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Welcome to The Sacred Wingnut®!  The Sacred Wingnut® is a magical creature (who looks a lot like a mystical rabbit, but don’t be fooled) who visits us here planetside, joined by her best friend, The Wallahoo.  She’s on a mission to to teach sensitives, shy beings, empaths, moms, busy folks, seekers, and those who move to the beat of their own drum about energy healing, and self care…all in the spirit of whimsy, wonder, and woo!

Busy as a cosmic bee in the background, The Sacred Wingnut® has been waving her magic wand, packing up her alchemical picnic basket, and gently delivering self-paced online courses for you to enjoy at your own pace, in your own perfect time.   While we wait for her to reveal her whole sweet smorgasboard of enchanted teachings, here are her first offerings to help expand your spiritual toolkit, in service of living your magical life. 

As per mysterious cosmic timetables, more Sacred Wingnut® courses will appear for you to peruse, in your pajamas, or your kimono (up to you!)…

The Sacred Wingnut®

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