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NOTE: Thanks, everyone, for your interest!  Currently, the Shaman’s Way Groups Dolphin and Whale are full (Oct 2017-Feb 2019), and our next wheels will begin in February, 2019.  If you’d like to be on the interest list, please let us know here.   Thanks!

Group Otter graduated Oct 8, 2017, and we made a video for you of their closing circle.  We learn and practice tons of brilliant healing technologies for self and others in the 16 month training – sure! – and one of the real gifts of the Shaman’s Way is how much love and healing is available in community, becoming so much more together than we are alone.  Have a peek…

Welcome to the Shaman’s Way!  Each cohort, through a series of robust exercises, practices, ceremonies, and experiences, comes to be a family over 16 immersive months.  We laugh.  We cry.  We hold each other when life is hard, and we celebrate our victories together.  We deepen in a vessel of core community, ritual, sharing and ceremony. This robust course isn’t designed to be something you show up for once or twice a month and enjoy (although you do that, too), but instead to introduce a way of living, and rebuild who you are at a core level.

In the training, you’ll build a mesa (medicine bundle to help you in your good works), learn how to drum, sing, rattle, hold ceremonial space, and perform healings like illumination, reiki, extraction, soul retrieval, limpia, medicine shields, shapeshifting, transmutation, dismemberment, power animal retrieval, shamanic divination, medicine keys, and spirit flight.

Shamanism is a love story – this practice is about jettisoning fear, and falling wildly in love with the beauty and joy of living. To do this, we methodically let go of our pain and stories using shamanic technologies, and walk into a state of luminous grace. This is a singularly challenging, fulfilling and transformative training, and the friendships and bonds that form over the 16 months are deep, and can last a lifetime. Here’s a video about the first Shaman’s Way cohort, Group Macaw:

What's the 16-Month Training?

This is core community, deep transformation, and a rare experience. The entire training lasts 16 months, and each direction builds on the one before – we meet one full day a month, and practice at the monthly Shaman Circle (included in your tuition).   Group Whale and Group Dolphin will be small groups (less than 20 folks), so we can circle deeply together. You’ll be held by myself, the class anchors, private FB and Google groups, password-protected monthly webpages, your class support pod, and by visiting medicine persons from Peruvian and Toltec traditions.

Interspersed throughout the training, students have the opportunity to attend individual karpay ceremonies and healings for groups Dolphin and Whale with the Q’ero from Peru, and a special Toltec elder who will perform ceremonies with us in class.  Some of our class meetings happen out of doors on Mt. Tamalpais, and we engage in fire and water ceremonies as a group.

The Container

The 16 month class is a deep blending of medicine traditions.  Our framework is based on ideas shared by the Q’ero, original descendants of the Inka.  Although the Q’ero are not shaman, this training uniquely blends ideas from Q’ero tradition with many shamanic ways of knowing from around the world, in addition to reiki and contemporary lightwork practices.  Our journey begins with 4 months in the South – once completed, we move together into the West, North, and East, consecutively.

Each Shaman’s Way cohort moves through all the directions together as a family, and all students are committed to the entire 16 month training.  Each direction is supplemented by suggested reading (discounted for VR students at Green Apple Books), personal ritual homework (not listed online), attendance at the monthly Shaman Circle (included in your tuition), and practice sessions outside of class organized by enrolled students.

Honoring the Q'ero

We’re honored to introduce students to the work of beloved IQF (International Q’eros Foundation), which brings Q’ero elders to the lands of the North to share their teachings in twice-yearly visits to the San Francisco area.  Students are encouraged to attend individual healing ceremonies, Karpay, Cosmovision, and Despacho events with Q’ero elders to deepen their course of study in the 16 month training – VR will joyfully provide information about IQF happenings in America as we learn about them.

For Groups Whale and Dolphin, IQF is offering special circles in late 2017 and early 2018, in addition to their regular visits to America.  We invite you to visit IQF’s website, and we celebrate donations to support their extraordinary vision and work.  Heartfelt blessings to the Q’ero and IQF for sharing light with us – we honor you, we love, you, we thank you.

SOUTH (Shedding our past)

Shed our past as Serpent sheds her skin, first 4-month module
**Monthly Shaman Circle included in tuition**

WHALE GROUP IN MARIN HEADLANDS: $236 per month (entire training $3,777 over 16 months, lunch included)
2ND SATURDAYS MONTHLY, 9am-5pm: South dates: Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10

DOLPHIN GROUP IN SAN FRANCISCO: $208 per month (entire training $3333 over 16 months, farmer’s market)
2ND SUNDAYS MONTHLY, 10am-6pm: South dates: Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 11

OPTIONAL Q’ERO COSMOVISION TALK: Dec 8, $120, not included in tuition, open to both whales and dolphins, the founder of IQF joins us to share the prophecy that brings the q’ero to the north

We begin the journey that returns us to right placement in the web of creation, as we work with great serpent mother and learn to shed our past. This is critical to awakening, so that we mindfully stop living in story, and engage with the miracle of living. In sacred space, we learn the extraordinary tool of illumination, which removes pain, imprints, patterns, and emotional charge from the energy body. We inform sacred stones and build healing mesas, make shamanic art, learn forgiveness, paint our river of life, work in dedicated pods outside of class, practice time travel, and complete with a powerful initiatory ceremony.

  • Learn to call in sacred space with smudge, rattling, singing, and dancing power animals
  • Meet, understand, and join the integrity agreement for the group to uphold clear agreements
  • Form a healing pod with 4 classmates that will support your entire journey in the South
  • Begin journeying in a shamanic way, and meet your main power animal
  • Start building your own mesa, a sacred medicine bundle and powerful healing tool
  • Identify and write your river of life – the story you break free of in the 16 months
  • Learn how to speak to stones and crystals, the sacred objects in your mesa
  • Perform illumination to release imprints and pain from the luminous energy body
  • Build medicine shields, number maps, and sand paintings to honor your healings
  • Learn how to deeply forgive with concrete tools and rituals (and learn a lot about potatoes)
  • Track information by merging with the 4 archetypes of the training, using a sacred object
  • Retrieve a power animal for a classmate, and learn how to forge helping spirit alliances
  • Receive archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle in a final group ceremony
WEST (walking with the shadow)

Walking with Lady Jaguar in the land of the Shadow, second 4-month module
**Monthly Shaman Circle included in tuition**

WHALE GROUP IN MARIN HEADLANDS: $236 per month (entire training $3,777 over 16 months, lunch included)
2ND SATURDAYS MONTHLY, 9am-5pm: West dates: Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12, Jun 9

DOLPHIN GROUP IN SAN FRANCISCO: $208 per month (entire training $3333 over 16 months, farmer’s market)
2ND SUNDAYS MONTHLY, 10am-6pm: West dates: Mar 11, Apr 15, May 13, Jun 10

OPTIONAL Q’ERO MESA WORKSHOP: Jun 8, $120, not included in tuition, open to both whales and dolphins, the founder of IQF joins us to teach about the traditional q’ero mesa

In the west, we death ourselves, meet our shadow, let go of enemies, step beyond fear, and release drama. This is the most intense and challenging of the directions, and brings light to your shadow self. We work with Jaguar, and navigate the jungle of shadow that obscures who we truly are. We strengthen our boundaries, confront what is less than light within us, and learn how to work with and release heavy energies and patterns.  We receive reiki attunements, where reiki brings divine light to the shadowed places inside that need healing. We learn to extract crystalline entities and fluid energies using crystals and feathers, and how to to nourish the grains of truth that seed the shadow. Welcome West!

  • Students begin calling in sacred space for the group and leading ceremony
  • Form a new healing pod with 3 classmates that will support your entire journey in the West
  • Meet your shadow and begin to have a conscious relationship with her/him
  • Begin shapeshifting, and wear the skins of your great ‘enemies’ and ‘teachers’
  • Receive reiki attunements to help bring light and comfort to the journey with the shadow
  • Meet and illumine your core wound, and learn what’s needed to release it fully
  • Hunt your greatest fear, and learn how to be in right relation with challenge
  • Overcome resistance to receiving love and being seen, practice owning your beauty
  • Begin your Shaman Deck, a collection of the 80+ techniques in the 16 month training
  • Extract spiritual intrusions, crystalline energies, fluid energies, and fluid entities
  • Learn spirit releasement and psychopomp (guiding earthbound spirits home)
  • Final group burning ceremony to close the West
NORTH (savoring the sweetness of living)

Savor the sweetness of living with Hummingbird, third 4-month module
**Monthly Shaman Circle included in tuition**

WHALE GROUP IN MARIN HEADLANDS: $236 per month (entire training $3,777 over 16 months, lunch included)
2ND SATURDAYS MONTHLY, 9am-5pm: North dates: Jul 14, Aug 11, Sept 8, Oct 13

DOLPHIN GROUP IN SAN FRANCISCO: $208 per month (entire training $3333 over 16 months, farmer’s market)
2ND SUNDAYS MONTHLY, 10am-6pm: North dates: Jul 15, Aug 12, Sept 9, Oct 14

In the North, we savor the sweetness of living, and release the ego to come to choice about our roles in life. After diving deep into the places that challenge us, we soar into how delightful living can be. We’ll ceremonially release our roles, practice living in simplicity, and embody not knowing. We learn two distinct forms of soul retrieval, one for multiple soul pieces, and one that moves through four chambers of wounding, contracts, retrieval, and blessings.  We’ll work with our ancestors, the Wise Ones who came before us, and offer healing to our lineages. This is a fun direction – we did core work in the last 8 months, and now get to celebrate our wild and precious lives – we savor sweetness with abandon, and go camping with our community, our loving council. Welcome, North!

  • Every student begins drumming, calling in sacred space, and leading ceremonies
  • Form a new healing pod with 3 classmates that will support your entire journey in the North
  • Understand how soul loss happens, and meet a specialist guide to assist you with retrievals
  • Perform and receive soul retrieval and integration practices based in core shamanism
  • Begin meeting and working with your ancestors, learn the shadow and gifts of your lineage
  • Visit the Hall of Ancestors and make an alliance with an ancestor as a personal guide
  • Offer ‘happily every after’ ceremony to your line, and transform past, present, future
  • Participate in a shamanic chorus, and hold ceremony to literally become sweetness and joy
  • Learn how to transmute and embody divine light, begin taking this practice into daily living
  • Make an eye shield based in Siberian shamanic tradition, and learn to see between worlds
  • Begin working with different forms of journeying – lying down, standing, speaking, dancing
  • Understand how we give and receive love, and learn to clearly articulate your needs
  • Perform and receive 4-chambered soul retrieval with an archetype in the training
  • Release your attachment and identification with roles, and learn invisibility techniques
EAST (dreaming down heaven)

Soar with Eagle to fulfill our destiny, final 4-month module
**Monthly Shaman Circle included in tuition**

WHALE GROUP IN MARIN HEADLANDS: $236 per month (entire training $3,777 over 16 months, lunch included)
2ND SATURDAYS MONTHLY, 9am-5pm: East dates: Nov 10, Dec 8, Jan 12, Feb 9

DOLPHIN GROUP IN SAN FRANCISCO: $208 per month (entire training is $3333 over 16 months, farmer’s market)
2ND SUNDAYS MONTHLY, 10am-6pm: East dates: Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10

Congratulations on reaching the east! By now, your life is changed in the most lovely, luminous ways, and we’re ready to plug in to the trajectory of your destiny here on earth. In the east, we soar with eagle to meet and fulfill what we came here to do, and welcome in our dreams. We journey to meet our celestial parents, and also our descendants. We’ll witness each other’s deepest dreams, journey as a group to walk in those dreams, and offer power to make them so. We write our own eulogies, practice spirit flight, and take turns leading the group in ceremony, as we get nudged out of the nest, and step fully into the power and brilliance of our being. ENORMOUS congratulations – welcome East!

  • Create a ritual with your helping spirits over 4 months, to be performed in the final class
  • Form a new healing pod with 3 classmates that will support your entire journey in the East
  • Begin to ‘dream down heaven’ and create a fully realized life that anchors light and love
  • Develop your own unique healing technique with the assistance of your helping spirits
  • Practice long distance healings around the planet, and learn to transcend space/time
  • Engage in dismemberment ceremony, and strip away what you were before the training
  • Learn how to change the trajectory of your destiny and manifest your dreams
  • Practice cord cutting and revise spiritual contracts from your old trajectory
  • Journey in a spirit canoe with the group to bring back a creation story from the archetypes
  • Meet your celestial and archetypal parents and reveal your original soul agreement
  • Write your eulogy, and prepare for your spirit flight at end of life
  • Meet and commune with your future, wise elder self
  • Every student leads the group in a final ritual they develop on the final day of class
What happens if I miss a class?

All students are still responsible for each month’s tuition, and will still be held in the container with support from me and my apprentices, and in community.  Please note: Group Dolphin and Group Whale are NOT interchangeable (they’re instead very distinct communities and energies), and missed classes at one group cannot be made up at the other group. To make up a missed class, you can…

  • coordinate with another student in your group to record the day for you
  • receive my teaching notes via email and practice with classmates
  • ask your support pod to do a mini ‘makeup class’ for you
  • come do an individual session with me to make up, booked online
Group Macaw: 2014-2015
Group Lynx 2015-2016
Group Otter 2016-2017

GROUPS DOLPHIN & WHALE, 2017-2019:  As interest grew in our community about this training, I kept a peeper peeled for an animal wisdom being speaking for the group.  Cosmic humor kept me on my toes, and helped me see that in this cycle, TWO loving beings have spoken for us – creatures of watery intuition, swimmers of great ocean depths, and beings of beautiful heart and gentleness.  Welcome and thanks to Whale and Dolphin!

ABOUT WHALE & DOLPHIN:  The two groups are, of course, going to be VERY different, although they’ll be moving together through the wheel at the same time.  Group Whale will meet in the Marin headlands (in a room with actual whale bones, whale vertebrae, and baleen…what an omen we’re blessed with!), and lunch is included in tuition for every second Saturday class meeting (ergo the slightly higher price, special dietary concerns are met).  Group Dolphin will meet at Fort Mason in San Francisco, with a bustling farmer’s market for meals downstairs for every second Sunday class meeting.  You’ll know in your heart which animal wisdom being is calling you…welcome!

CARPOOLING TO MARIN HEADLANDS FOR GROUP WHALE:  For folks who want to join Group Whale in the Marin Headlands and live in San Francisco, we’ll have a carpool list available.  This isn’t a carpool guarantee per se, just an offering to help you flap your flippers across the bridge, and a reminder that spirit supports us in our good works.  Really, don’t let geography be a challenge…we’re resilient and creative, and we’ll find a way!

HONORING:  In honor of the two 2017 groups, Vibrant Reiki has tithed $444 to the American Cetacean Society Bay Area Chapter, and we’ll be keeping that up regularly to groups of two-leggeds doing good works for dolphins and whales as we open each direction.  There’s a really amazing slew of organizations working to protect our ocean inhabitants, and that’s a beautiful thing to see.  Thanks, humans!

WHALE STORY:  A personal sharing: as a little girl, I grew up in Santa Cruz in the ’70s, and my parents had a really magical vinyl collection.  A record I listened to countless times was “Songs of the Humpback Whale,” recorded by bio-acoustician Robert Payne.  I didn’t know then that this was the first sharing of whale song, or that this beautiful work spawned a global movement to protect whales…I just knew it spoke to me, and moved my heart.  The album has since gone multi-platinum, and been inducted into the National Recording Registry.  You can listen to it online here…good magic.

The Howdy-Do Orientation

Before the next wheel begins in February 2019, we’ll enjoy the Howdy-Do Orientation, date TBA.  At the Howdy-Do, applicants learn alllll about the program, and decide if the adventure and timing are a right fit for you, the circle, myself, the anchors, and the spirits holding us.  At the Howdy-Do, we’ll call in sacred space, do several shamanic journeys, meet each other, learn a lot (!) about the program, hear from several Shaman’s Way graduates about their experience, and turn in applications (application fee is included in event attendance).

This 16-month experience is intense, involved, life-changing and requires a lot of dedication and willingness to show up.  I will absolutely pour my heart and full presence into this 16-month adventure with you, and I want you to know as much as possible about what’s asked of all of us in the training so we can build a spirit family based in brilliance, integrity, and joy.

During the Howdy-Do, you’ll have a robust opportunity to discern if I, Vibrant Reiki, shamanic journeying, and the Shaman’s Way are a harmonious fit for you and submit your application.  At the mandatory Howdy-Do Orientation, you’ll experience:

  • Ceremonial cleansing & healing as you enter the space
  • Calling in the sacred directions (rattles are provided for you)
  • Learn how to perform a shamanic journey (journey skills for life)
  • Communicate with your compassionate helping spirits and allies
  • Find healing and magic in several live shamanic journeys
  • Learn about the structure, agreements, and vessel of the Shaman’s Way
  • Meet Anna and the assistants for this round of the medicine wheel
  • Participate in a powerful group ceremony and healing
  • Meet your trusted comrades and fellow adventurers in groups Dolphin and Whale (woohoo!)
  • Chat with graduates of the Shaman’s Way and ask questions about their experience
  • Submit your application for entry into Groups Whale and Dolphin (application fee included)
  • Take home a healing stone talisman (this gets charged up in ceremony)

In between the Howdy-Do Orientation and the first day of our romp through the medicine wheel,  I, my assistants, and colleagues around the globe will perform shamanic diagnostic to be sure each applicant is in alignment with the energies forming, and applicants will be notified of acceptance into the program via email before class begins.  Please note:  attending the orientation weekend does not ensure entry into the group – at the very least, you’ll learn how to journey in a shamanic way, enjoy a beautiful shamanic ceremony, and take home a sacred object.

Tuition for the Howdy-Do Orientation ($123) is nonrefundable and nontransferable, and unused payments will be donated directly to help the animal wisdom being under whose auspice we travel (2019 groups TBA). It’s possible that my spirit helpers will let me know if the timing isn’t right for a particular applicant before the Howdy-Do (spirit knows what’s coming for us ahead of time) – if this is the case, I may refund application fees as I’m guided.  The orientation is mandatory for every applicant, regardless of acceptance into the program,  and we’ll do some good works and big magics (and have a lot of fun!) as we build the container for miracles.

Climb aboard your power animal, gather up your magic wand, sprinkle some playful pixie dust, and get ready for the ride of your life at the next Howdy-Do!  Here we GO!

If you’re interested in the next wheel, beginning February 2019 (animal being TBA), please email us here.  Happy thanks!

Anna & The Shaman’s Way

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