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Our goal at Vibrant Reiki is to support you in living your version of a magical life, mainly through healing arts like shamanism and reiki, but also through special events and offerings that are joyful, powerful, and sweet!

We’ve created a lot of fun special offerings since 2004 – past events include reiki retreats on Mt. Shasta, shamans from Siberia, week-long crystal trunk shows from New Mexico, energy workers from the UK, visits from Peruvian mystics, medicine wheels with Australian shamans, and visits from a local Toltec elder, in addition to regular circles for women, healers, and spiritual seekers.

You can check out our current special offerings via the ‘Special’ tab in the nav bar above…

Whether it’s in person at a retreat or trunk show, online via a course, or in-person at circle, we’re DELIGHTED to offer you unique and useful tools for personal ascension and experiences to warm the spirit…welcome, and enjoy!

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