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Individual 2 hour sessions, drawing on shamanism & reiki, $250
Please note:  New individual session rate is $250, effective Apr 2, 2018
Please note:  I maintain a 48-hour $50 cancellation/reschedule policy
Respectful thanks for honoring our community’s time

How can a shamanic ceremony change my life?

macaw1We’ll chat over a cup of tea to learn what you’re working with, and decide together what tools make the most sense to attain your goal. We may work with Inkan illumination, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, divination, extraction, medicine keys, teach you how to journey, or incorporate reiki and sacred stones. Each session is truly unique – we work with your intuition and helping spirits to find just the right medicine for where you’re at.  I’ll call in the sacred directions for you, singing and rattling and invoking safe space. We’ll call on your compassionate helping spirits to guide us, and have fun doing it!

Although this work is powerful and transformative in the truest sense of the word, I don’t practice ‘precious’ ceremony. We laugh, we talk, we cry, we do intense, potent work in a sacred way…with room for having fun amidst our animal skins, clouds of sage smoke, rattles, sacred objects, and ceremonial prayer. My areas of particular expertise and interest are trauma release, deep repatterning, manifestation, ceremonial rites of passage, and joy recovery. I see miracles with this technology all the time – it’s why I’ve devoted my life to shamanic practice. Our goal in working together is to bring you closer to living a magical life – which means being happy, feeling love, and knowing your purpose.  I love this work!

Shamanic Tools: Inkan Illumination

dragonThis is one of the most powerful tools I have to offer – I’ve seen actual, literal miracles occur for people, whether they’ve completely released grief over a stillborn child in two hours, or let go of fibromyalgia pain that persisted for more than 20 years. (Wow!) Besides love, nothing is a ‘magic bullet,’ and every healing journey is complex, and different. That said, this is the best, most effective tool I know to release emotional charge around a topic, experience, or idea. I attribute a large part of my evolution and growth to this tool – it’s literally changed my life.

The basic idea of Inkan illumination is this – we’re all surrounded by an ‘luminous energy body’ that stores all of our experiences. We can develop ‘imprints’ around our experiences, and that can mean we keep playing out the same trauma over and over, or ‘can’t let go’ or a habit or pattern or destructive thought form. To clear emotional charge and also the pattern that energetically lies beneath that charge, we open ceremonial space, have you blow the issue into a sacred object, and literally remove the energy of that imprint or pattern from your field – like illness, fear, abandonment, etc – and replace it with light, taking your emotional charge around an issue from a 10 to a 1. This work is permanent – what gets released is truly released, and frees you up to dive deeper into your healing and joy. Illumination is awesome, powerful work.

Shamanic Tools: Soul Retrieval

snow-leopardIn the shamanic perspective, part of our actual soul can leave us in order to survive a traumatic experience. For example, if we see that we’re about to experience an intense amount of physical or emotional pain, some wise part of us may decide ‘nope!’ and head off into another aspect of reality. In the moment, it can be a good coping strategy, but after the crisis has passed, we’re left without a part of our vital essence, or qi. As time goes by, and we lose more and more of our soul parts, we become tired, depressed, or feel ‘lost’ – it’s like weakening our spiritual immune system. Literally, less of us is ‘here.’

The soul retrieval ceremony is powerful, and effective. I’ll call in ceremonial space, and then work with my compassionate helping spirits to go find the soul parts that are ready to return home to you, now that the painful or traumatic experience has passed. Sometimes as many as three parts come home, all with a part of your vital essence, and spirit. Soul retrieval is the first part of the process – integration is the second, where you introduce the part or parts that returned home to the life you have now. It can take days, weeks, or months to integrate – this is big work! We’ll discuss how you can honor the work, and the soul parts usually make a request of you, like going on a fun adventure, finding a particular item, or moving in a new way in the world. I recommend a followup session after Soul Retrieval, to communicate with your newly returned soul part, and learn how it’s feeling on it’s return home.  You might also come to a monthly Shaman Circle, so you can learn how to journey yourself, and check in with your new soul parts.

This is tremendously powerful work, and can take up to six months to integrate.  Welcome home!

Shamanic Tools: Power Animal Retrieval

furMost of us have heard by now of ‘the power animal,’ a helping spirit or totem animal who offers us assistance, guidance, wisdom and love. Each power animal is like an ambassador of that entire animal nation – when I work with River Otter, I’m working with the vibration of gleeful playfulness, cheerful joy, and genuine kindness. Each animal nation has a medicine – some would say that Hawk is the medicine of wide perspective, Squirrel the medicine of conserving resources and preparing for a future day, or Cheetah is the medicine of lithe, powerful speed. The list of power animal attributes goes on and on, and each animal will have a different medicine, or message, for each of us. I think it can be fun to read about a particular power animal – and the best way I’ve found to learn about their medicines is to meditate, learn about the animal, and (of course) journey to them!

As we look back over our earthwalks, we can remember and identify periods in our lives that were governed by a particular theme – maybe we spent some number of years working with lessons around joy, grieving, receiving, abandonment, addiction, love, or explosive death and rebirth. For each of these life themes, in the shamanic perspective, we had unseen spirit allies sending us support, love and power. Some of these allies are power animals, and as we consider the notion of River Otter being the medicine of play, we can see how that might help us through recovery from grieving, or how the powerful, exultant medicines of Eagle might help us through recovering our power after attack, etc. Some power animals stay with us for life, and some walk with us for a specific life lesson.

In ceremonial space, I’ll journey for you, and work with my allies to bring back the power animal that speaks for you. Every animal medicine is equal – the wisdom and prowess and protective medicines of Bear are as potent as that of Prairie Mouse – each represents a different vibration of creation, and is a different teacher. Power animals offer us power, guidance, and protection, and are unconditionally loving as we navigate our lives. We’ll talk about how you can honor them, and connect with them. Many blessings to all of the animal nations for their love and wise counsel. Aho!

Shamanic Tools: Medicine Key

angelfishMedicine Keys are magic!  These are particularly useful for an ongoing issue, thought pattern, belief, or pattern.  In ceremonial space, we’ll check in on what you’d like to shift.  I’ll work with my compassionate helping spirits, and bring back the ‘Medicine Key’ to help you with what you’re focusing on, and ask if there’s further work needed to support your complete healing.

The Medicine Key is only to be spoken and used by you – this isn’t something you share with your partner, your best friend, or your cat.  Whenever you find your thoughts attending to the topic of the Medicine Key, you’ll speak the key silently to yourself, or aloud if you’re alone.  Each time you use the key, you’re catalyzing an alchemical process with your helping spirits that delivers immediate, powerful support to shift what you’re working with.  Awesome!

Shamanic Divination, Diagnostic, and Healing

spiral-300x300Sometimes, we may want more information about a particular life situation or healing challenge, and decide that a general shamanic healing or divination or diagnostic is called for. Here, we open ceremonial space, and I journey to ask for wise counsel about a particular topic. We might inquire about what your life will be like if you follow a particular path, ask about the efficacy of a particular healing modality, or ask for a healing ritual or urban quest you can perform after our time together, which is a great way to be empowered in your healing. Sometimes, shamanic healing may look like extracting an energy that isn’t yours from your energy field, cutting cords to a person or situation, offering blessing ceremony, or filling you with love and light from your allies. Each session is completely different, and unique…and opens you to living a magical life.

The Shaman's Way 16 Month Training

If you like what you’re reading here, I invite you to join us for The Shaman’s Way – a 16 month full shamanic immersion course that teaches you how to perform every ceremony listed above – and a LOT more.   Join us for The Shaman’s Way

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