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To honor our community as we navigate the coronavirus as a human family, Vibrant Reiki is offering 2-hour distant Shaman’s Choice via phone to support you in our changing times.  If you need financial help, please contact our Helping Hand.  We see you healthy and strong, and we’re here for you!


There are all kinds of reasons we show up for healing – our lives aren’t flowing smoothly, we’ve experienced a loss, heartbreak or setback, we’re yearning to live our meaningful purpose, or we want to call in our love, our wellness, our prosperity, and our sense of contented well-being…or we’re inexplicably called to shamanism and want to get our spiritual toes wet!  No matter what brought you here, the light of reiki and shamanism can support you.  Welcome!

The ‘Shaman’s Choice’ sessions are designed for folks who are new to shamanic healing, or not quite sure what they need.  No problem at all…because all shamanic healing is delivered from our compassionate helping spirits, who know everything about us, and love us without condition.  Your helping spirits know what the most supportive thing is for you in our time together, and may include:

  • illumination (remove patterns & imprints from the energy body)
  • soul retrieval (come home to yourself after trauma, illness, or overwhelm)
  • extraction (remove energy that isn’t yours, or that no longer serves you)
  • power restoration (find and repair energy leaks, bring home lost power)
  • psychopomp (guide earthbound spirits to where they need to go)
  • power animal retrieval (make an alliance with a compassionate helping spirit)
  • sacred stone grids (create a crystal grid to manifest a dream, partner, house, etc)
  • ritual recipes (receive a ritual to perform daily/weekly/monthly to support you)
  • medicine keys (launch shamanic healing every time a trigger presents itself)
  • transmutation (heal yourself and the planet with spiritual light)
  • divination (ask for wise counsel from helping spirits about a topic of choice)
  • mentoring (receive support for your healing business or healing project)
  • blessingwork (deliver light and support for a project in motion, or a new chapter)
  • ceremony seeds (receive a ceremony to perform to change the shape of reality)

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There isn’t a need to ‘know’ what is needed, if something is out of balance for you or your sacred heart is calling.  If you’ve found your way here, and feel called to shamanic healing, my helping spirits and I would be delighted to hold space for you, with highest love, and deepest respect.

Whatever it is that has brought you here on your healing journey, I honor your strength, resilience, power, courage, and wellness!  You’re doing an amazing job, and I see you showered in blessings, joy, and sweetness.  May it be so!


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