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a lovenote about the shaman circle...

hi friends!  at the shaman circle in january (pic above), we brought back messages from the living spirit of 2020.  we did one of our ‘shaman slams,’ where each journey is distilled to a single message, which is woven into a living communal poem, presented below for you as it was spoken in circle.

we’ve got a year of beautiful and varied topics waiting for you at the shaman circle in 2020, our community hub for monthly spiritual practice where we create shared, ephemeral flower altars together, sing as one voice, receive information and healing from our helping spirits, and join with like-minded tribe in a safe space.  it’s such a joy and an honor to hold these spaces for you over these last 11 years!

as we start the year off together, I want to truly offer you my most heartfelt thanks to everyone in our community, and also to our helping spirits who love us without condition.  there is an ancient magic that happens when a circle of lightworkers comes together to support each other, share, and get up to good works in service to creation.  you are marvelous, I love you, and I thank you!

2020 messages from circle...which speaks to your sacred heart?

just. be. happy!
help people find their inner guidance
follow your heart, you’re always guided
honor your elemental nature
talk, teach, and do

through action comes love and connection
seek choices that light up your energy body, especially in the small in-between moments
connection using energy and unity is important in 2020, bringing love, open heartedness, dancing and joy

remember who you are

the deep inner processes of making and becoming can be brought into every day being
be a badass spirit goddess!
always be your authentic self, and you will stay on your path
open yourself to the gifts of 2020
you already know what to do, trust yourself


you’re loved and supported, and you’ll be fine
it is now safe to take off your masks
create and nourish community
commune with the ancestors
cultivate your well being so that you can be your best self
see things through darkness, be calm through the chaos
shine your light, see with love

your success is in your relationships
take the tennis shoes out of the dryer!
travel, trust, and heal
to embark on new adventures with open heart and curiosity
a new skin which is your new self image and your new self – get to know it
forgive, let go, and move forward

taking a step back, as opposed to trying to take control
open your mind to your authentic self
you are worthy of every opportunity that comes to your path.  receive it with gratitude

tell people you love them

you are held through great change and growth
this is the decade to see how powerful you are, what you are capable of. this your decade. this is the decade to get LOUD!
joy and love are your birthright. own it
show up and miracles will arise
now is the time to express yourself

flowers are beautiful
when faced with discomfort, embrace it, know it, and let it guide you to better things ahead
expect miracles!
I’ll dance into your heart
keep climbing up the ladder, but don’t go alone
release the old, and make space for the new
lead as a powerful queen

…see you at the next circle, friends!

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