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umm...why puppies & kittens?

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Welcome, loved one!  You might be wondering why you’re seeing puppies and kittens in the middle of such an intense time on a page about best health practices.  Simple!

Anything that brings a smile or sense of comfort at this time is good medicine for our capable immune systems and sense of resiliency in our changing times.

We can be badass…and cheerful.
We can be respondable…and kind.

Below, you’ll find ways to strengthen your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual immune systems.

You are powerful, well, and in motion!

staying healthy & safe...on every level

May you be feeling healthy and well as you read this!  As we navigate a powerful teaching about interconnectedness and planetary wellness, it’s super important to stay well educated about physical health, and also important to support all of our interconnected immune systems.  I’m not a medical doctor, don’t prescribe or treat (see our integrity agreement), but I’m here, and I care about what happens for you.  As always, consult your medical doctor to receive treatment and counsel, and please stay present to global information from orgs like the World Health Organization, and watch to see what’s working around the planet for our human family.

There are a lot of ideas here – they aren’t meant to overwhelm, but instead to inspire.
Choose three below, and try ’em out – self-care is an act of love and grace!

I invite us to expand our thinking beyond our obvious physical immune system to include our mental, emotional, and spiritual immune systems.  Being diligent physically at this time is obviously critical – and it strengthens us to include kindness, joy, and love in our preparedness kits.  All of our actions, words, and thoughts at this time are medicine – strong, resilient, well-informed, grounded happy people help all beings in the collective, in our changing times.

Below, you’ll find alphabetical ideas to explore for physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual immune boosts.  I wish you a happy, relaxing browse through this page!

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  • AVOID SUGAR & ALCOHOL: Avoid sugar and alcohol completely, as both of these weaken our immune systems, mood, and resiliency
  • DISINFECT: Clean surfaces frequently, like cell phones, computers, ear buds, door handles, knobs, keys, etc
  • EDUCATE YOURSELF, EDUCATE YOURSELF, EDUCATE YOURSELF: Know the signs and symptoms of coronavirus, have a plan for how you’ll respond, stay current, have what you need at hand, and be sure your loved ones have good information, too
  • GREETINGS: Bow or wave in warm greeting instead of shaking hands or hugging
  • HYDRATE: Drink a sip of water every 15 minutes, to keep airways moist and the body hydrated
  • HYGIENE: Do not touch your face or eyes, and sneeze or cough into your elbow at all times (and of course don’t be out in the world if you’re sneezing or coughing, have a fever, or feel otherwise compromised)
  • NATURE: Spend time and exercise in nature, out in the fresh air. This helps connect you with the earth mother, allows exercise without exposure to a gym environment, and gets you out in the sunshine (viruses can’t handle sunlight, and sun boosts vitamin D levels).  Nature is a powerful healer!
  • ORGANIC FRUIT & VEG: Eat healthy organic foods, with emphasis on fresh organic fruits and vegetables
  • PHYSICAL PRACTICE: yoga, martial arts, dance, pilates, walking, hiking…anything that expresses love in your strong, healthy body
  • PROBIOTICS: our physical immune system lives mostly in our gut…so gut heath is queen!  probiotics are super supportive
  • SHOPPING: when you’re out shopping, select from the bottom of a pile or stack for things not in the ‘sneeze region,’ remove food packaging when you get home and store it in your own cleanable containers, shop at times when as few people are in stores as possible, and try to pay hands-free
  • SLEEP: nothing says ‘happy immune system’ like good, solid sleep.  You know the gig…no screens an hour before bed, drink a calming tea, engage in self-reiki or meditation, read or think about something positive and soothing…sweet dreams!
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Maintain a respectful distance of 6 feet from folks, practicing social distancing at this time
  • STAY HOME: Stay home if you feel like you’re coming down with something, are actively ill, or are getting over being sick. This applies to housemates and children, as well
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Listen to your body for the vitamins, herbs, and supplements that are beneficial at this time for you (and do your research)
  • WASH, WASH, WASH HANDS: Wash hands for at least 20 seconds very frequently (sing the birthday song twice as you lather, or something else that makes you smile to time this) and dry with paper towels at this time for best hygiene.  Here is an EXCELLENT video on how to wash your hands from the World Health Organization (I learned a lot!)
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  • BEAUTY BATH: Take time EVERY DAY to appreciate the wonder of being alive.  Consume beautiful images online (glut yourself on kittens and puppies and rainbows or whatever you love) for at least 10+ minutes every day, to get those happy hormones pumpin!
  • B IS FOR BOUNDARIES: Hold healthy boundaries about what is good for you, in terms of talking about current health situations. It’s possible to spend time every day staying well informed AND say ‘I’m not resourced/I don’t have the bandwidth to talk about this right now’ when you’ve had enough
  • CLARITY: Allow this time to help you clarify what matters to you and what has meaning for you personally. Your focus is powerful, as is placing it on what is truly meaningful and supportive to you
  • CURATE CAREFULLY: Choose what you will listen to, and what you will not.  Seek information sources that are credible, expert, empowering…and don’t listen to anybody else.  Once you have educated yourself for the day and are well-resourced, engage in practices that are proactive and positive
  • DANCE PARTY: Here’s a crash course in Dance Partying…play some tunes and wiggle about. Silliness counts! Shake that booty…and if you don’t feel well, shake that little finger!  Have funsies with this one, and be sure you smile a lot!  Smiling = endorphins = relaxation
  • EAT GOOD MEDIA, TOO! Positive News, or Good News Network or Sunny Skyz and many others practice reporting on hope…this can help a lot to offset everything active in the transpersonal field
  • EXPRESS LOVE & GRATITUDE: Tell someone you love them, and why. Gratitude and appreciation are beautiful medicines that boost our loved ones, and keep us connected at this time.  Win, win!
  • HUMOR: Intentionally watch comedies, read funny books, listen to funny podcasts, watch sweet videos to boost your ki. Laughter IS the best medicine!
  • JOURNALING: when we ruminate, and cover the same ground again and again and again in our heads, we keep thoughts and feelings static. When we journal, we get it ‘outside of our heads,’ and in that forum, our ideas can change and evolve and adapt into something new or helpful
  • LOVED ONES: Spend time with friends and loved ones, setting regular dates for phone and internet chats. Although in-person contact is most ideal, of course, we can still maintain lovely and deep connection with our beloveds, and remember that we’re all in this together
  • MEDIA & SAFETY: Decide on how much media is safe for you to feel informed, and where your limits are. For some, that will be one timed 20-minute MINDFUL interval a day, and for others, it might be two separate, dedicated sits at the news.  Notice how you feel after each engagement with media, and adjust accordingly for what your own nervous system needs.  Media is just like food – what we consume affects us a LOT
  • MEDITATION: Maintain a solid daily meditation practice, to build resiliency and adaptability in our changing times
  • MUSIC: Music is powerful state change. A sound bath with music you love that makes you feel good is immeasurably helpful…could be music that soothes you, music that makes you happy, music that delights you…music is medicine!  Here’s a calming one I like on YouTube and here’s an empowering one
  • REGULATE: What do YOU need for your own particular nervous system? That’s going to be different for you than anyone else, so listening to your OWN truth for self-regulation is key.  You’re doing a good job taking care of beautiful, precious you!  Brava!
  • RELAXATION: Attend mindfully to relaxation practices that gently help the mind and emotions unwind: long luxurious baths, working with calming essential oils, gentle acupressure (point midway between your eyebrows for a minute or two is helpful)
  • STAY IN CONNECTION: Social distancing doesn’t mean cutting off contact…just adapting at this time.  Stay present in other people’s lives, and let them know you care.  Laugh together.  Show up
  • WORDS: Our words are powerful transmissions into creation, so the more we can use skillful words, the more light we offer to ourselves and creation.  Are you lonely or alone?  In the abyss or the void?  In solitude or hermitage?  In quarantine or personal retreat?  WORDS ARE, LITERALLY, POWER.
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  • BATHS: Water has a beautiful property of repairing and mending our energetic bodies, and a hot bath relaxes and calms us to boot.  (Note: many viruses can’t survive in heat)
  • COMPASSION: Compassion for self and process, compassion for loved ones, compassion for those in struggle, compassion for our earth mother, compassion, compassion, compassion. This is not empathy or pity…it is COMPASSION.  Full loving presence, with kindness, to what is
  • CREATIVITY: The spirit loves to be expressed through art, play, writing…any form of creative expression that delights you strengthens your spiritual immune, boosts your ki, and helps you relax.  Win, win, win!
  • DIVINATION: Lots of folks find wisdom and comfort in mindful readings of tarot, dowsing, I-ching, channeling, throwing the bones, runes, stitchomancy, oracles and omens. However you listen to the wild divine, it will speak to you with words of wisdom and support
  • HEALING ARTS: Every form of personal spiritual healing is helpful at this time, and might include practices like:
    • Breathwork
    • Guided visualization
    • Meditation
    • Qi gong
    • Reiki
    • Self-acupressure
    • Shamanism
    • Time in nature
    • Transmutation
    • Yoga
  • JOURNEY: Our compassionate helping spirits are here with us! They love us without condition, and are available for messages, counsel, and healing at any time.  Make offerings, show up in right relation, ask for what you need, be humble, be grateful, express love.  Rinse, repeat!
  • LOVE: Self love, love for others, love for creation…how much can you dunk yourself in the vibration of lovingkindness, positivity, happiness and joy? Immersed in the vibration of love, we emit love.  And that benefits all of creation
  • NATURE: Seeing this one twice, are you?  Yeppers!  There is no better spiritual teacher or healer than nature, to remind us of how interconnected we are together in the web of life, how to be resilient and adaptable, and how to work WITH the temple that is our earth mother
  • REIKI: Reiki is, quite literally, sentient love.  That means that when we self-treat, meditate, and connect with reiki, we are connecting to love and healing energy.  The more we ‘do’ reiki, the more we BE reiki…and that ripples out in our words, thoughts, and deeds in changing times
  • RITUALS OF RENEWAL: Whether it’s bathing by candlelight, anointing your body in a loving way every day, gazing at the moon and stars, or enjoying a sunrise, bring mindful focus to rejuvenation as part of life, and know that you are always being renewed, too
  • SINGING: Nothing boosts our ki like singing a silly or happy song…especially as we wash those paws again, and again, and again (Baby Shark, anyone?)
  • SMILE…WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!  More than at any other time, kindness counts.  It helps everyone – you and the folks you smile at – to emote joy and kindness.  Thanks for holding spaces of light and love, even in challenging times!

Last one…take a deep breath, loved one.  It’s going to be okay.

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About a year and a half ago, I was guided to move all of my individual sessions to a phone format, specifically so that our human family can stay connected across distance, and through changing times.  I’m happy to show up for you, no matter where you live, whether you’re feeling healthy or challenged.  No matter what you’re navigating, reiki and shamanism can help support you.

I see you in your strength, your resiliency, your capable badassery, your kindness, your compassion, your joy, and your LIGHT, each a powerful transmission in creation.  In the words of the Desiderata:  ‘Be careful.  Strive to be happy.’

I don’t want money to be the thing that keeps you from receiving healing.
Please contact our lovely Helping Hand if you’d like a healing via phone, and need financial help.
I’ll do my best to show up, and adapt with our human family.  I’m here!

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