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‘Shamanic Journeying for Funsies’books transparent 72dpi
1 hour audio course + review materials, $44

Everyone can learn how to journey, and having this beautiful tool in our toolkits allows us to connect with our power animals and loving helping spirits to receive information and healing…any time, any where, for any topic. The truly wondrous thing about journeying is that we really feel how LOVED we are, and how much joy and support is available to us as we create human lives that make our hearts sing. Best secret ever? Journeying is super FUN, and full of humor and play! This happy course introduces the basics and how-to of shamanic journeying, and covers:

  • overview of shamanism & being a shaman
  • how to call in sacred space
  • the three shamanic worlds
  • strong intent & skillful questions
  • power animals & how to honor them
  • practical first journey instructions

Once you purchase your Sacred Wingnut® course, your audio teachings and support materials will magically appear in your inbox like rainbows *poof* and you’ll then have 24 happy hours to download them, and play with your new goodies.

Below is a wee audio intro to give you a sense of how the recordings feel…have funsies, and let the adventure begin!

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