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Part of the evolution of consciousness on earth at this time is about learning the path of direct revelation – it’s why the main focus of Vibrant Reiki is to put tools into your hands to channel divine, intelligent qi (reiki) and to communicate with compassionate helping spirits (shamanism).

We offer two paths of shamanic learning:

  • The Monthly Shaman Circle: open to the shamanically curious and also to adepts
  • The Shaman’s Way: full-immersion 16 month journey through the medicine wheel

The Shaman Circle (supportive monthly practice) and The Shaman’s Way (life-changing immersion) are designed to teach you skills that align you with the purpose on earth that makes your heart sing.  Come play!

january 2014 shaman circle

The Shaman Circle is for beginners and adepts, and offers a safe, joyful space to explore and honor shamanic journeying – each month has a different group theme. We call in sacred space, provide a brief overview for beginners, and move through 2 shamanic journeys with live drumming to explore different shamanic worlds. Everyone can learn to journey, and gain powerful insights into our lives and offer healing for creation. We organize RSVPs and announce monthly themes via our Meetup group, founded in 2009. Come join us!

shaman tree

Shamanism is a love story – this practice is about jettisoning fear, and falling wildly in love with the beauty and joy of living. To do this, we methodically let go of our pain and stories using shamanic technologies, and walk into a state of grace. This is the single most challenging, fulfilling and transformative training I’ve ever undertaken, and I attribute my incredible life to walking these 16 months. Simply, this will change you forever, and I’d love, love for you to join us.

I’ve taken a lot of time and care to share what we learn and how we grow in the training, while still leaving lots of mystery for you to delight in when you join us.  Please come learn more about the full 16 month Shaman’s Way training…welcome home, friends!


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