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Shamanism is an animistic tradition, that recognizes and works with the living spirit of all things, and the interconnected web of life.  You might think of the drum as ‘the shaman’s horse’ that we ride into the spirit world, which lets us connect with compassionate helping spirits like power animals, mythological beings, or ascended healing masters to bring back information and healing.  Shamanism is loving, powerful, and capable of supporting great healing and positive transformation in our lives.

There are many forms of shamanic healing, from many different traditions here planetside.  It’s my belief that most healing shows up in two main forms – releasing what no longer serves, or welcoming home what belongs.  Both kinds of healing are powered by love, and an essential truth – you are perfect, divine, loved, and deserving of joy.

You’ll find some general information below about shamanic healing, and you can also check out more information about soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, and ‘shaman’s choice‘ for interested folks who aren’t sure what kind of healing is needed, and are ready to dive in and receive.



Shamanic healing is guided by the power of love, and offered via helping spirits who love us without condition.  In my experience, shamanism supports all healing journeys, and our work together helps you:

  • Experience a soul retrieval and welcome yourself back home after trauma, challenge, or illness
  • Release trauma, negative patterns, energetic cords, patterns, or spiritual contracts
  • Rediscover your source of personal power or joy, and step into spiritual service
  • Move courageously into paid work you love that makes your heart sing
  • Receive a healing from your power animals and spirit helpers
  • Welcome a message from the spirit world in a time of life transition or change
  • Receive shamanic divination, extraction, blessingwork, or medicine key
  • Open a healing practice to offer sessions, teach classes, or offer circles
  • Perform a personal ritual to perform for personal or planetary healing
  • Enjoy an ‘energetic tune up’ to help your energy run smoothly and sweetly
  • Call in a new beloved, home, lifestyle, business, travel, community, or dream



After 15+ years of offering in-person reiki treatments, my work has shifted more and more towards teaching groups of beautiful lightworkers like yourself.  Although I delight in holding individual space (shamanism is a love story, and every encounter is wondrous!), I feel a powerful call these days to use my energies to teach as many folks as possible how to heal themselves and their communities with the light of reiki and shamanism.

That said, I do still offer individual remote sessions via phone on Tuesdays, and if that feels supportive for you, I’d love to welcome you to a distant shamanic healing!  Distant sessions with me look like this:

  • You get comfy, snuggy, and settled before your session
  • We chat for 10-20 minutes, and set our healing intention
  • I call in sacred space for you, with a healing song and rattles
  • With your permission, I ask my helping spirits to perform healing for you
  • I record a summary of the work on our call, and email that to you after session
  • I email you some after-care suggestions, and any supportive ‘spirit homework’
  • You enjoy what comes, and the sweet mystery of shamanic healing!



When we hurt, when our lives aren’t in good flow, when we struggle, we of course want a ‘fix’ and we want it now!  I understand that so deeply, and also want to open some space for true healing to happen.  Although we may have a strong attachment to outcome, sometimes healings take their own form and have their own timeline.  It’s possible that a healing issue has many ‘layers’ that need to be addressed – we might start with a soul retrieval and power animal retrieval, and discover that some later shamanic clearing is of benefit, or need multiple retrievals.

For my own healing, I find it helpful to think of working with a therapist – I wouldn’t expect one therapy session to heal all of my wounding, patterns, and limiting beliefs, but I know that every time I move towards healing, there is benefit, and I’ve followed another ‘breadcrumb’ on my path to happiness and balance.  The same can apply with shamanic or reiki healing – one session might be ‘all it takes,’ or might instead be one significant step along the path.  However it looks, I celebrate you and every powerful act you take for your happiness and wellness.  Blessings to you!


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