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NOTE: Due to the coronavirus situation, Spaceholding 101 has adapted into an online format.  We’ll have a joyful day together with snuggy blankets, hot cups of tea and beautiful support for each other.  As we’re meeting online, I’m adding an (optional) online followup for our circle on Saturday April 18 @ 10am, in gratitude to you for showing up, and following your dreams.


This sweet and potent mini-workshop is for folks who lead (or dream of leading) circles, workshops, or classes and want to refine the spaces we create for participants, so that the experiences we offer are aligned with our essential gifts.

I’m offering this short course as I’ve attended a few workshops lately that seemed to be missing some key ingredients that reliably create juicy, memorable transformational spaces.  That’s something I want to help folks level up with, as we hold spaces and follow our particular joy – there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t all be holding skillful, brilliant spaces that really represent who we are and our special gifts in creation.   There are many things – some of them so simple – that could have made those ‘okay’ spaces into beautiful ones that I’d remember forever.  Enter…Spaceholding 101!

This special mini-workshop meets on Equinox weekend, so we’ll be held by some potent energetics representing balance – required medicine for every spaceholding creature.  Welcome, magicweavers, spaceholders, and lightworkers!

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Here’s an idea to noodle on…we’ve all got our own creative genius and ‘signature style.’  Your signature style is a direct expression of who you fundamentally are, whether your vibe is calm and spacious, powerful and solemn, cheerful and light, or direct and potent.  Turns out, you actually can’t embody someone else’s teachings or signature vibe…but you can hone yours so that it’s a genuine expression of essential, wonderful you. That’s a gift to creation, yourself, and the folks you hold space for, and spaceholding can be done skillfully and well.

Understanding what kind of spaces we want to hold,
vibrationally and with very specific, tangible nuts & bolts,
helps us live our purpose.

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what we'll explore together

I’ve been holding space for folks in healing arts for 16 years now, and via environmental education for a decade before that.  I’ve learned and actively contemplated for a couple decades what makes an ‘adequate’ experience, versus a magical and effective one.  There are solid ingredients that reliably create artisanal spaces that folks love being part of.  In our short day together, we’ll experientially discover through sharing, journaling, listening, and watching:

  • What your ‘signature style’ and essential medicine is in the world
  • How to create the physical, emotional, and energetic spaces you want to offer for folks
  • Where you might add ceremonial or special aspects and experiences to your spaces
  • Basic understanding of the ‘ingredients’ for spaceholding, and what your own version of it might look like
  • How to take care of yourself after holding space for others
trees field

let's have a play day...woot!

Originally planned in-person, we’ve adapted (as all spaceholders do) to a fun online format for our circle.  We’ll be an intentionally small group (max 10 participants), and we’ll record for our community beyond San Francisco who want to learn how to hold space in skillful ways aligned with their gifts in creation.  We’ll have a cozy half day together online full of laughter, badassery, insight, and leveling up.  I’m not interested in getting folks to spacehold the way I do, but instead help midwife what wants to be born through magnificent, wonderful YOU.

As my work shifts into teaching folks how to teach based in my years of experience, I’m EXCITED to share what I’ve learned, so that folks are consistently holding space beautifully with authenticity and skill, making that look effortless, and having fun dancing to the beat of their own drum.


One of the things successful spaceholders do is…ADAPT!  As we’ve moved Spaceholding 101 online, it feels right to add some extras, so that even if we can’t meet together in person at this time as we’d like to, we get some creative perks added in to help us feel warm and fuzzy.  As such, I’m adding two components:

  • I’ll share 7 juicy stories about my most (!) challenging spaceholding moments with you, that I haven’t shared before with folks
  • I’ve added a second (optional and included) online meeting for our beautiful circle for two hours, on Saturday April 18 @ 10am-noon for followup
    • If you choose to join for our followup circle, we’ll check in to see how our ideas are evolving together from our first circle, and support each other.  If we have time, we can add in some funsies, like journeywork or tarot.  Woohoo!

things to have for our online circle

Here are things to have on hand in your healing nest, for our magical half-day together online:

  • journal and pen
  • snuggy blanket for curling up in
  • water and snacks
  • a food you love to eat
  • a scent you adore, that makes you happy
  • a micro-altar that can be shared onscreen about you as a spaceholder
  • lunch that’s ready to eat, for our working lunch break
  • anything else you need for total creature comfort!

This will be a sweet half day with a working lunch together, and you’ll come away with a strong sense of your ‘signature vibe’ with lots of tips for holding spaces that are aligned with you own vibrational essence, from micro details like color palette to macro fundamentals like self-care after events.  We’ll have so much fun…see you soooooon!

join the circle!

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