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To honor our community as we navigate the coronavirus as a human family, Vibrant Reiki is offering 2-hour distant Soul Retrievals via phone to support you in our changing times.  If you need financial help, please contact our Helping Hand.  We see you healthy and strong, and we’re here for you!


Welcome to the beautiful and mysterious world of soul retrieval!  Soul retrieval is a classic form of shamanic healing that brings home lost ‘vital essence’ or ‘soul parts’ after trauma or overwhelm, and welcomes us home to ourselves.  This is beautiful, brilliant, and potent work, and I’m so happy you’ve found your way here!

The basic idea is simple – when we experience a trauma, illness, challenge, or life event that falls into the category of ‘too much!’ for our particular system to handle, it’s possible for a part of our soul, or vital essence, to split off so we can survive the experience.  That makes good sense, as we might not be able to handle full presence for the most unbearable moments of our lives, right?  Here, modern folks might say we ‘dissociate’ after a trauma, and shamans might say we experience ‘soul loss.’

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However we perceive soul loss, this unconscious coping mechanism is actually a very elegant and adaptive response to overwhelming experiences.  We’re all different, and process life in our own unique ways, and it’s worth saying that x situation can be a huge trauma for one person, and no big deal for another.  It doesn’t matter what the originating event is – whether it was hurt feelings on the playground in elementary school, sexual assault, a vivid nightmare, the death of a loved one, being yelled at on the street, prolonged illness, your boss snapping at you in front of the team, or deep disappointment in love – what matters is that when we experience soul loss, we are left diminished, with less access to our own power, brilliance, joy, and happiness.

Enter, soul retrieval!  It’s my understanding that back in the day, when humans lived in smaller social arrangements, a medicine person would be on hand to tend the health of the tribe.  When someone was in an accident, got hurt, or suffered a great loss, their medicine person would check in and be sure the loved one was okay after their hard experience, and perform any needed healing so that everyone in the tribe was hale and whole.  We’ve moved a bit away from this model and ways of knowing…but the need for someone to attend to the body, mind, and spirit in need is just as important today as it was 80,000 years ago.

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Essentially, it boils down to this:  you are needed here.  You are loved, appreciated, gifted, and precious.  It’s my belief that we all benefit from a helping paw now and again to be sure we’re well and whole through technologies like soul retrieval, so we can enjoy being here planetside, fulfill our various missions here, and joyfully contribute to the collective.  Or, our happiness affects the fabric of creation…let’s tend to our joy and wholeness, friends!

I perform two ‘flavors’ of soul retrieval, one that deals with current life issues, and one that attends to past life issues and spiritual contracts – and both are up to my spirit allies, who facilitate and deliver the work for you.  Although the skillful timing of soul retrieval is ultimately up to our helping spirits, you’ll know if this calls to your sacred heart.  Welcome home!

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These soul retrievals are super sweet, powerful, and lovely.  This form is more well-known in the western world, and tends to work with trauma or challenge from this current lifetime.  Sometimes, we know or remember what the originating event was that caused soul loss in the first place, and sometimes that information is lost to antiquity.  No matter, as our helping spirits may offer a healing story to help us integrate the work, even without knowing ‘what went awry.’  With soul retrieval, we’re less interested in and focused on what happened that caused the hurt, and instead celebrating beautiful YOU back home.  Soul retrievals are so joyful!

In our time together, we’ll check in for a bit and be sure your questions are tended to, and then I’ll rattle and sing to call up power before a diagnostic journey to be sure we’re green light go for this healing.  I’ll drum with your permission, and in the soul retrieval journey, I’ll quest with my helping spirits for two things:  your soul part that’s ready to come home to you, and a new power animal to help you integrate the work and support your new life that’s arriving.  During your healing, my helping spirits will:

  • find the soul part that’s ready and willing to come back home to help at this time
  • retrieve a power animal to support you in your integration (coming weeks, months)
  • perform other suggested healing at the direction of your power animal
  • offer messages, ceremonies, or suggestions to help integrate the work into your life

Followup after this form of soul retrieval is easy and sweet – you are invited to become more aware of your tool kit, and be sure to add in some extra-loving self care in coming days and weeks.  Life after healing is really exciting…now that you have more energy, how will you channel it?  Really diving into joy and life and passion after soul retrieval in a dedicated way is important…the way you commit and show up shapes how much this work can bring positive changes.  After soul retrieval, you might expect:

  • extra self care after your ceremony (baths, good food, rest, etc)
  • fulfill any requests your returning soul essence has for you (these are fun homeworks!)
  • honor your new power animal through learning about them and their medicines
  • intentionally look to how you’ll use your newly returned energy, and dive into LIFE!

You’ll know in your heart if it’s the right time to welcome yourself home, and I’m so honored to be of service to you.  Together, we’ll dive on in and welcome you home with highest joy and deepest respect.  Welcome, joie de vivre and full enjoyment of living…thank you, core shamanic soul retrieval!

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These soul retrievals are super juicy and fun, and always filled with wonder.  If you’re a creature who flows with ‘yeppers, I’ve had other lives beyond this one’ it will be no surprise to ponder that we could have experienced traumas in other lifetimes that left residual spiritual contracts in place, and can perhaps have repeated themselves over and over and over again in subsequent lifetimes.

In a 4-chambered soul retrieval, we’ll be on the phone together, and after I rattle and sing to call in the space for you and receive a green light from the spirit world in a diagnostic journey, I’ll drum and journey with your permission to enter the 4 chambers:

  • the Chamber of Wounds (we see the originating event, often in a past life)
  • the Chamber of Contracts (we release spiritual contracts related to the event)
  • the Chamber of Treasures (we meet your returning soul essence…yay!)
  • the Chamber of Gifts (you are gifted a power animal, talisman, or tool to help integration)

Followup after a 4-chambered soul retrieval is simple and sweet, and most folks notice that the unconscious patterns or stories they seem to keep repeating ease or vanish completely, and life feels easier and in better flow.  Your integration and homework might look like:

  • extra self care after your ceremony (baths, good food, rest, etc)
  • write your new spiritual contract in a way that’s meaningful to you
  • fulfill any requests your returning soul essence has for you (these are fun!)
  • honor your new power animal, talisman, or tool

You’ll feel resonance here if this is right timing for this kind of work for you, and I’m delighted to serve if so, as these are such luminous and lovely healings.  In our time together, we’ll dive on in and welcome you home with highest joy and deepest respect.  Welcome, freedom and ease…thank you, 4-chambered soul retrieval!

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The above descriptions are offered here to help you learn what your soul retrieval might be like – starter seeds to help you understand the work, and the kind of space my helping spirits and I hold.  All shamanic healing is performed by our helpers, who know exactly what we need…spirit is in the driver’s seat!  There’s no need to know which form of soul retrieval spirit will offer you, but it’s fun to see what might be on the menu.  To book a distant shamanic soul retrieval by phone, just select a time on a Tuesday that works for you, below.  I’m delighted to show up for you, and honor you in your health, wellness, and radiance!


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