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REIKI EVOLVES…ONLINE! As reiki evolves in our changing times, so do we!  To be impeccable with safety, we are moving all Vibrant Reiki offerings online until 2021.   Turns out, we’ve discovered that learning reiki via Zoom is really fun – we’ll meet Friday night for 2 hours, and Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours to honor our nervous systems with screen time.  We incorporate video demos, mailed certificates, and a 21-day followup circle for integration.  Welcome to reiki, loved ones!

Welcome to reiki, beautiful being!

Welcome To Class

This playful, powerful and thorough introductory reiki class connects you to reiki and teaches the fundamentals of reiki ideas, history, and techniques. You’ll experience reiki energy, and be able to treat yourself and others for the rest of your life. Each class includes discussion of five main reiki ideas, your reiki attunement, experiential practice time, teaching materials, reiki certificate, and is held in a safe and nurturing space. Feeling reiki flowing through your hands for the first time is magic – and we laugh a lot!

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I’m very honored to play in the reiki river with you! Reiki brings us together in exactly the right way at exactly the right time – each class is unique, and amazing. A day or two before the your reiki adventure, we’ll email confirmation of date, time, and location to enrolled students. We gather 15 minutes before class starts, and allow time to be gentle and loving with ourselves after – expect that you might want some sweet down time after our class meetings.  Each group becomes a family, and the most extraordinary folks show up!

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These classes are warm, loving, and change your life forever.  We glow together after a weekend of laughter, hugs, ridiculous jokes, play, openness, and fun, and often plant seeds for lifelong friendships.  It’s very possible to engage deeply with the sacred and experience powerful, profound healing…while having a great time and laughing a lot.  We’d love for you to come join us!

What Do We Learn?

We’ll connect with our classmates and quickly become a cohesive group in a setting that’s both sacred, joyful, and playful. We explore:

  1. what reiki is
  2. the history of reiki
  3. hand positions (self and others)
  4. what to expect after your attunement
  5. how to take care of yourself
  6. how to offer a reiki session
  7. intuitive (scanning) treatments
  8. traditional (hand positions) treatments
  9. grounding and clearing
  10. reiki meditation
  11. attunements (initiation)
  12. group reiki in class (reiki share)

We’ll enjoy time to integrate and rest during hour-long lunches both days, and float blissfully through group class attunements, before we enjoy the magic of laying on of hands.  We laugh a lot, we practice a lot, and move from ‘knowing nothing’ about reiki to a large group reiki share with confidence by the end of our weekend together.  Every group becomes a family, and we build a container for each cohort to meet up and practice outside of class, and keep your reiki practice alive and vibrant.

By the end of class, you have received your reiki teaching materials, a shoden level (reiki I) attunement, given and received reiki treatments, practiced hand positions on self and others, learned a lot about reiki and how you can use it in your daily life, asked questions until your noggin is happy and full, been presented with your reiki certificate, participated in a large group reiki share, and are a reiki I practitioner for life…woohoo!

Each class organizes a reiki circle after graduation to practice in an ongoing way (we have one reiki graduate group that’s been meeting for almost 10 years), and students are encouraged to come practice reiki and deepen in community at our regular events.  Congratulations on embarking on the reiki journey, friends!

What Do We Bring?
  1. flowers for our living altar (both days)
  2. color-printed reiki I scroll (emailed to enrolled students)
  3. folder for your reiki scroll & reiki certificate…your magical reiki binder!
  4. comfortable clothes that make you feel good, for a day of play
  5. a pillow or blanket to nest up – we’ll be in chairs, padding helps
  6. water bottle – a hallmark of energy work is the need to drink lots of water
  7. healthy, happy-making snacks to keep you going through the day (!viva sharing!)
  8. a plan for our hour lunch break both days (bring food, find a restaurant, etc)
  9. a journal to record your impressions from the attunement
  10. anything else you need to be comfy, snuggy, and happy!

We’ll enjoy days of laughter, sharing stories, energy work, and a healing space full of love and light. Always, reiki engineers the perfect experience for us, so that we feel held up and supported.  These classes are just incredible – the caliber of folks who show up amazes me every time.  I can’t wait to be in circle with you – learning reiki is magical, wondrous, and one of the most beautiful gifts we can experience.  Welcome home, friends!


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Vibrant Reiki offers 2 different ways to train and deepen with the beautiful mystery of reiki, for ‘solo adventurers’ and ‘reiki buddies.’   Dates, tuition, and basic descriptions are arranged here for you at a glance, and you can sign up by clicking below.  Welcome kind lightworkers, tender empaths, and joyful seekers!

sunflower 72dpi
Reiki I: Solo Adventurer
$444 for instruction over 4 days

+1 month Mentoring & The Moon
Welcome to reiki!

Introductory package for shiny new reiki adventurers

2020 Online Trainings:
Each course meets Friday evening,
Saturday & Sunday morning
with a 21-day followup circle

Apr 3-5
Jun 5-7
Sept 18-20
Dec 4-6

purple flower 72dpi
Reiki I: Reiki Buddies
$333 for instruction over 4 days

+1 month Mentoring & The Moon
Each reiki buddy saves $111

You and a friend attend, and meet the world of reiki together

2020 Online Trainings:
Each course meets Friday evening,
Saturday & Sunday morning
with a 21-day followup circle

Apr 3-5
Jun 5-7
Sept 18-20
Dec 4-6

“There was life before and after my kids…and now there’s life before and after reiki!”  ~ Naveeen
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