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‘Power Animal Pick-Me-Up: River Otter Medicine & Magic’
15-minute audio course + review materials, $11

river otter transparent 72dpiThis joyful and inspiring Power Animal Pick-Me-Up delivers River Otter medicine directly to you into your paws – for your day, your current chapter in life, or deep in your sacred heart. We benefit so much from our power animals and their beautiful gifts! We already instinctively know if we need the medicine of joy, serenity, courage, problem-solving, surrender, forgiveness, action, or wild creativity…and there’s a power animal ready to bring us any medicine you can imagine. In your recording, you’ll find:

  • what’s a power animal?
  • how do I connect with and learn about power animals?
  • 36 fun facts about river otter…that teach us about their medicine
  • a nod to river otter myths and legends
  • a shamanic tool and blessing direct from river otter…for you!

Once you purchase your Sacred Wingnut® mini-course, your audio teachings and support materials will magically appear in your inbox like rainbows *poof* and you’ll then have 24 happy hours to download them, and play with your new goodies.

Below is a wee audio intro to give you a sense of how the recordings feel…have funsies, and let the adventure begin!

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