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swing“Tarot & Oracle Cards A-Go-Go!”
40 minute audio course + review materials, $33

Fancy being able to draw a tarot or oracle card, and easily divine meaning from it without turning to a book, or someone else’s truth? Oracle and tarot cards are great messengers from the wild, loving divine…and they’re also beautiful doorways to step through to access our own wisdom and counsel. In this playful course, for the shiny newbie or experienced adventurer, we’ll cover:

  • Preparing to read, connecting with, and honoring your cards
  • 5 different ways to choose a single card
  • 9 different ways to discern your own meaning from a card
  • Asking skillful questions of the cards
  • 2 unique and useful Sacred Wingnut® spreads

Once you purchase your Sacred Wingnut® course, your audio teachings and support materials will magically appear in your inbox like rainbows *poof* and you’ll then have 24 happy hours to download them, and play with your new goodies.

Below is a happy audio intro to give you a sense of how the recordings feel…have funsies, and let the adventure begin!

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