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To be impeccable with safety, individual sessions are held via phone…this means you can receive supportive healings at home.  Welcome!

welcome, power animals!

Welcome, beautiful!  Working with power animals is SO MUCH FUN, and we’re all so delighted that you’re here!  A power animal is an animal wisdom being who carries a special teaching or medicine for us.  Power animals know everything about us, love us without condition, and offer us guidance, protection, love, power, support, and friendship…they’re amazing, can work big changes in our lives, and become our best friends and buddies.  Woot!

some ways power animals can show up and support us

  • NEW DREAM:  calling in a shiny new dream!  (building a family, starting a business, travel, new lifestyle, etc)
  • LIFE CHANGES:  support in a time of transition (new job, new relationship, big project, moving, etc)
  • HEALTH:  help with a physical healing journey (chronic condition, illness, injury, etc)
  • FEELINGS:  assistance with emotional healing (breakup or divorce, trauma recovery, forgiveness, etc)
  • LETTING GO:  help with letting go of old patterns (beliefs, situations, patterns, triggers, habits, etc)
  • GOOD LUCK & GOOD FLOW:  welcoming in ease (serendipities, auspicious happenings, etc)
  • SPECIAL MEDICINES: courage, romance, patience, joy, resilience, silliness, strength…the list is endless!


what happens in a power animal retrieval session by phone?

  • we hop on the phone together, and you’re snugged up at home all cozy-like, for our hour together
  • we say howdy for a few minutes, to learn what you’d like support with
  • I rattle, sing, and call in the sacred directions on the phone, while you curl up and relaaax
  • I drum for you on the call, and quest to retrieve your shiny new power animal…woohoo!
  • on the call, I make an audio recording for you to keep that shares your journey, and your new friend (yay!)
  • we explore the gifts and blessings your power animal is arriving with, and some ways to connect with them
  • I send you some followup information via email about how to honor your beautiful power animal…yay!

otter 1

a sweet power animal story

otter transparentAbout 14 years ago, I started having super vivid dreams where I was a river otter at play, night after night after night.  They were so colorful and vibrant and full of LIFE that I’d wake up wondering ‘where’s my otter tail?’ in genuine puzzlement.  This went on for many days, and I got the message – finally – that river otter was showing up for me as a new ally!  Oho!

Delighted, I started researching everything I could about river otter.  Where do they live?  How do they play?  What do they look like?  How do I feel when I behold them and commune with them?  What can I learn about them?  At this time in my life, I was managing a wonderful bookshop in San Francisco, and a customer had just ‘coincidentally’ asked for a book about river otters while I was ordering a book on them for myself, when a fellow book bunny asked (out of the blue), ‘are you still obsessed with river otters?’

ottercab‘Yep!’ I replied cheerfully, and picked up a big stack of books to take two doors down the street, happy images of river otters dancing in my head…when…what did I see when I made it not four steps out the bookshop door?  A large, 3-foot long river otter sitting proudly atop a yellow cab as an ad for a local aquarium, on a little glowing sign that said ‘for hire!’  (I dropped the books, and took this pic…so cool!)

I could go on and on and on about how river otter has showed up for me over the years and become my best friend and family…but shamanism is allllll about direct revelation, and it’s much more funsies for YOU to learn who your power animals are, and start building your own library of beautiful stories from spirit.

We give thanks and welcome to our power animals!

bear 1


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