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For the December 2019 newsletter, I worked with the spirit of River Otter, and asked him for 3 images for our community, to anchor specific channeled messages.  This was so fun to create!

You have chosen the medicine of the LIT CANDLE…beautiful job!



You are ready to SPARK into a new phase…and this means burning down old structures and constraints.  This is the time to bring the alchemy of fire to your relationships, choices, lifestyle, and align yourself with new energies that speak to your heart.  Be as the phoenix and IGNITE everything that does not serve!  You are in a stage of alchemical change, a crucible of becoming.  We honor you…communing with fire through meditation or fire gazing is of benefit, as you learn from fire as teacher.  Your life is fuel!


Everyone can learn to journey in a shamanic way, and talk with their helping spirits to bring back messages or healing.  If you’d like to come learn how to journey at The Shaman Circle, please come play!

Special note: We’ll be meeting the Spirit of 2020 and performing a ceremony to anchor peace for our new decade on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at The Shaman Circle.  This is one of the most popular and beautiful circles every year…you’re invited!

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