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To honor our community as we navigate the coronavirus as a human family, Vibrant Reiki is offering hour-long distant reiki treatments via phone for health, relaxation, and wellness.  If you need financial help, please contact our Helping Hand.  We see you healthy and strong, and we’re here for you!


Hi, beautiful!  Thanks for visiting us online…we’re so happy that you’re here!  As you’ve arrived, you might be considering receiving some reiki…woohoo!  This delights us, as reiki is just the best darn thing EVER!  You might think of reiki as both a form of powerful healing energy, and an intelligent, compassionate force for light and sweetness in your life…that leaves you feeling calm, resourced, supported, and resilient.  Welcome!

One of the most amazing and beautiful things about reiki is that it knows what’s needed for your healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral, financial, etc).  Reiki practitioners act like ‘hollow bamboo’ through which reiki flows, and whether you receive a hands-on session or a distant treatment, reiki feels warm, soothing, and relaxing all at once.  To put it super simply, reiki is powerful and sweet mojo – reiki is LOVE.

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After 15+ years of offering in-person reiki treatments, my work has shifted more and more towards teaching groups of beautiful lightworkers like yourself.  Although I delight in holding individual space (reiki is my true love, and every encounter is wondrous!), I feel a powerful call these days to use my energies to teach as many folks as possible how to heal themselves and their communities with the light of reiki and shamanism.

That said, I do still offer individual remote sessions via phone on Tuesdays, and if that feels supportive for you, I’d love to welcome to a distant reiki treatment!  Distant sessions with me look like this:

  • You get comfy, snuggy, and settled before your session
  • I call you when your session is scheduled to begin
  • We chat for 5-10 minutes, and set our healing intention
  • We hang up, you relax, and I send you distant reiki for 35-40 minutes
  • I email you a voice recording of any impressions that came through
  • I email you self-care suggestions for the days following your treatment
  • You enjoy what comes, and the sweet mystery of healing and reiki!

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You can expect 40ish minutes of distant reiki itself, depending on how long you’d like to chat before we dive in.  I’ll be working with a ‘reiki surrogate’ (a big friendly stuffed animal, actually) to focus reiki where you’ve requested it, and your only job is…just to rest and relax and receive.  Some folks ‘feel’ a lot with reiki, and some folks have a more subtle experience – this is true for both distant and in-person reiki sessions.

Most folks feel like it takes 5ish minutes at the beginning of a distant reiki session for the mind to quiet, and from there, you may feel a deep sense of relaxation, receive insights, feel energy shifting, notice thoughts or emotions coming up for release, snooze a bit…or none of the above.  Regardless of what we perceive with etheric healing work, reiki sets in motion exactly what we need.  Like many forms of healing, your session doesn’t end when the distant transmission is complete – reiki will be working with you for the next couple of days, and part of the fun is to see what actually happens in your beautiful human life in the days following treatment.



I look forward to supporting you with the light of reiki, whether that’s in person at a reiki class, or via phone in a distant reiki session.  Many blessings to you, and to whatever has brought you here seeking.  May you feel loved, supported, cherished, healthy, and happy!



If you’re here, you’re most likely in the process of supporting your healing and wellness – I celebrate you! I’ve added ‘Relax & Heal’ here for you…a dreamy 9 minute guided relaxation, and an invitation to settle in and be welcomed to a small healing oasis here in your day.

If you’re initiated to reiki, reiki will flow through you during this relaxation meditation.  If you haven’t trained with reiki yet, your hands will still bring comfort to you.  Feel free to return as many times as you like…enjoy!

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