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For thousands of years our diverse ancestors have turned to ritual technologies to help bring about needed changes in this reality. Here in the United States our recent election has brought the imperative for social and earth justice even more to the doorstep of historically privileged groups. By taking a cue from our ancestors and rooting our worldly service in connection to the sacred, we can stay effective and resourced for the long-haul. This special day-long workshop will be led by Daniel Foor and hosted by Vibrant Reiki on Saturday, March 18 at Rudramandir in Berkeley.


Participants will learn foundational ritual skills to support their participation in cultural healing. We’ll keep the time heart-aware, experiential, and focused on work with the spirits. We’ll minimize political discussion per se and foreground the need for cultural healing with respect to race, sex/uality and gender, religion, colonialism, greed, and earth disconnection.


Specifically we’ll explore:
  • the role of the ancestors in cultural healing
  • skills for earth connection, including respect for Native cultures
  • importance of staying true to your personal destiny and unique gifts
  • basics of energetic protection and healthy boundaries
  • practices for personal cleansing and renewal

Folks new to ritual practice and those with years of experience all welcome. Cost is sliding scale $90-180 for the day, and please just be in touch if you need a further reduction to join.  Spaces are limited and participants are asked to be with us for the full day.



I’m a teacher and practitioner of practical animism who specializes in ancestral and family healing and in helping folks learn to relate well with the rest of the natural world.

My focus on the ancestors sources from the guidance of my teachers in earth-honoring traditions (e.g., European pagan paths, Native American ways, Mongolian shamanism, and West African Ifá/Òrìṣà tradition), from my training as a doctor of psychology and clinical mental health professional, and from two decades of implementing the teachings of ancestor reverence in my own life. Since 2005 I’ve guided hundreds of ancestor trainings, rituals, and talks throughout the United States and helped many others to reconnect with their family ancestors through personal sessions. My book, Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing, will be available in 2017.

Over the past few decades I’ve trained with teachers of Mahayana Buddhism, Islamic Sufism, and diverse indigenous paths, including the remnant and returning traditions of my older English, Irish, and German ancestors. I’m also a student of Yoruba culture and an initiate (ọmọ awo) of Ifá, Ọbàtálá, Ọ̀ṣun, and Egúngún in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé from Òdè Rẹ́mọ.

My doctoral research in psychology focused on the use of shamanic healing practices by clinical mental health professionals, and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. I’ve been blessed to spend time as a student of culture and language in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Egypt, Morocco, and Nigeria.


HOST: ANNA DORIAN, Vibrant Reiki

I founded Vibrant Reiki in 2004 to bridge the medicines of healing arts, community, and service. Shamanism and reiki have been my answers to a path marked heavily with peak experiences and intense challenge.  I’ve completed 20 levels of contemporary and traditional reiki training with teachers from the US and Japan, and run a low-cost community reiki clinic in it’s 9th year that keeps practitioners’ practice alive, and offers affordable healing for San Francisco.  Vibrant Reiki provides student graduates for volunteer programs supporting women with cancer, veterans and their families, and teaches reiki to homeless youth.

I’ve been privileged to work with many luminaries in the field of contemporary shamanism, and am a mesa carrier, graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s 2-year teacher training, work regularly with elders in the Toltec tradition, and host the Q’ero on their US visits through the International Q’eros Foundation. Vibrant Reiki has held monthly shaman circles and ritual spaces for 9 years in the Bay Area, and offers a 16-month full-immersion shamanic intensive, the Shaman’s Way.

My grassroots background championing earth and social justice causes, formal training in biology and cultural anthropology, and non-profit sector role as an environmental educator fuel Vibrant Reiki’s focus on community-based good works for social, environmental, political, and cultural justice.

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