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Group Macaw, 2014-2015

Joyful greetings to you, loved ones! I’m DELIGHTED to announce our very first Shaman’s Way Family Reunion…woohoo! We now have five ancestor groups, with a sixth in progress. You beautiful creatures are all ancestors in this training, and I love you!

As graduates of this particular training, we have all been shaped by spirit in the same crucible, and share a lineage of experience. This means we all know how to show up in circle with integrity, kindness, and respect, collectively holding a space for true miracles to unfold.

Really, the reunion is just an opportunity for us to BE together, in a way that spreads ripples of goodness into creation. Y’know, with some ceremony and advanced exercises that stretch us, and some gifts from spirit.  And a new song.  And some chocolate.  And… (grin)  Woot!

Group Lynx, 2015-2016

Many of us here planetside are noticing the lightning-fast shifts in complexity, urgency, and brilliance, and we as mesa carriers and lineage-bearers of this work are uniquely capable of offering good works to ripple out into creation. Our closing ceremony and the high-vibration of the day speak to this…stay tuned!

Simply, it’s been among the greatest privileges of my life to circle with you beautifuls in these last 8 years.  I love you, I miss you, and spirit is nudging us to get together and PLAY! We have formed something truly special in The Shaman’s Way…now let’s get up to some advanced good works together! AHO!

Group Otter, 2016-2017

This special day is open to graduates in good standing of Groups Otter, Lynx, Macaw, Whale, and Dolphin (the Hares are going strong, and you’ll love them when you meet them!). Spirit is showing me a day of deepening, circling, journeying, and revitalizing our spiritual practices.

The work we’ve completed together is rare and wondrous, and even if you haven’t met your ancestors or descendants in the training (so far!), you are already bonded in shared experience with sisters and brothers you know and love, and also those you haven’t met yet…a community of spirit.  I know for myself there is a specialness when I meet my extended family who have walked a spiritual path before, with, and after me…hard to define, and truly magical.  How amazing!

Group Whale, 2017-2019

Here are the main ingredients we’ll be throwing into the sacred cauldron together to make…magic shaman soup!

  • Ceremonial welcome & calling in the sacred
  • Drumming for healing, and for peace
  • ‘Pod for a day’…a happy shamanic mixer about purpose
  • Special exercise with the spirit of giving and the spirit of receiving (it’s a juicy one!)
  • Thee Game…it’s a mystery, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Evah!
  • Work with the shamanic ancestors & help heal the earth grid
  • Renewal of intention on our spirit path & ceremonial closing

Group Dolphin, 2017-2019

Things to bring to the family reunion are these:

– Mesa, stuffed animals, fresh flowers for our living altar
– Remainder of ayni via cash or check after $50 deposit
– Food and snacks and water for the day
– Physical – A beautiful object that’s meaningful to you, that comes with a story. This object will be given away to a brother or sister…please be sure to gift wrap it sweetly, so it’s fun to open. Oho, the mystery!

I love each of you so much, and I’m SO excited to bring us together for a day of ritual and game and ceremony and sharing and working with our helping spirits in a cozy space with our sisters and brothers  Woohoooooo!

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