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Individual 2 hour sessions, drawing on reiki & shamanism, $250
Please note:  New individual session rate is $250, effective Apr 2, 2018
Please note:  I maintain a 48-hour $50 cancellation/reschedule policy
Respectful thanks for honoring our community’s time

I draw on 13 years experience working with reiki, shamanism, and healing arts to create… just the most perfect thing. Some folks come with a specific thing they want to release – like addiction, a pattern, trauma over an event, work on an illness, or manifest something they’re calling into their lives. Some folks need some rest, relaxation, and to be taken care of – it’s delightful to receive reiki and shamanic healing no matter where we are in our earthwalk.

What’s An Individual Reiki Session & Shamanic Ceremony Like?

Is it serious?  Is it somber?  Nope!  It’s full of hugs and laughter and play…and even though we aren’t precious about healing at VR, we’ll walk together gently and bravely into the places that are ready for more light, and bring powerful healing.

I’ll welcome you, pour you a cup of tea, and we’ll go over your intake form together, and learn what you want to focus on for the treatment. Every time, the perfect thing emerges and evolves from our time chatting together and laying groundwork – and you’re in charge of your session. That means you decide, using your intuition (I’ll teach you an intuitive exercise to help) if you’d benefit most from reiki, sacred stone full body grid, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, inkan illumination, shamanic healing… or something else that comes up as we talk.

Part of this process is being involved in your healing – healing is the art of holding more light, and that means you participate. Sometimes that means being vulnerable and asking for help, coming to a session, and practicing the beautiful art of receiving. Sometimes that means making lists of what feels joyful and then going after session and implementing it – sometimes it’s practicing an exercise that helps you learn to love yourself, or learning a new healthy pattern.

Whatever it is, we’ll have fun doing it – we do powerful, potent work, and we aren’t precious about it. We can laugh, enjoy being together, and dive into the places that move us most, and are ready to receive the most healing. For sessions that involve shamanic work like power animal or soul retrieval, I’ll write up a summary for you to take home… and usually we find some kind of wonderful followup work… go enjoy Kabuki, eat a cookie on a sunny hillside, throw a party for your inner kiddo, go on a date with bright red lipstick, call the friend you miss… it all matter what kind of light you’re bringing into your life. Mostly… I’m here. I care about what happens to you. I’m cheering you on… let’s DO THIS!

What Tools Do We Use?
  • reiki (hands on and distant)
  • drumming over the body (with reiki symbols)
  • shamanic divination (gain information on a topic)
  • inkan illumination (remove energy and emotional charge around an issue)
  • power animal retrieval (make an alliance with an animal medicine)
  • medicine keys (receive a shamanically crafted phrase to navigate a trigger)
  • soul retrieval (welcome home a soul part that left during a trauma)
  • sand painting (make 3D displays of your ‘before and after’ around a topic)
  • please email me to incorporate tools like tarot or sacred stones before a session, so I can bring them to your ceremony

Please click for more information on reiki and the shamanic tools listed above.  Happy healing!

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