublime!  We’re DELIGHTED to welcome you to shinpiden, and honor you and  your good works with reiki.  The mystery is calling…and we can’t wait to welcome you!

shinpiden 2014


Vibrant Reiki offers two paths forward as you enter shinpiden (mystery teaching) for individuals or buddies. Please have a gander at these happy options, and decide which way forward makes your heart sing. Dates, tuition, and basic descriptions are arranged here for you at a glance, and you can sign up by clicking below. Welcome kind lightworkers, tender empaths, and joyful seekers!

rei kanji transparent 72dpi 1
About the ‘master’ symbol…
Above, a stylized form of ‘rei,’ a Japanese word that can translate as ‘miraculous or sacred.’

At reiki III, we learn the reiki ‘master’ symbol.  I use ‘master’ in quotes to honor that we never ‘master’ reiki, but are instead mastered by reiki itself.

sunflower 72dpi
Reiki III: Solo Adventurer
$999 for 16 hours instruction

+1 month Mentoring & The Moon
*Prerequisite: Reiki II class
Welcome to the mystery!

Learn the final reiki symbol and how to attune people to reiki

2020 Training Dates:
Noon-8pm both days

Nov 7-8

purple flower 72dpi
Reiki III: Reiki Buddies
$888 for 16 hours instruction

+1 month Mentoring & The Moon
*Prerequisite: Reiki II class
Reiki Buddies save $111

You and your reiki buddy complete the reiki levels together

2020 Training Dates:
Noon-8pm both days

Nov 7-8

ki kanji transparent 72dpi
About reiki attunements…
Above, a stylized form of ‘ki,’ a Japanese word that can translate as ‘energy.’

One of the great joys at this level of practice is the ability to initiate others to reiki…wondrous magic!

We can give reiki attunements to people, and also to our dreams.

“Anna Dorian is an extraordinary woman who is a truly vibrant and gifted healer and teacher. She creates a very sacred and safe space for her students, as well as keeps her teaching fresh and filled with wisdom, compassion, and humor.  Any student or client who finds their way to Anna will feel empowered, and be rewarded with a depth of healing and potent transformation.” ~Sandra Ingerman

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