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What’s the Reiki Clinic all about?

The reiki clinic provides an opportunity to offer reiki in a professional setting, with supervised hours, mentoring, and clinical experience. Transformation always occurs through service, and Reiki Clinic volunteers are fully supported through their journey – instead of letting reiki be a musty workshop you took eons ago, come keep your practice alive, and connect regularly with other reiki folks. This is a great way to experience working with the public through reiki, without having to run a private practice, and stay connected with reiki community in SF.

Anna created the Reiki Clinic in 2009 to meet two needs:

  • OFFER REIKIFOLK A LIVING SPACE TO PRACTICE REIKI, AND CONNECT: After your reiki training, keeping your practice alive and thriving is key to living a magical, reiki-filled life. The Reiki Clinic allows reikifolks to volunteer reiki without having to run a healing practice, market, navigate SF rent, and handle overhead. On the days you choose to volunteer, you get to circle with reiki community, offer reiki to beautiful clients, and keep your reiki practice alive.  Woohoo!
  • AFFORDABLE REIKI HEALING FOR SF: Often, healing work is pricey. There are a lot of good reasons for that, but it doesn’t negate a real need for affordable healing. One of Vibrant Reiki’s missions is to hold a solid space of lovingkindness that supports our community in creative, loving ways. The Reiki Clinic provides quality reiki care for folks in San Francisco at a really affordable price.  Yay!
What Are The Requirements To Volunteer In The Clinic?
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