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The only thing better than reiki is…reiki with a buddy!  At our reiki III class, we’ll spend time meeting each other, reviewing 21 reiki techniques, meeting the fourth symbol, enjoying hands-on practice, discussing how you might start to run a healing practice or teach reiki, luxuriating in reiki attunements, and practicing attuning other people to reiki.  By the end of the course, you’ll be able to attune folks to reiki at the drop of a hat…wondrous magic, indeed!   We’re SO excited to welcome you to:

  • Reiki III Class: complete the 3 reiki levels (learn the final reiki symbol, and how to attune folks to reiki)
  • Mentoring & The Moon: one gifted month after graduation (reiki mentoring in alignment with lunar themes)

Please note: As shinpiden is only offered once a year and commitment at this level is queen, tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable, and unused tuition goes towards Vibrant Reiki community projects like teaching reiki to homeless youth, or offering reiki in disaster relief centers.  Thanks for your kind integrity, friend!

As you sign up, please enter your Reiki Buddy’s name in parenthesis.  For example: Anna (Emily)  When both of you arrive at your reiki class together, you’re all set!



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