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Welcome, beautiful!  Although my main focus is on teaching these days and I’ll most likely meet you with an enthusiastic hug at a circle or class, I’m simply in love with how much staggering beauty and aliveness spirit engineers for folks with individual work…what a delight!

All of my healings these days are delivered remotely via phone, which allows folks to integrate biggie healings in the sweet hug of your own casa.  Powerful healing work in the snuggery of your own home, in your pajamas?  YES!  Let’s perk up our ears, and learn a little more, shall we?


Feeling interested in receiving a shamanic or reiki healing?  Are you eating obstacles for breakfast and need a helping hand?  Is there a persistent dream jumping up and down and cheerfully hollering ‘let’s PLAY!’  Need a little faaabulous r&r and time just for you, dahlink?

One of the biggie secrets (shhh!) of healing work is that we don’t need to be precious or serious or somber in our healing…we can instead be easy and joyful, and make biggie healings fun, accessible, and goshdarn potent.  Woot!

Another happy truth of healing is this:  spirit does the work, not us.  So, for shamanic healing, it’s our power animals and compassionate helpers who offer the healing.  For reiki, it’s reiki itself that offers the healing.  Take home message?  All we need to do is show up, and we can have fun doing it.

Whatever event or situation here planetside has led you to this page, loved one, charge up yer phone, strap on your shiniest superhero cape, and let’s dive on in together! There’s nothing you need to prepare or ‘do’…instead, you set your healing intention, we hop on the phone, we chat, we giggle together, and we git ‘er done!


Our format is cozy and simple – you figure out what sparks delight for you (curled up on the couch with a cuppa tea, meditating in your jammies, flying a spacecraft…you choose!) and we hop on the phone together.  These sessions are all about making healing work accessible for everyone without the fuss of commuting or parking or dealing with humans after receiving a big dose of joy and healing from spirit.  One more thing…these sessions are about FUNSIES!  Let’s not forget funsies, for they are the most important ingredient in our magic healing soup!

Shamanism connects us with amazing and loving helpers in the spirit world who help us heal and learn and grow, and you might glimpse a few power animals on this here page.  Reiki connects us to source itself, and feels like the most loving spa day evah!

No matter what you’re working with – calling in a dream, or walking peacefully into what scares you most – my loving helping spirits and the awesome light of reiki are here for you, and we’re all ready to lend a helping paw (or, several!).

Speaking of a helping paw, need one to refine your intent like the most articulate badass there ever was?  No worries, here’s an intention sampler menu to get your noggin movin and power the work…

  • Release trauma, negative patterns, energetic cords, patterns, or spiritual contracts
  • Rediscover your source of personal power or joy, and step into spiritual service
  • Move courageously into paid work you love that makes your heart sing
  • Receive a healing from your power animals and spirit helpers
  • Restore yourself through a distant reiki treatment to relaaax, discover insights, feel peace
  • Welcome a message from the spirit world in a time of life transition or change
  • Experience a soul retrieval and welcome yourself back home after trauma
  • Receive shamanic divination, power animal retrieval, extraction, blessingwork, medicine keys
  • Open a healing practice to offer sessions, teach classes, or offer circles
  • Receive a personal ritual to perform for personal or planetary healing
  • Go through ‘the shamanic car wash’ for an energetic ‘tune up!’
  • Call in a new beloved, home, lifestyle, business, travel, community, or dream


At your healing session, I’ll be sitting in a veritable mountain of woo…just for you!  At your service are the very finest (and most delighted!) medicine objects to get up to some good works:  altar, candles, sage, drum, rattles, feathers, mesa, surrogate for distant reiki treatments, crystals, pendulum, oracle, tuning fork, fairy bells, gong, etc.  I hold the space…you show up.  Easey-peasey!

One of the miraculous (and fun!) things about shamanic and reiki healing is that they work so brilliantly over distance – we can accomplish everything (and sometimes more) remotely that we can in person.  The work…is potent.  Strap in, and let spirit take the wheel…we’re in for a sweet ride!

If it’s in flow for you, you might noodle on some sweet down time for your lovely self post-session, to let the happy magics you receive simmer and settle.  That’s not required – you can head out to wiggle your toes in the sand, or meet your best buds for a nibble as soon as we hang up.  This is about YOU, and what makes your heart sing.  Simple!


Shamanism is an animistic tradition, that recognizes and works with the living spirit of all things…which is so beautiful!  You might think of the drum we’ll work with as ‘the shaman’s horse’ that we can ride into the spirit world, which lets us say howdy to compassionate helping spirits like power animals, mythological pantheons,  or ascended healing masters, so we can bring back information and healing for the loved one…you!  Shamanism is loving, powerful, and capable of supporting great healing and change, and we sometimes see miracles right before our very eyes.  Wowza!

If you feel like some shamanic work is just the medicine you need, I’ll call in sacred space for our playtime together and that looks like me singing and rattling, before drumming on your behalf, and working with my helping spirits for your joy and freedom and wellness.  Yeehaa!

POWER ANIMAL RETRIEVAL (1-hour session):  If you’re feeling like you need better flow in your life, assistance with a particular issue that just won’t quit, or want to deepen your connection with spirit, we can do a power animal retrieval so you have a helping spirit on board who knows everything about you, and loves you without condition.  I’ll send you some support materials after session about what a power animal is, and how to honor yours.  Power animals are AWESOME, and these sessions are so much fun!  Here’s the Power Animal Retrieval page for you…

SOUL RETRIEVAL (2-hour session): When we weather an unfunsies human experience (trauma, illness, challenge that’s just too much for us) it’s possible that a part of our actual essence can ‘split off’ to survive it.  That’s handy and super smart in moments of too much duress…but we’re left diminished when parts of us aren’t available and present.  If you feel like you ‘just can’t get over something,’ notice a lack of purpose or direction or vitality, or have been in a period of long struggle or hard times, a soul retrieval can help resource you so you can come back to yourself.  Soul retrievals are BEAUTIFUL ceremonies, and I’ll send you some support materials to help you integrate the work.  Really, it’s simple – soul retrieval humpty-dumpties us back together again after a hard go, and we get to come home to ourselves with love and grace.  Here’s the Soul Retrieval page for you…

OTHER SHAMANIC WORK:  the point of these sessions is to make them super easy and sweet, and it might be that something else shows up.  If it’s suggested by helpers in the flow of things, we might do some kinds of additional work, like:

  • cord cutting (jettison those folks who take from you instead of take care of you)
  • extraction (boot those pesky energies that aren’t yours or you’re so over with)
  • medicine keys (think of them like shamanic apps, that launch particular medicines)
  • ceremony seeds (spirit hands you a ‘recipe’ for a ceremony to perform to anchor power)
  • this list is pretty endless…could also be illumination, limpia, transfiguration, blessingwork…..

No need to noodle on it, really, just a happy heads up.  For shamanic healing, spirit is at the wheel, and we are taken care of in the kindest imaginable way…woohoo!


Reiki is just the best darn thing EVER!  You might think of reiki as both a form of powerful healing energy, and an intelligent, compassionate force for light and sweetness in your life…that leaves you feeling calm and resilient and like you had a spa day, dahlink!

One of the truly neatest things about reiki is that it knows what’s needed for you (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral, financial, etc).  Reiki practitioners act like a ‘hollow bamboo’ through which reiki flows, and whether you’re on massage table in person or flopped on your couch, reiki feels warm, soothing, and relaxing all at once.  To put it super simply, reiki is powerful mojo, friend – reiki is LOVE.

If reiki is your jam, we’ll say howdy for a quick moment, and I’ll be ready to play you some healing tunes, or listen to yours.  We’ll get you snorgled up in your blankie or plop you down on a yoga mat or you can levitate in full lotus (all up to you) and I’ll direct reiki energies by using a ‘reiki surrogate’ who represents you and acts like a focusing tool.

ONE-HOUR DISTANT REIKI TREATMENT: You can expect 45ish minutes of reiki itself, depending on how long you’d like to chat before we dive in.  I’ll be working with a ‘reiki surrogate’ (a big friendly stuffed animal, actually) to focus reiki where you’ve requested it, and your only job is…just to rest and relax and receive.  Some folks ‘feel’ a lot with reiki, and some folks have a more subtle experience – this is true for both distant and in-person reiki treatments.  You might see a colorful light show on the back of your eyelids, out-zen the Buddha as you ride waves of deeeep peace and restoration, download some cosmic info to knock your socks off, feel your feelings come up to be released and moved beyond like a champ, snooze peacefully…or none of the above.  No matter how reiki shows up for you on any particular day, reiki is mysterious, funsies, amazing, supportive, and here for you!  YAY!


“I’ve been receiving healings and teachings from Anna for more than 10 years.  She always has an amazing list of resources for me, like books or conferences or other professionals that I would not otherwise have found, and her gifts and knowledge are incredible.  There is a trajectory to the work that we do – it’s tailored to my needs and has been incredibly valuable for my healing, my business, and my well-being. Working with Anna is a total joy and has been nothing short of transformative. Thank you, Anna!” – Amy M, Sonoma


“We had the most magical time together for my session!  There was an overwhelming moment during my ceremony where I could feel the incredible power Anna was bringing through on my behalf. Her spirits showed her something amazing I had never shared with anyone, and wove it into the most liberating healing of my life. I feel like I waited a whole lifetime for this healing, and I can’t say thank you enough. Distant healing sessions? YES! I’ll be back…this was phenomenal.” – Sheila R, Oakland


“I’ve been a big fan of Anna’s shamanic healing work for years, and I was so amazed to learn that being at home during the session allowed us to do much deeper and more intense work than we might have otherwise.  Anna performed beautiful and powerful healing for me, delivered a very special soul retrieval, and kicked me off on an amazing path towards freedom and peace. I was amazed at her presence, and how connected we felt.  I can’t give a higher recommendation to doing a healing session by phone with Anna!” – Lee G, Oakland


Thanks so much for respecting everyone’s time and energy by honoring our policies about cancellations and missed appointments.  If the cosmos throws you a curveball and you need to cancel your session with more than 24 hours notice, we’ll refund you less a $55 cancellation fee.   Within 24 hours, all sessions are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Thanks so much for your kind respect, friends!


If you’re toodling about on this page, odds are that you’re in the process of supporting your healing and wellness – I celebrate you!   I’ve added ‘Relax & Heal’ here for you…a dreamy 9 minute guided relaxation, and an invitation to settle in and be welcomed to a small healing oasis here in your day.

If you’re initiated to reiki, you’ll flow reiki energy as you move through the experience, and lay on hands. If you haven’t trained with reiki yet, your hands on your body will bring still comfort to you. Together, we’ll slow down, enter our inner gardens, and receive a healing.  Feel free to return as many times as you like…every blessing to you and your beautiful heart, friend!

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