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For the December 2019 newsletter, I worked with the spirit of River Otter, and asked him for 3 images for our community, to anchor specific channeled messages.  This was so fun to create!

You have chosen the medicine of the RAINBOW…beautiful job!


You are all of the spectrum at this time.  You hold every color of creation, and your potential is unimaginable.  Look to the rainbow and let it color your life…what is ruby red and full of promise?  What is glowing yellow and full of treasure?   What is deep green and ready for healing?  What is beautiful blue, and reaching beyond what is, into new territory?   You can liberate yourself from any obstacle…call on the rainbow to remind you that you can be all things in every challenge, or as you strive for every dream.  You are loved!


Everyone can learn to journey in a shamanic way, and talk with their helping spirits to bring back messages or healing.  If you’d like to come learn how to journey at The Shaman Circle, please come play!

Special note: We’ll be meeting the Spirit of 2020 and performing a ceremony to anchor peace for our new decade on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at The Shaman Circle.  This is one of the most popular and beautiful circles every year…you’re invited!

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