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10 Reiki Clinic Practitioners at a reiki event at Wix in SF, 2017
How Do I Receive a $35 Community Reiki Clinic Session?

Welcome to the Community Reiki Clinic, friends!  After booking your appointment online, you’ll toddle over to the healing studio in the Inner Richmond. A reiki clinic person will greet you in the healing center lobby as you arrive, briefly check in about your main focus for your sessions, and invite you into the treatment room to meet your 2 reiki practitioners. We’ve got some lovely hot teas waiting for you if you arrive a few minutes early, and a quiet, relaxed waiting area for folks coming and going as they attend to their healing and wellness.  Woohoo!

You’ll lay on a massage table, fully clothed with a light blanket and bolster and pillow, and your reiki practitioners will lay their healing hands on your body (respecting safe touch at all times) in a series of hand positions to deliver reiki to you.  We’re a working community clinic, which means that 2 treatment tables are offering reiki at the same time in the same room at staggered start times, so you’ll hear a fellow reiki buddy quietly coming and going with their 2 practitioners.  Our tandem-treatment model is an elegant way to strengthen the reiki field, and helps us offer affordable healing for our SF community.  Hoorah!

Reiki feels warm, deeply relaxing, and soothing, and the effects can last for days.  Repeated treatments make a powerful difference in our health…we feel great receiving reiki.  The Community Reiki Clinic is rooted in love – we love this happy healing mojo!

Please note:  Sessions at the Community Reiki Clinic are non-refundable & non-transferable.

First timer?  Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out an intake form and get settled.  Thanks!


Learn more about our clinic volunteer requirements. We kindly welcome you to complete our volunteer application form after reviewing these terms.

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