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Live, individual online sessions
Mondays via Zoom platform
Shamanic & reiki healing

$250/1 hour 45 minutes
Book here

Sacred Ceremonies evolved from my 14+ years of service offering in-person shamanic and reiki sessions in San Francisco, and I’m so delighted to welcome you to the new ceremonial session design!  These individual online sessions allow you to receive powerful healing in the sanctuary of your own space, and let us to work together all over planet earth, in the great web of life.  Thank you for the honor of working with you!



Choose a potent, clear intent for your Sacred Ceremony that we’ll focus on together, and share this in your intake form as you book your healing ceremony.  This helps both of us focus, and powers the work.  Some examples might be…

  • Welcome direct support from the spirit world in a time of life transition or challenge
  • Release trauma, negative patterns, energetic cords, patterns, or spiritual contracts
  • Experience a soul retrieval, divination, power animal retrieval, medicine key, etc
  • Rediscover your source of personal power or joy, and step into spiritual service
  • Move courageously into paid, heart-based work that makes your essence sing
  • Call in a new beloved, home, lifestyle, business, travel, community, or dream
  • Restore yourself through distant reiki treatment, relax, receive insights
  • Receive a personal ritual to perform for personal or planetary healing



  • Book a 2-hour live healing online below (please note: all sessions are nonrefundable/nontransferable)
  • Receive a Zoom link for your Sacred Ceremony.  Zoom is an easy-to-use, high quality video platform
  • From the moment you set the space, your healing process has begun…brilliant job!  You are now in the container.  Spirit is working with you to begin whatever preparation is needed before we meet, which can include life changes, messages, synchronicities, or omens.  Whether or not you ‘attend,’ you’ll be in the process of releasing what no longer serves, and calling home what is ready to be celebrated



  • Before your session, carefully read the notes below.  This saves time, and allows us to work efficiently and respectfully together
  • Preparation looks different for everyone – you might just sit comfortably and enjoy your experience…or prepare your space using some of the ideas below.  There is no right way to meet healing work, just what is possible and joyful for YOU
  • This experience is what you make it.  If you like the idea of creating a healing sanctuary for our online time together, you might set time aside for ritual preparation, and:
    • Purify yourself before your ceremony in a bath or shower with salts or essential oils, smudge, etc
    • Adorn yourself in a way that tells your body and spirit that you’re doing sacred work
    • Lay out fresh flowers, a lit candle, personal altar, or other objects of significance for you
    • Have a cup of your favorite tea ready, and attend to what helps you feel special and safe
    • Be able to lay down comfortably with a warm snuggy blanket and pillow
    • 15-20 minutes before ceremony begins, take deep grounding breaths, become present
    • Work in your own particular way to anchor your strong intent, and welcome assistance



  • At your Sacred Ceremony, I’ll have many medicine objects on hand to assist you, just as I would for an in-person meeting: altar, candles, sage, drum, rattles, feathers, mesa, surrogate for reiki, crystals, pendulum, oracle, tuning fork, fairy bells, gong, etc
  • One of the miraculous (and fun!) things about shamanic and reiki healing is that they work so brilliantly over distance – we can accomplish everything (and sometimes more) online that we can in person.  The work…is potent
  • Please allow time after your Sacred Ceremony to sit with what happens for you, digest the information delivered, and to engage in good self care. This looks different for everyone, and some quiet time helps the work land in supportive, alchemical ways

Often, my helping spirits will offer you healing suggestions to support you in your stated healing intent.  You are a powerful participant in your healing process, and engaging in the creation of sacred art, going on a physical quest, making a symbolic offering or object, enacting a personal ritual or medicine walk, or adopting new daily strategies and using new healing tools may all on the menu for you after a ceremony…be prepared to do your work, friend!  Each of these acts, no matter how small they seem, are a bid for power and light and healing.

I honor you, celebrate your wellness, and look forward to connecting!




Shamanism is an animistic tradition, that recognizes and works with the living spirit of all things.  You might think of the beat of the drum as ‘the shaman’s horse’ to ride into states of consciousness that allow communication with compassionate helping spirits like power animals, mythological pantheons,  or ascended healing masters to bring back information and healing.  Shamanism is loving, powerful, and capable of supporting great healing and change.

For shamanic work, we ritually call in sacred space to begin.  For me, this looks like raising power with my voice in song, rattling, and welcoming archetypal directions to create a vessel or container for the work, after lighting a candle and burning medicine plants.  In a Sacred Ceremony Online, I’ll invite you to get comfortable with your blanket and pillow after we’ve discussed what we’re working with together.  You’ll rest comfortably and let sounds wash over you, while I call in sacred space on your behalf.

Once we’re in the vessel together (it’s beautiful and fun), I’ll ask your permission to perform a ‘shamanic diagnostic.’  This looks like me drumming while you relax and listen, as I talk with my helping spirits to ask what is needed for your healing and chosen topic.  I’m not performing healing at this point – I’m just asking what’s suggested by spirit for you.

After the diagnostic, I’ll share what I saw in the shamanic journey, and describe the proposed work.  If that feels good for you, I’ll go ahead and perform ceremony for you.  This might look like soul retrieval, illumination, power animal retrieval, grief dismemberment, medicine key, cord releasement, extraction, power restoration, a ritual for you to perform, a sacred stone grid, transmutation, divination, or blessingwork on your behalf.



Reiki is a particular vibration of sentient healing energy, and it intelligently knows what kinds of healing are needed (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral, financial, etc).  Whether it’s sent distantly or in-person, reiki feels warm, soothing, relaxing, and is a powerful healing technology.  Simply, reiki is love.

If we choose to work with reiki in your ceremony, I’ll invite you to lay down comfortably and get snuggy with your blanket and pillow, and I’ll share some links to beautiful music to set the space, calm your nervous system, and enter a healing state.  I’ll invite you to take some deep cleansing breaths, I’ll speak a blessing, and I then lay my hands on a reiki ‘surrogate’ that helps me flow reiki energy for you.  I use a cheerful stuffed animal for all distant treatments, which helps me focus on specific body parts and energy centers, and know what body part is offering what information

Everyone is different – of course! Some folks ‘feel’ a lot, and some folks have a more subtle experience – this is true for both distant and in-person reiki treatment.  You might see colors, feel a sense of deep peace and restoration, receive intuitive information, feel emotion come up to be released, sleep peacefully, or none of the above.  Reiki is mysterious, always beneficial, and we’ll learn together what a distant treatment is like for you (yay!).

After your distant reiki treatment (which might be all we focus on, or can be offered conjunct to shamanic healing), you’re invited to drink some extra water.  Just like acupuncture or chiropractic work, our treatment will work with you for several days, and you might notice how your mind and body feel, and what actually happens in your life as reiki energy settles with you.  Think of the days following treatment like a medicine walk…and if you enjoy the experience, consider learning reiki, which everyone can do with greatest ease.  Reiki is the most beautiful, kind, loving thing I know, and it’s a real joy to share it with you!



“I live in Oakland and have a child, so getting to San Francisco was a tall order, but I knew I wanted to work with Anna. She graciously made time for me, and we had the most magical 2 hours together for my remote session!  There was an overwhelming moment during my ceremony where I could feel the incredible power she was bringing through on my behalf.  Her spirits showed her something amazing I had never shared with anyone, and wove it into the most liberating healing of my life. I feel like I waited a whole lifetime for this healing, and I can’t say thank you enough. Online healing sessions? YES! I’ll be back…this was phenomenal.” – Sheila R, Oakland


“I’ve been a big fan of Anna’s shamanic healing work for years, but I was hesitant to do an online healing session with her at first. However, I had seen her do amazing distant reiki work online and figured it was worth a try. Boy, I am SO glad I gave it a shot! To my surprise, being at home during the session allowed us to do much deeper and more intense work than we might have otherwise.

She performed beautiful and powerful healing for me, delivered a very special soul retrieval, and kicked me off on an amazing path towards freedom and peace. I was amazed at her presence and how connected we felt during this session, and I really appreciated not having to drive or deal with the city after we were done, but instead I was already home and cozy. I can’t give a higher recommendation to doing a Sacred Ceremony Online with Anna!” – Lee G, Oakland


“I’ve been receiving healings and teachings from Anna for more than 10 years. When I moved away from San Francisco, we started working together remotely, and I discovered that our distant sessions are just as potent and valuable as the in-person ones.  She always has an amazing list of resources for me, like books or conferences or other professionals that I would not otherwise have found, and her incredible gifts and knowledge translate easily in a distant format.

I’ve found that I love not having to set aside time to commute, that I get to do the work in my own space, and that I always walk away inspired and motivated. Sometimes I review my notes from previous sessions, and find that they retain their value. There is a trajectory to the work that we do – it’s tailored to my needs and has been incredibly valuable for my healing, my business, and my well-being. Working with Anna this way is a total joy and has been nothing short of transformative. Thank you, Anna!” – Amy M, Sonoma


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